G25 JZX100 Track Test!
I took what I consider to be the G25-660 "ultimate response" turbo setup from my white street car to see how it would feel on track. The snappiness/transient response is unreal! LZMFG.com
Car was making ~450WHP at the 25psi boost level used in this video.

  • Talon Aragon
    Talon Aragon

    me go to come gifg wihe you

  • JLJ


  • alex mendoza
    alex mendoza

    Wow that video quality is insane!!


    I don't why I was expecting the supra to be rhd when I already knew it wasn't lol

  • James Taufasia
    James Taufasia

    The fact that I saw Adam help her and also test her car , Adam is really the best youtuber HAHA 🙂😌

  • Johnny Burley
    Johnny Burley

    Someone needs to break it to Mike that his rear knuckle or something is broken.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    wow that jzx100 looks so nice.😍👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice drifting Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.👍

  • Adam Olson
    Adam Olson

    Your yota sounds deeper and a little bit more aggressive!

  • Tyler Slaps
    Tyler Slaps

    Watching these track videos make me wanna go buy a 300 dollar wheel and play forza all day

  • Furixx50

    Never enjoyed the drifting videos very much, but this footage was so smooth, i could watch it all day!

  • LCTRgames

    Are you doing some skin-smoothing during post on some shots? I'm not seeing any pores on people's faces and it looks really odd and eye-catching - like people are made of plastic.


    damn the chaser sounds great!!!!!!

  • Sittin SideWayz
    Sittin SideWayz

    That’s bmw drifting threw the water was fire🔥🔥🔥

  • polski maluch
    polski maluch

    Freddy got snappy transitions and big angle

  • Franco Yap
    Franco Yap

    Guys do you know where Nicole is?

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith

    MSLCHSR (Missle chaser) sorta

  • Look_it's_wesley

    Where's Taylor?

  • Wandile Junior
    Wandile Junior

    Man I love the drift life I will make it one day I like What you doin Adam I wanna be like you one day

  • ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
    ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

    Watchign collete reminds me of watching adam when he first started drifting😭

  • Frvst

    Hey Adam. I am turning fifteen in 2021 and I'm starting to save up for a chaser. I was wondering if you can get them in left-hand drive. My uncle is teaching me how to drive stick. I would also like to know what rims are on your white chaser. Nice video :)

  • A L E X O U K O S
    A L E X O U K O S

    The last Adam LZ video I had seen was 2 years ago. Where's Nicole?

  • Mr.Kamoto

    “Ken” livery on your black z?

  • TheMarkedOffGalaxy

    Yea, collete killed it on that last one!

  • miller242424

    That limiter is epic

  • Benvyus

    Yeaaa Freddy goes hard

  • ThatGuyBryan

    Wow the editing on the edits in this video are fucking crazy 😅

  • Skyliner Lv
    Skyliner Lv

    LZMFG liked my Instagram story, im so happy ❤🇱🇻❤🇱🇻❤💥💥💥🔥

  • Jack Miller
    Jack Miller

    Who's in the E46? That Alex guy? Can't buy talent I guess lol.

  • Dogelover 1212
    Dogelover 1212

    How do you pronounce Z:Zee or Zed

  • nayzerie

    where do these folks get the money to do this kind of fun jeez :(

  • Kurtis Taddey
    Kurtis Taddey

    Adam Collette is a better fit for you she's more into cars and racing you seem happier in your videos and your side thang Mike on the team jk about he dose great film work really enjoying the videos

  • 570 Art
    570 Art

    Head on over to fitment industries and watch their so you want to own a chaser video

  • Terrell Chapman
    Terrell Chapman

    What the color of the chaser called?? It’s so sick

  • Max Killeen
    Max Killeen

    What happened to BMX videos 😢

  • Kenny Hoogstijns
    Kenny Hoogstijns

    The rear suspension of the Z looks soft the car squats under acceleration an thats why i think the car is super grippy

  • Alex Lau
    Alex Lau

    That cinematic at 03:30.. Damm Mike - sooo dope🙏🏼!

  • Wyatt Chilton
    Wyatt Chilton

    *Mike doing a sick shot compilation of the two cars* Adam: *playing with duct tape*

  • Car Pleasure
    Car Pleasure

    3:37 lmao

  • Kie Cooper
    Kie Cooper

    Have u sold the s15

  • zifzone

    Anyone know what the coil cover is on the JZX? WSR?

  • wunndee 229
    wunndee 229

    wheres the s15????

  • Lachlan1662

    Soarer gang

  • Pximal

    Your car collection vidio is 175k like so now you need to make a drag race vidio

  • Geovanni Kimitaunga
    Geovanni Kimitaunga

    Wait what about the s15

  • Canongang

    Clean visuals

  • EightSnaps

    That Z has A LOT of grip!!! That would be an insane setup for an actual circuit.

  • MGD Tuscarora
    MGD Tuscarora

    Is it just me or does the moustache not suit him idk makes me cringe.

  • Zeslore

    uzload.info/fun/p4WlqZ-plbOn3XE/video Fitment industries mentioned you in their vid, commenting you brought the chaser to popularity

  • Baker Stole my hotpockets
    Baker Stole my hotpockets

    im the guy u mett on omegle

  • SupAyden_

    Today would be the day Adam bought the cream s13 5 years ago man that's crazy

  • Shannon Hamilton
    Shannon Hamilton

    Can any one chase him

  • dirtbikedude2989

    I’ll 3D print you a adapter for your cup holder

  • geedunk13

    The car is so clean. Please don’t let someone learn to drift beside you!

  • Jake Munoz
    Jake Munoz

    That g35 needs new motor mounts lol. Motor damn near hopped put of the car

  • Exodus1337

    Any idea where I can get some good s13 headlights?

  • Damien Babinchak
    Damien Babinchak

    Aye fr fr you go girl

  • TheBestSource


  • Logan B
    Logan B

    Her car needs some go go juice and is the s15 coming back or is it gone

  • gage quakenbush
    gage quakenbush

    mans looks toasted

  • Dylan Lewis
    Dylan Lewis

    maybe im a hater but i dont really care about colletes drifting. every time all i can think is "omg want a cookie". i still remember my first faint entry lol

  • Driftkid1153

    I think collete needs a few hours on the sim to be comfortable in tandem

  • Justin Gonzalez
    Justin Gonzalez


  • Adrian Adu
    Adrian Adu

    You drinking water from Romania 🇷🇴, that was a shocker:)))))

  • NootsFlat

    pls make bmx video again

  • JackoTJK

    8:53 Holy engine mounts batman!

  • WebbTV

    de ja vu...

  • JT Sneaky
    JT Sneaky

    Anyone else notice he took the wedding video down?? And I think most popular ones with Nicole in

    • FMA146

      Yup he's finally moving on

  • Marcio Neves
    Marcio Neves

    when does the collette drift the jzx100?

  • Shay Moore
    Shay Moore

    Out of all your cars my favorite is probably that chaser Its so clean compared to what it was when you first got it, it sounds absolutely on point, and it takes a beating, what more could you want

  • Caleb Schifit
    Caleb Schifit

    It’s been years since I’ve watched Adam. What happened to Nicole?

  • PlanetZindy

    0:30 Both of those cars sound like a straight piped semi-trucks bruh

  • Dwodo x
    Dwodo x

    oh hes go this thang in here what up dude hahaha

  • Armandas Kurauskas
    Armandas Kurauskas

    is it just me or do Mike's edits don't feel like the right style? don't get me wrong he does a great job just I don't watch Adam's videos as much because of Mike's filming and editing because it just doesn't seem as right/interesting anymore.

  • Liam Cleaver
    Liam Cleaver

    Where is the s15 bro

  • Colton Sharp
    Colton Sharp

    Bro how many cars do you have lmao

  • dwayne Eee
    dwayne Eee

    Collete Needs to upgrade The sound of her car 😂

  • Hellfire122

    10:52 feels weird now not hearing a vq sounding like a trumpet

  • HypeType

    Totally agree with Shulman about Subway smell, figured they must all boil the mop bucket water after mopping. I always thought I was alone on that. Thanks Shulman.

  • Son of Switchinlanes
    Son of Switchinlanes

    And why isn’t he in any of the fast and the furious movies 🚘💨

  • ScrapeMetal

    1:26 close your eyes

  • RzRshRp 709
    RzRshRp 709

    Adam throws down in the Barbie Z.

  • FastForwardGaming

    What is the song name at 3.30??? thanks :)

  • Wadee Katting
    Wadee Katting

    His chaser sounds so goooood

  • Im Akira
    Im Akira

    Love those wheels😍

  • King_ Nkonie
    King_ Nkonie

    Nice one Collette she's really improving 🖤

  • Be a Ossi
    Be a Ossi

    is Adam still in Formula Drift?

  • Kyle Zirbes
    Kyle Zirbes

    Collette is killing it! Is it just me or does her Z sound gutless?


    Where's Nicole

  • Daniyal S.
    Daniyal S.

    colletes z sounds like booty cheeks. btw more of mikes car plz

  • Caleb Thompson
    Caleb Thompson

    Can we appreciate the fact that adam has kept the same outro song for years now

  • Kyle Cochran
    Kyle Cochran

    Dude i wanna drive your chaser so bad😩🥺

  • Dragomir Dimitrov
    Dragomir Dimitrov

    Too mutch camber on soarer..

  • Kendra Skwarczynski
    Kendra Skwarczynski

    Collette needs more power

  • junior3815

    Still cant believe this Chaser was destined to be parted out. Easily my second favorite car to the OG Evo

  • Kevin Utting
    Kevin Utting

    Well done to Collett, she improved dramatically. Congrats. Big up from South Africa.

  • Francisco Lacerda
    Francisco Lacerda

    Shes miles better

  • HDzVideos

    Turbo sounding great on the chaser!

  • David 1312
    David 1312

    We need pedal cam when you go out driftin' like tihs. Pleasee...

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