1000hp R32 GTR Reaction! - SEQUENTIAL GEARBOX!
The FASTEST car I've EVER been in. Drove down to Sydney, Australia to take place in my very first Powercruise event. Such a cool event! LZMFG.com
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  • Hbomb 247
    Hbomb 247

    Even if the video was muted you could still tell its in Australia because of all the utes

  • Cameron Mcmillan
    Cameron Mcmillan

    Coming back to this I’ve just realised this I where Jeremy clarkson raced that runner in the gtr

  • Adro V
    Adro V

    I miss Powercruise

  • LแอลZa

    Wow 1000 HP 👍

  • vsMrEgosm

    That obs chevy with flames is the business. God I love Aussies that much more now.

  • Luke B
    Luke B

    Around 16:30 he forgot to bleep it out

  • Kiril Deqnov
    Kiril Deqnov

    Много гадни мустачки имаш брат


    is it just me or as soon as i heard the wine at 4:34 i knew it was kranky

  • Abel Trevino
    Abel Trevino

    do yo know of a good place to buy a used R32 GTR Engine?

  • Jarmezrocks

    Quote 'I think he's going to go cry to his accountant' 🤣

  • Lorenzo

    15:20 That´s some serious shit O_O

  • Stephen Hogan
    Stephen Hogan

    That GTR goes of like a gun hitting gears

  • ᆞAshtraylad.r6

    That kranky burnout was sick

  • shxfty

    14:38 downshift floor it

  • Dave Stinson
    Dave Stinson

    Wish i knew more about the Aussie cars. I really like those 4 door an one's w like a bed. They must be super popular for big power motors

  • Emil Landin
    Emil Landin

    At this moment Adam knew he wanted a car with seguential

  • Boosted LS
    Boosted LS

    Never late on gate... Naa never late In a 32, doesnt rhyme just a fact XD😂

  • DarthPingu07

    @3:42 what the hell? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That's sick!

  • Noah Brockwell
    Noah Brockwell

    the guy in the back needs his mummy ..... Keeps sucking his thumb hahaha :) :)

  • Lord Chungus
    Lord Chungus

    Australians really know how to kill all tires

  • Jacob Farmer
    Jacob Farmer

    I cant tell from the video, does he lift his foot from the gas when shifting? Do you have to with a gearbox like this?

  • Gavin Hartley
    Gavin Hartley

    That chick looked like follow me on Instagram

  • Roberto landini
    Roberto landini

    Burnout??Ok stop video!!!Braa braaa braa uff!!Burnout really stupid/Bullshit


    Man watching this now. What a riot the Australia Vids were. Hope to see more in 21

  • Just A Car guy
    Just A Car guy


  • Simon Mc
    Simon Mc

    Multi cars with multi horses, multi culture with multi fun

  • Random YouTube Videos To Watch
    Random YouTube Videos To Watch

    Cool videos dude!!

  • Lisa May
    Lisa May

    Can't wait to get to a mad car day, have been to a few but nothing mental like those, some close but not in the numbers, Australia is awesome.

  • Charlie

    An open track for adults to go drive around like children w no cops

  • Tom Whit
    Tom Whit

    This is what happens when bogans get rich

  • King Sabi-G
    King Sabi-G

    Hey Adam where can I get that duck lip on the evo 5 ? My evo 4 is wingless and I like that look

  • Jacob Donnelly
    Jacob Donnelly

    Love looking at all the American comments

  • Joe Mendiola
    Joe Mendiola

    At 14:28 look at my boys arms

  • Fake Eralnt
    Fake Eralnt

    You made it 3million Sub

  • aswin Antony
    aswin Antony

    Syd drag way

  • Chloe Hennessey
    Chloe Hennessey

    Just did the finishing touches on my R35 GT-R. It’s a 2018 Black Edition. AMS 4.3L stroker. Custom titanium exhaust by a group in Texas that is here local. I would 💯 % take on your Evo! Let’s race Adam! 💕🥰❤️🔥

  • zelbo

    Does anyone know how the r32 driver is shifting like that. To shift up im assuming hes pulling back but to shift down hes pushing. Is it a different kind of transmission or something??

    • zelbo

      @Ye ye I figured thanks

    • Ye

      It’s called a sequential transmission that’s how you would shift if u had one in ur car

  • JJ Sorenavki
    JJ Sorenavki

    Still the fastest car you have ever been in? or is you're Mustang #1 now

  • J. Folder
    J. Folder

    Mad max country!

  • jyk4

    To the action moment: 14:21

  • shxfty

    8:10 no one noticed the skyline r30

  • Brad Pender
    Brad Pender

    you know you're getting close to powercruise when you see a blown torana mate

  • SCF

    That very first smile when the gtr clicks that box

  • Coldoh86

    No clutch is how you really drive a manual. Dog box the world ,long ratios are everything.

  • bob ross
    bob ross

    chop cHop

  • daniel fitz
    daniel fitz

    i think this was the time adam knew he wanted a barra car

  • legend

    4:30 lord

  • Dingo

    hold up i think i saw your car pass by my dad's car its a really faint memory so im not sure did you drive this in sydney?

  • 8lbienta

    5:50 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • nova lane
    nova lane

    16:27 He didnt

  • Damir Mešić
    Damir Mešić

    How much money you need to spend to have a car like thar 1000hp r32

    • Ye

      A lot

  • jesse heise
    jesse heise

    Set up on powerskid hill, I've bought the wrong car... No u lookin at powerskid hill

  • Rocco Linfoot
    Rocco Linfoot

    I wonder how many tires they go through in all

  • Keegan Headlee
    Keegan Headlee

    4:08 IS THAT A SUPRAHH?!??

  • JJ Sorenavki
    JJ Sorenavki

    If you come Back Adam you need to go in Koval's Evo 6 ;)

  • corn dawgz
    corn dawgz

    do another race with a ams alpha 20+


    Australians are a different breed 😪🔥

  • V K
    V K

    Senor LZ

  • HWT

    You didn’t remember to bleep it out😂

  • Rus Bak
    Rus Bak

    Let it build up rpm! Don’t switch gears so quick. So annoying

  • TomG 23
    TomG 23

    Best video representation of Aussie car culture I’ve ever seen

  • Dead

    Guy in the GTR needs to lay off the coke before driving LMAOO

  • Not my name
    Not my name

    Holy shit I work ten minutes away from there. Wish I was following you year ago 😭🤣


    This is definitely not the fastest car you've been in Adam it just feels that way because you're in the passenger seat and the driver was letting her get squirmy. You've got a couple 1000hp vehicles, I know your S15 is 1000hp at the crank like 850-900 to the wheels. Now you've got the 1000hp Barra Mustang that I'm sure is going to be faster than the GTR you went in.

  • Still Xavi
    Still Xavi

    Next time you go Australia carry the zroy 🙃

  • Vincent vallis
    Vincent vallis

    Us Aussies don't play around aye

  • Vincent vallis
    Vincent vallis

    Adam u should move to Australia and by a falcon

  • Two Ticks
    Two Ticks

    The bros in the backseat all smiles ozzy GTRs wicked

  • Mahlok 82
    Mahlok 82

    Supra very fast good engine

  • edwin van oers
    edwin van oers

    cranky is my lord off tires and sir Luke Fink rules

  • Gabe Gouveia
    Gabe Gouveia

    11:40 Adam casually riding with paul walker lol

  • carsandcal

    Was that kranky ? The orange burn out car

  • shaneo33t

    Kings Park car wash for sure

  • sw Kim
    sw Kim

    What do the fingers mean? <

  • Marc Ragasa
    Marc Ragasa

    Watching this make me realize that there just something very unique about JZ engines

  • Scadoo’s Videos!
    Scadoo’s Videos!

    5:41 was sick 🤙🤙

  • junior ubico
    junior ubico

    His friend did not look impressed

  • Stephen Miller jr
    Stephen Miller jr

    Adam it’s time for you to build yourself a high horsepower muscle car or just something ridiculous!!😂


    And that's how ya do it USA.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Jacob Compton
    Jacob Compton

    What kids want in other countries vs Australian kids ( apart from cleetus McFarland: Other countries: Nissan skyline r32 w/ rb26 twin-turbo, ford falcon, 350z, r34. Real Aussie kids: VN, VK, VL , VY commodores, Nissan patrol GQ or GU Cummins 6.2ltr turbo w/ rear stacks and 35’s w/ 3 -inch lift, VH commodore, Torana SS

  • iLLaGe ViDioT
    iLLaGe ViDioT

    Hah i watch too much car youtube. I know exactly the barra powered cresta that he mentioned.

  • L

    I remember when you used to make bmx videos... good times

  • Plumbs7

    Love it ! Great to see Adam in straya !

  • Ethan S.
    Ethan S.

    Holy shit that r32 is nuts

  • Ducati Bro
    Ducati Bro

    Just 4 guys mobbing in a 1000hp r32

  • KristianVonRandom

    Damn Adam would make a good Aussie

  • Steve Q
    Steve Q

    Was this a paid promotion by Wrigleys Extra?

  • Groene Vinger
    Groene Vinger

    Yeah it's great to see, but these guy's aren't half as cool as this guy: uzload.info/fun/rX2roJqptK57vJc/video

  • Where’s Sado
    Where’s Sado

    Friend goals in the rear seat lol

  • Ben Stringer
    Ben Stringer

    music to my ears

  • Ben Stringer
    Ben Stringer

    aussie men will go spin out without a seat belt

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward

    That thing is a baaaaws

  • Mista _Wo
    Mista _Wo

    Anybody know the guy that got chopped?

  • Luke White
    Luke White

    i like andrew he got his own youtube channel +plus helps out mighty car mods


    11:22 anyone else think Paul walker in back right

  • Bernard Kamau
    Bernard Kamau

    How much does it cost to install a sequential gearbox on wrx sti

  • Soufian Gorba
    Soufian Gorba

    Los carros americano en curvas

  • Matt Smally
    Matt Smally

    14:56 "here kiddo hold grandpa's beer, wanna show ya something"

  • a.d t
    a.d t

    whats her instagram name lol

  • O JC
    O JC

    do it to the 34 adam....... you know you want to