The most anticipated car I've never acquired... Since the beginning of my channel I've obsessed over LSB M3's and finally pulled the trigger. Very exciting plans with this one! NEW MERCH AVAILABLE NOW LZMFG.com

  • nic lecher
    nic lecher

    Dude you need a Filthy Habbits Valvetronic and Fabspeed headers set up. The noise it makes it unbeatable seriously.

  • Oliver

    Beautiful car. Interior is called M texture

  • Syed Muhammed Zain
    Syed Muhammed Zain

    Man this car is already built .... Its not stock

  • Taco Bell
    Taco Bell

    I have an e46 tooo for my first car Alr having problems tho lmao

  • Peter Bosco
    Peter Bosco

    Sweet example you have, my ‘05 ZCP Interlagos has same M Texture Alcantara interior from factory, window sticker shows it as $1k option, def rare interior, they work great keeping butt from sliding on track

  • FD UAS
    FD UAS

    I just brought a 2003 LSB Carbio last month to replace my totaled LSB.. I’m so happy to have found another one.. these Ms are becoming rare

  • Razzinabox

    E46 M3 is a slightly better Miata? ... your words

  • Ladie’sMan 1990
    Ladie’sMan 1990

    Are these worth it buying automatic?

  • aggelos m
    aggelos m

    Dude these rims are 18 and tell me about the tyres . Thanx

  • Unlock Power
    Unlock Power

    This video single handedly made me buy an e46 but only a 325ci because I am a poor college kid

  • Moto Man16
    Moto Man16

    Yup, I’m 12 and this is probably my dream car 🤤


    What is the tyre fitments

  • bekir kurt
    bekir kurt

    bmw was making so many cool cars once upon a time

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L

    cow milk is for savages. -avid meat eater.

  • Gabasto

    Dream car

  • intellectual TOMMY
    intellectual TOMMY

    Oh wow it has the M rain interior

  • Ziyaad Moolla
    Ziyaad Moolla

    E46 m3 only breakfast run uzload.info/fun/aJxmnpC8t4ahzqc/video

  • Joshua Baker
    Joshua Baker

    Organic milk is the BEST!!!! Way better then whole 🥛 and the experation date is awesome

  • Susan Geraghty
    Susan Geraghty

    Love the car; so glad he got an e46 but where is his wife?

  • sezzzi1

    conrats on finally getting yourself a proper car, had one years ago , great fun. They're starting to look a little dated now though dont think ide buy another

  • Kies Motorsports
    Kies Motorsports

    Awesome choice 🔥🔥🔥

  • Brandon Flores
    Brandon Flores

    What are those wheels called

  • M3diocrem4gts

    Where is this at adammmmmmm

  • Benramin Prarmin
    Benramin Prarmin

    Not sure if it’s lowered from th factory but my 02 has HR suspension and they’re riding abt the same height.

    • Benramin Prarmin
      Benramin Prarmin

      Taillights r aftermarket too.

  • Benramin Prarmin
    Benramin Prarmin

    You could saw an E46 M3 in half and it would still be worth more than a 2015 3Series 😂

  • Liam Williams
    Liam Williams

    imagine if he had it in florida could of used it as a reliable car to get around in during fd

  • stick those bananas
    stick those bananas

    Exhaust wise I've found that Agency Power Headers and El Diablo downpipe pipe onwards. Sounds so unique.

  • Johnnyisahermit

    Almond Milk GANG

  • yanique grant
    yanique grant

    dont damage the car just get it mod an daily it.

  • INuk3dOniphone

    adam this is not ur average fd... what he wanted to write not ur average d

  • Gabe A.
    Gabe A.

    I live in Orange County, 0 problems finding alternative milk and real milks of every variety in my local store. I like cashew milk sometimes, my wife (also from FL) likes real. I get her the grass fed cow one. I had a silver E46 M3 with red leather, black RE30's, Dinan exhaust and some other mods. Was a fun car.

  • Armani Nguon
    Armani Nguon

    It’s like watched they mean to be worn, just like cars meant to drive. 10k m3 e46 should have gone for it. I’m trying to save up for a bmw m3 e46 manual transmission. I’m debating either to get a r32 gtr or a e46 m3. What do you think?

  • Dylan Minneker
    Dylan Minneker

    Real milk

  • E46Lewis

    Adam you should of definetly taken them on the mountain. An M3 leads the pack not cum up the rear!

  • FlamingPurpleCat

    2% cow milk all the way

  • iiPrandz - Official Youtube Channel
    iiPrandz - Official Youtube Channel

    Need For Speed Most Wanted Anyone??

  • Nicky Guapo
    Nicky Guapo

    Iwant a m3 now

  • Young Simba
    Young Simba

    My fav BMW of all time

  • Australia Sneakerhead
    Australia Sneakerhead

    Bro that car is so beautiful 😍 I love that blue

  • Jermp

    This is too fucking cringy for me 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Szeran

    Clubsport interior

  • Marc Sullivan
    Marc Sullivan

    rb26 swap it

  • Greg Gallucci
    Greg Gallucci

    Worthless content.

  • Dean Bekker
    Dean Bekker

    I am also n huge BMW fan like omg !! I want n BMW so badly 😂😂

  • Taylor

    2% milk for me personally, almond milk isn’t milk, it should be called fuckin almond juice. Oatmilk I have never tried

  • Money Bills
    Money Bills

    Where did you find the car

  • Terrence Saxon
    Terrence Saxon


  • Terrence Saxon
    Terrence Saxon

    Them cool jokes of yours really go well with your mustache 😂👏

  • David J
    David J

    Watching these cars come onto the channel is so much better to watch then every youtuber buying the same ferraris, mclarens and lamborghinis.

  • Alejandro Rodriguez
    Alejandro Rodriguez

    Almond milk

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez

    New game, take a shot every time Adam says E46 M3.

  • awd ken
    awd ken

    Real Milk all day lol

  • Scotty Ngo
    Scotty Ngo

    Jesus that’s a clean M. Beautiful car !

  • Akidoscene

    No hate but that interior was the cheap option when ordering a E46 M3 , the more expensive option was the full leather. Its not that rare or anything.

  • Andre R Memories
    Andre R Memories

    Just love the innocent quietness of the exhaust. the way a M3 must sound

  • JT Parreno
    JT Parreno

    He color is so raw

  • Easton Lson
    Easton Lson

    So clean 🤩 literally the dream

  • True Review
    True Review

    I had it for a while , it was kinda love and hate relationship

  • sesh dg
    sesh dg

    Why drink cows milk when you're not a baby cow (calf)?

  • Fahre Films
    Fahre Films

    Adam goes «you know what I love? « collet « what?» and then 1 second akwardness, then Adam goes «my E46 M3 « 😂😂😂

  • Blake Xie
    Blake Xie

    Watch out for the rod bearing issues on the pre - 2003 models

  • Nicky Giampa
    Nicky Giampa

    I’ll sell u my dinan freeflow for 800$

  • Brandon Kuhlmann
    Brandon Kuhlmann

    you already have the trunk... might i recommend replacing those wheels with the e46 m3 csl wheels?

  • Christian Faze360
    Christian Faze360

    When was their first video together?? Anyone??

  • Zero King
    Zero King

    Teach uss about e46 cuz I wanna learn from you since I have an e46 project going on 🥺

  • Bruno Borić
    Bruno Borić

    Best ///M car and best BMW ever made

  • Mark Gerges
    Mark Gerges

    How much did you end up paying altogether?

  • Tyler Bellinger
    Tyler Bellinger

    2% all the way adam

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    Whole milk, Texas raised

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith

    Do the nfs build lmao awesome car 👽

  • Liger Garrett
    Liger Garrett


  • David Taylor
    David Taylor

    Can just see this end up having an S85 (E60 M5 engine) dropped in it.

  • Solly Kramer
    Solly Kramer

    Just thinking of Adams insurance puts me out of pocket 😂😂😂😭. Sweet ride 😏

  • Moya


  • Aaron Starkey
    Aaron Starkey

    bruh bring it to florida we wanna see it in your videos

  • Snipe969


  • ビンポス BINPOS
    ビンポス BINPOS

    Damn I just bought a E46 M3 as well the other day. Really an amazing car.

  • Jonathan Gery
    Jonathan Gery

    LOL how do you milk an almond????

  • Steve R
    Steve R

    1%, 2%, or Whole Milk all the way. Milk from cows. 👍🏼

  • Tsg Gould
    Tsg Gould


  • alex pohl
    alex pohl

    Are you voodoo swapping it?

  • Adam

    12:44 Wtf man?! Doesn't sound good? Are you a car guy?

  • Deivijs Brengulis
    Deivijs Brengulis

    They both are sooo cute xd

  • Built2Fast

    What real car guy worries about depreciation? C'mon man.

  • Darrin Murley
    Darrin Murley

    Lite milk

  • Cameron Hale
    Cameron Hale


  • L0SFiN0

    Yessssss finally a beamer e46 😍😍

  • Jesus101 420
    Jesus101 420

    Put a 2jz in it adam

  • 2 2
    2 2

    E46 and E39 m series are my favourite, I love how loose and wreckless E39 m5's are. It changed after that, too much bullshit.

  • Daniel Groff
    Daniel Groff

    Remember the video when Nicole said a laguna seca blue e46 m3 was her dream car.

  • TorpidAlpaca663

    I love E46

  • Jacob Watters
    Jacob Watters

    Lol oat milk is bombb 👌

  • Access Green
    Access Green

    Raw milk

  • smartycummins2500

    I learned to drive on a 2003 E46 M3 6 speed

  • titties


  • Pauly Fresh
    Pauly Fresh

    Beautiful example! I have an 02 as well definitely fun cars!

  • Dwodo x
    Dwodo x

    like for the dude in the e36 lol

  • The Royal Mitten
    The Royal Mitten

    What happened to peanut butter girl

  • Its Scruffy842
    Its Scruffy842

    That's a cute hicky

  • Joel Derham
    Joel Derham

    Real milk all the way