After a bit of a nightmare situation I decided to send the R34 up to PA to get the engine bay painted for a second time. I'm glad I did!

  • Jose Aldape
    Jose Aldape

    Yo anyone know Where in PA he got he’s Gtr painted ? I’m trying to get my roll cage painted that color

  • kumakendo

    $1200 for a set of mirrors?!? Forget that! I’ll just buy some cheap $40 knock offs from wish. Sure they won’t be as baller, but if people don’t ask, I don’t have to tell them that they are not ganadors

  • An Old Man Plays
    An Old Man Plays

    I've watched all Adams uploads and I'm a big fan so don't have a go at me. Is it only me or is the sound messed up recently? I turn it up for the talking then get blasted with the music clips :(

  • Powersproductions130

    Who else high af rn?

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    Callum Burton

    Wow that colour on that r34 looks so nice.😃👍

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    Callum Burton

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  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

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    Edward Romero

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    Joshua Esquilin

    r34 u need to replace rb26 engine made with g35 turbo 7600rpm run really so fast look like a japaness sport car kick more 545 hp and 190 mph wow that's cool dude your fix to transmission and enigne fan and hit lights replace and r34 oem tire made in japan an thank you dude.

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    luke carney

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    AbuzzBunion0496 The Destroyer

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    TCG35 TCG35

    Good ole Oviedo

  • Travis Roma
    Travis Roma

    Just wanted to say that I appreciate your respect for quality paintwork and common sense of when to wrap and when not. When I seen the s15 actually done in paint and not a wrap I actually exhaled in relief that finally a guy in your position continues to do it right. Then you topped it off with not being happy with the powder on the cover because of the eggshell finish ! Much much respect

  • cwVspecII

    Which exemption are you using for that R34 to be legal in the US? Show and display, Motorex Car? As it stands mine wont come back until Aug 2026. I live in Japan so not a big deal right now. Just curious. Love your videos though.

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    bass_ boost_060

    Can i Get that nismo shirt if you don want it??

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    Johny Action

    AWESOME CONTENT, loved the video looked so much fun.

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    Aaron Watts

    This video sums up adam

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    William Tarrant

    Haha I used to actually be a metal plater and the bolts never stay sorted. They have to be wired up (also in a way where burning wont occur when the current is sent through, so smaller bits up top bigger down bottom usually and depending on the shape of parts. They dont just get thrown in a bath), cleaned and put through multiple processes to zinc plate. You dont make much money off zinc stuff so the time it would take workers to keep all the parts sorted just isnt cost effective unfortunately. Builds looking great though on the GTR its so worth re-zinc plating old bolts and brackets!

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    @Adam LZ 🤣 Updated name for your channeljust in im going to refer to ya channel now as AdamLZGTR-Sensai 🤷‍♂️👍

  • thestance84

    @Adam LZ At around 3 mins into your vid when you collapsed in the corner on the floor and said about being defeated with the R32 and your asking us what you should do with it, Well if you now have a faulty head and another motor with a faulty bottom end I'd say stick them in it together get some NoS direct ported and send it Bro or if you don't want to I'm sure ole Cleatus would send it like a pro for ya 😉

  • Jimaros Galanidis
    Jimaros Galanidis


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    What happened to Alberto? Did he quit or you axed him??

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    Mathew Ross-Brooks

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    Ryan W

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    Sean Madison

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  • Sean Madison
    Sean Madison

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    Torito Evo

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    paul Wollersheim

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    Freeman Alba Woodtink

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    Layne Tourand Vlogs

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    Layne Tourand Vlogs

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    Adam Manning

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    IG LuckyFetus

    6:02 - 6:50 Amazing edit. Mike's really been killing it lately ƪ(‾.‾“)┐

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    Luis Carrion

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    Oli A

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    Do the videos seem dark lighting wise

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    Evan Schaeffer

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    aiden Nairn

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    Aro Atb

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    William Bosch

    Shouts out to the bolt lady in CT

  • James D
    James D

    UZload says vid is 60fps but is most of the footage still shot in 24? It seems pretty obvious in the faster panning movements. Note: I am just nitpicking because it was asked recently in another video. I still love the content!

  • Duane Mckeever
    Duane Mckeever

    Go for a 26 head and rev it to 9k 🤷🏻‍♂️


    Adams 370z is why i have blown speakers

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    Pablo Escobar

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    Young Beast38

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    Tyler Walter

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    Ethan Rogers

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    David Thompson

    Started watching your channel, thanks for the great content.Living the dream Adam..


    I love how Adam said tommy finessed him 😂

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    Alex Stava

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    Remington Johnson

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    Dennis Y

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    Anthony Amburgey

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    • Nice.

      your profile pic is out of focus, needs more light, very grainy, and off center.

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    Guy Bussieres

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    MR. Buffallo

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    Will Ueckert

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    Matt Frye

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    dark Boy

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    Liam Pettingill

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  • ress87

    Why would you even want individual throttle bodies? No gains what so ever on a turbo engine and trickier to tune. The NEO head is the gold standard when it comes to RB's though 👍

  • Drew Hansford
    Drew Hansford

    How do you get a r34 legally in the US before they’re legal? I’ve always wondered that.

  • XTiNcT

    *me whos dream car is an R34 GTR*

  • ItsTylerJohn

    Tell Mike something is up with his camera especially when filming in the shop. The image is super super dark even on full brightness. Needs to turn the exposure up a notch for sure. Either that or I’m not sure if the white balance is slightly off, but the images are definitely too dark as I said especially in the shop shots. Also you should wear the clip on mic during every shot to be honest not just on the dyno cause you’re audio is honestly super quiet at full volume on any device I watch it on just my opinions.

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    Mark Sullivan

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    Nic D

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    Justin Joseph

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