Traded My E46 M3...
Flew out to LA and just had to get into something SPICY! Big thank you to Castro Motorsport for making it happen!

  • APM

    What happened with the e46?

  • Austin Napier
    Austin Napier

    Adam’s bmw makes me want to get a bmw even though I’m a Mercedes fan boy and own 2 of them already about to be 3

  • Dakota Trent
    Dakota Trent

    hey hommie how old is you girlfriend ? I'm just curious hope it's except able that I'm asking this ?

  • Rene Grondzi
    Rene Grondzi

    That e36 is 150k worth shieet

  • ex6lity

    E30m3 time

  • Mohammad Rezaye64
    Mohammad Rezaye64

    E30 really does suits you

  • michael nnielsen
    michael nnielsen

    I`hope to buya apatment ore a hœuse in Florida

  • Track Days
    Track Days

    Oof, as far as driving experience that was a downgrade. Value wise it was a good trade though

  • jame conradi
    jame conradi

    E36 m3 were the benchmark in performance it's day as most countries didn't get supra's gtrs it had looks and performance well done!

  • CapnnSlapaHo -
    CapnnSlapaHo -

    What year?

  • Kretzzu23

    At 7:09 u can see a licence plate that says URSULET wich is what the E30 is called in Romania. Felicitări ție pentru modelul ales chiar și în State !


    This hit home because I have a e30 and I love these cars

  • Marcius Barolo Biacora
    Marcius Barolo Biacora

    I thinks its paul walkers bmws

  • Reginald Roberts
    Reginald Roberts


  • Pisti Tóth
    Pisti Tóth

    That e36 lightweight saled from Paul Walker when he died. I think 🤷🏻

  • Brydon Rodgers
    Brydon Rodgers

    He should give poor 335i attention

  • AdsTrapatony

    My JDM boy getting some german love. This is proof that a true petrolhead can love them all.

  • Leon van der Weide
    Leon van der Weide

    S52 sound had me like: "Aw yeah..!" But man, S54.... I think it's still my favorite 6 inline, the sharp grunt it makes is just one of the best!

    • Leon van der Weide
      Leon van der Weide

      Oh lord it revs way higher now doesnt it? The pops aren't my thing tho...

  • tou. ge
    tou. ge

    Damn there so cute im jealous 😂

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    i forgot you had that car Adam.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice e46 adam.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    good video Adam.

  • Joseph Osovets
    Joseph Osovets

    Any chance I can get a price on that set up from castro? I have been looking for a decent exhaust for my m3 drop top.

  • oscar anaya
    oscar anaya

    love bmw content

  • kill3r000

    URSULET - cool car... must've been from a romanian :P

  • Kacktie

    More beamers please😫😫

  • SmokeTires 876
    SmokeTires 876

    That glasses

  • Den Kaensan
    Den Kaensan

    If someone was to secretly drive crazy in my Classic BMW I would prefer it be Adam 😂😂

  • RPF Garage
    RPF Garage

    "this is way nicer then my cars" has a rare vspec r34 in one of the rarest colors... mkay XD

  • MerkRate Gaming
    MerkRate Gaming

    I haven't watch Adam Lz in awhile I need to catch up on everything, but first is the girl his wife??? Or his new gf

  • Wulf

    ok ok..I`m from Romania and that red e30 it`s definely from here

  • Reuben Sandwich
    Reuben Sandwich

    Where’d you get that suede csl style steering wheel? Ive been looking for a decent one for awhile now.

  • Money Bills
    Money Bills

    That exhaust sounds amazing

  • jeremy kuznieski
    jeremy kuznieski

    Y’all missed her put it in neutral for him. She’s the real mvp for that

  • militaruedi

    07:06 #ursulet Romania in the background

  • l Lucifer l
    l Lucifer l


  • Mike Wroten
    Mike Wroten

    My E46 M3 made peak HP at 8200rpm with stock cams and a CSL airbox. They pull all the way to redline unless your tune is jacked up. Might wanna fine tune the throttle maps on a dyno if you're dropping power over 7600rpm.

  • Brayan Meza
    Brayan Meza

    Omg I want a e46 so bad

  • Life of Ricky
    Life of Ricky

    Sooo sick

  • Reneh 240
    Reneh 240

    Asem kliris, ke havatas?

  • Tim Burton
    Tim Burton

    Thought went like this - 'man that tache is bad' camera pans to girl in the passenger seat 'touche my friend'.

  • Soarer Dave
    Soarer Dave

    Okay I guess I haven’t been able to keep up. Is this the old white one w red interior that kept spinning tires? I thought your blue BMW was gutted and 1.5J swapped lol

  • antonio coffee
    antonio coffee

    i really dont like your gf break up with her

  • Jesse Camacho
    Jesse Camacho

    Collaborate with illiminate!!!

  • AXIAL32

    Im sure it's a hassle trying to keep those cars modded and passing inspection in cali

  • aklip

    I live on long island (where RK Tunes is) and can confirm that burble tunes set off the Shotspotter system CONSTANTLY lmao.

  • hubbanonumbers

    E36 m3 is best car. But that Ltw baking in the sun... insane

  • Kyle T
    Kyle T

    What happened you and nicola

  • Izac R
    Izac R

    The pops are are the best and fun otherwise its boring ha

  • Just a wagon
    Just a wagon

    I must say seeing all of those beamers make me very moist even tho I’m a jam guy

  • Khaos

    7:05 romanian ursulet! Bine coaie suntem peste tot acasa!

  • Cătălin Cristache
    Cătălin Cristache

    7:80 ursuleț 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

  • NASstudios

    Hey Adam, Can we please see a Video on N55 engine from BMW. We saw a lot of n54 because of your 335i, but the n55 is a very different engine and I have one and wanted to see your personal opinion, tips, maybe a short clip in a video of you driving someone’s car with a n55???

  • xDie

    7:05 i see ursulet i hit like button


    Really enjoyed this episode. Yes, you now make episodes of your life, not videos. Definitely reconsidering the e46 M3 as my weekend car. That sound is 👌🏾 hated the crap out of the OEM exhaust.

  • Dominiks Bergmanis
    Dominiks Bergmanis

    Adam : “This is the car I’ve been searching for a long time and I love it” Adam 2 months later: “I traded my E46”

  • Irvin Salazar
    Irvin Salazar

    If anyone didnt know Paul Walker had 3 of the m3 lightweights. Thats how much he loved those cars.

  • Florea Emilian
    Florea Emilian

    "URSULET" kind of translates to little bear in romanian. That's what they call e30's in romania

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel Stewart

    Aye Colette really bodied him holy shit lmao

  • Tricky4g63

    Low key pops are not ricer just the ridiculous loud pops with 4 foot flames

  • yesimraging

    Bmw e30 is my dream car

  • Myster E
    Myster E

    Should have gone to 412 cause you were in SoCal.

  • Mike G Silva
    Mike G Silva

    I have an e90 328i and i honestly wana sell it and buy something older

  • Albar Mauludi
    Albar Mauludi

    Paul walker have bmw like that:')

  • Alex Cook
    Alex Cook

    My e46 m3 doesnt pop in sport ;(


    Traded one of my dream cars for another dream car

  • Dayton Harangozo
    Dayton Harangozo

    I've never met Adam irl, but I would trust this man with my life in the car. I dont even know why I just would.

  • Zia Khan
    Zia Khan

    looks soooooo good

  • TarterSauce

    Lmao I love her roast of Adam about him “not having any special cars”.

  • Jack Mccoy
    Jack Mccoy

    When’s the wedding??

  • Luca Luca
    Luca Luca

    Damn the pops and bangs 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • DBgetsblocks

    i could be wrong but didn't BMW only make 125 of the light weigh m3 and paul walker owned 6 of them


    did you ever meet frank ocean at castro?

  • Treca Ekipa
    Treca Ekipa

    Just get e39 m5


    One of the real true blue colors of a M3 bmw

  • Brian De Jong
    Brian De Jong

    I hate to say it but she does her best and is so natural but Adam is so awkward, I’ll see that falling out. Calling it

    • Kivob

      Most of the time hes just acting for the camera, like doing cringy things to get reactions.

    • Brian De Jong
      Brian De Jong

      But e30 your not wrong best feeling European skizza

  • JR Claridad
    JR Claridad

    LTW! one of the grails

  • Asgard2693

    It's funny because the US market got really watered down M3s in the UK that Lightweight has only marginally more power than my E46 330i, 240BHP 230BHP respectively. Granted they use the power differently and there's a LSD in the M3 but put that up against a S54 in the US market making 333bhp restricted compared to the UK getting 338bhp. Either way all in great content more old school BMWs please. S50s S52s (if you must) S54s

  • Car Mods Garage
    Car Mods Garage

    it sounds awesome

  • Vlad Chipei
    Vlad Chipei

    7:05 E30-ul rosu din stanga are la numar “ursulet”. Romaniaaa

  • traxxasmaxx03

    How don’t u like when cars pop and bang!? It sounds so good I’m surprised I thought every car enthusiast likes that. I mean I don’t like it when it’s over kill like when people put crackle/ burble tunes on tho but some pops and bangs in a car sounds soooo good

  • matt Jans
    matt Jans

    I have a crush on Colette.... sorry Adam

  • Sky Bolton
    Sky Bolton

    Scotty cramor Adam lz😂

  • Ben Hubbard
    Ben Hubbard

    I love that car!!!

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    Adams broke mans winning machine definitely sounds better than the rest ive heard considering most of them have that god awful rasp he was talking about and I hate that 😂😂😂

  • drifter_dave

    Buy an E36 M3. I used to own one, but got rear ended. I miss that car every single day. Edit: S52's sound better than S54's don't @ me.

  • Nemo Speed
    Nemo Speed

    My dream car!!

  • Exotiikly


  • Tyler Kesten
    Tyler Kesten

    @adam_lz, come to South Africa and get yourself a Ltd edition E30 325is evo 2

  • dirty thirty
    dirty thirty


  • Blitzkrieg131

    These people are cat enthusiast couple goals😢

  • NoShaDow36

    He's just gonna point at the blue e36 with the intercooler and not tell us about it?

  • Lucky Ndlovu
    Lucky Ndlovu

    that e46 sounds sooo good!

  • Andrew Orth
    Andrew Orth

    Can't believe you didn't mention the adjustable front and rear spoilers on the E36 m3 lightweight!

  • moe m
    moe m

    you should get an e30 man hands down one of the best bmw's ever made i have an e30 318is and its an amazing car


    What exhaust is that ???

  • Kai Rose
    Kai Rose

    U not into Audi Quattro the old 5 cyclinders

  • Justin CFC
    Justin CFC

    E36’s are such a fantastic driver car.

  • Roflmfaoftw

    Ultimate Driving Machine

  • Schmeax

    its not a normal M3 its a M3 GT with Aluminum doors....