Chaser Vs. Freedom Factory + Le Mullets! (End of Drift Week)
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  • Out Pizza The Hut
    Out Pizza The Hut

    The amount of fuckshit and buffonery that happened in this video is so fun to watch

  • seth Oak
    seth Oak

    It’s cool to think about the fact that some of my favorite UZload es were all here and all met

  • mattdaddy

    There ruening nice crown vics lol

  • Danjan Supsup
    Danjan Supsup

    I'm imagining if Adam puts a 2jz in the chaser (white one)

  • Mike Medeiros
    Mike Medeiros

    The fact that none of them put some camber on them crown vics shows none of them did their oval track homework

  • Rydnorth

    “I have Benjamin Button disease” 😂


    Did anyone notice that adam just hit emilyhartford

  • P51 Sleeper
    P51 Sleeper

    Those cats need TNR!

  • Denzel Taylor
    Denzel Taylor

    16:45 Adams drift reflexes kick in any one see him reach for the e break

  • Davis Gil
    Davis Gil

    At 20:40 I’m pretty sure that’s ole @vicegripgarage in the back ground. Funny guy funny guy

  • Frezzy

    When I saw all the vics on the burnout pad I thought of that Subaru cross trek commercial

  • Contas

    I see no one taking care about the covid thing, is the virus not trending anymore in america or what?

  • Bo Vawter 1995 BMW 540i
    Bo Vawter 1995 BMW 540i

    You need a absolute ignorance mode tune for the freedom factory all the pops and bangs and fire if you can but definitely all the pops and bangs cuz it sounds so f****** insane 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😈😈😈😈😈😈👌👌👌👌👌

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice drifting Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video dude.😃👍

  • Miles Lewis
    Miles Lewis

    no masks in sight

    • Richard Harrold
      Richard Harrold

      Cleetus probably banned them, knowing what he's like...

  • Yamaha Guy17
    Yamaha Guy17

    They need to do this at least twice a year and let fans come and watch form the stands the possibilities are endless

  • Cromeatome

    stg i rewatched the part where he was messing around and was spinning going onto to oval and he hit limiter, the echo made it sound insane!

  • TEXAS ACE 01
    TEXAS ACE 01

    POV you’re here looking for the helmet kid🥸

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith

    Looks like y’all had a blast ! Collete is so beautiful! Awesome driving to keep ur car so clean after all the drifting and that is one clean drift car

  • Leonardo Stankić
    Leonardo Stankić

    I thought I saw Adam on whistlin diesels video and I was like no way he is there too. I was wrong.

  • Connor Mullen
    Connor Mullen

    Remember the first event cleetus hosted and it was all social distant? Lmao

    • mbsnyderc

      There aren't that many people there spending a lot of time close to each other and there outside.

  • Mike Myers
    Mike Myers

    Who else has been here since before 10k subs


    Class act ALZ

  • Perhk Rocket
    Perhk Rocket

    it was so fun to watch you, colette go to many different tracks with the guys and making vlogs about the trip

  • OsirisS56

    Where is your wife

    • mbsnyderc

      He is divorced Colette is his girlfriend now.

  • edwin van oers
    edwin van oers

    trevvy's vette would be a awesome drift car for Collete

  • Michael Kirby
    Michael Kirby

    Onions are bad for cats but its the thought that counts. Im sure those kittens would have eaten anything

  • toxicpebbles

    Seeing whistlin diesel in this video was pretty sweet since i watch a ton of both of you

  • Hackaboom

    Sometimes they do really have only one kitten fairly rare in my experience but they do. Also some cats have thumbs.

  • Big____Rich

    I see some Trump hats. Man, Florida is really just as advertised huh?

    • mbsnyderc

      I didn't see any and most of these people aren't from Florida.

  • theJman

    9:30 First view I've seen where they actually got the tire on video. Man that was close.

  • Drew John
    Drew John

    I don't think sit there AIDS on the ground might go in your butthole lol jk

  • Drew John
    Drew John


  • Vinny V
    Vinny V

    Chaser vs Crown Vic

  • SaloonLife

    Shout outs to good track food. Good food makes a good event.

  • The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1
    The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1

    Awesome driving Adam. Would love to see content with you and Danny or you and Whistlin

  • Alex Berke
    Alex Berke

    Came for chaser content, got cat content, not even complaining

  • trey patunas
    trey patunas

    jesus christ the chaser might be the best sounding car at redline i have ever heard

  • Dr Pollution
    Dr Pollution

    Yoooo pulling door panels by hand will not help your back either. 😳

  • 👽MrHalcyonmusic👽

    RIP to those p71s

  • 👽MrHalcyonmusic👽

    I don't wanna be that guy, but imma be that guy. You shouldnt feed cats funyuns. They have onion powder, which is way worse for cats than whole onions. (dont feed cats onions and garlic.) They are toxic for cats, and it fucks up their gastrointestinals, their digestion, and all the way up to possibly killing them.

  • Alexander Zoubul
    Alexander Zoubul

    After watching off the ranch’s video I thought I want to watch some pros and I realized just how little work Matt and donut did

  • Brian Mimbs
    Brian Mimbs

    That was alot of freedom!

  • StrayaDaddy

    21.12 had me dead hahahaha

  • DeadBoy YT
    DeadBoy YT

    Love the videos keep up the good work, but I rlly want to get into drifting do you have any beginner tips or what car to start with


    adam you look gay as hell!!

  • JT Parker
    JT Parker

    The best cat is a dead cat

  • Farqualeet Ali
    Farqualeet Ali

    That 1jz screaming in the bank tho. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • AdmiralKoKo

    where is matt demos carrr haha

  • John Krickovich
    John Krickovich

    what sunglasses are those??????

  • gameTIME

    Do a go pro next time

  • shane bakley
    shane bakley


  • mookie wilson
    mookie wilson

    dude you were there? I bought the ppv didn't see u.

  • Riverton Blair
    Riverton Blair

    Owning a crown this makes me sad but also looks way fun!

  • Matt Hackwell
    Matt Hackwell

    God your mustach is horrible

  • Survivor

    Quit complaining...!!!

  • HolyBread

    LZ looks like Thatcher from Siege especially at 6:39

  • Torinrobertson_98

    What do u make ur splitters out of wouldnt mind getting some of it for my car

  • Jordon 112
    Jordon 112

    Trevor is such a sick dude

  • Roger Carlin
    Roger Carlin

    If I'm not mistaking cleetus did not want any modifications being done he wanted to keep them all equal identical

  • kierce rune
    kierce rune

    Danny Duncan timestamp ?

  • Isaac Berez
    Isaac Berez

    Why does this remind me of Cars 3

  • nignando

    lmaoo first go pro clip passes danny

  • Donald Fuller
    Donald Fuller

    Spicy spense needs to learn a little bit about racing. Telling people to start there engines right after the national anthem was dumb. You had people panicking trying to get the driver set. Prepare your cars for competition is the 1st thing said after.

  • Andrew H
    Andrew H

    who else was looking for the RoadKill guys🤔

  • How not to fall
    How not to fall

    Who else thought 11:30 was a slow mo video of a jump

  • Raph

    16:45 The advantage of drift knowledge

  • Maykon Brito
    Maykon Brito


  • hunthomasjr

    15:51 Classic Bump and Run :D

  • darryl strasser
    darryl strasser

    Change the color of the chaser

  • Lone Star Drift
    Lone Star Drift

    Thanks for coming out and drifting at Drift Week! I had a blast this year again!

  • Nicholas Burlo
    Nicholas Burlo

    Cutting out 80 lbs won't help win this race why bother,. Driving skill and bumping people to spin will win this race

  • Connor B
    Connor B

    Damn y’all really acting like COVID19 don’t exist over there anymore hey.. drivers meeting looked nice and cosy with no masks either. Have fun with those 150,000+ cases a DAY From, Australia

    • Richard Harrold
      Richard Harrold

      Cleetus and his friends are all Covidiots. Adam and Collette are the only ones taking it even halfway seriously.

  • Bigg Gee
    Bigg Gee

    Collette's booster seat has to be the cutest thing of 2020

  • Natalie JJ
    Natalie JJ


  • Glenn Ev
    Glenn Ev

    I have to say your drifting has increased dramatically since starting pro1.. get dat W

  • AntonioRogar

    This is awesome! :D

  • Logan

    It's wild to think about it but a while back me and my parents got together with the track owners and everyone who was at the track and helped paint the black stripes on the walls

  • ewan derric
    ewan derric

    I noticed in the PPV there was literally next to no coverage of you.

  • crezik100

    Whens the mustang content coming

  • Libby&Adam

    Perfect oval to practice in the s15 before fd

  • wewe ewew
    wewe ewew

    GG in the comments

  • wewe ewew
    wewe ewew

    The drift skills come in handy

  • beutiful Playz
    beutiful Playz


  • Nick Marshall
    Nick Marshall

    Soo lol like I've been on "Awaiting Fulfilment" on my order for like almost 3 weeks now lol just patiently waiting for my supra now because of the delay lol but for real I want my stuufffff 😅🤕😭😭

  • tankdog03

    bring your own cop car RACE! $1000 BUDGET

  • tankdog03

    Collette could shave 10lbs wearing a bikini 👙 🥰😍😜

  • Divotic

    no mask crew



  • Foe Foe
    Foe Foe

    6:23 thooo 😬

  • Biggils

    The music belongs on a Casey neistat video Gay!

  • Cisco Rodriquez
    Cisco Rodriquez

    This was a damn good video ✌🏼❤️

  • I have a name
    I have a name

    One of the few rules: No weight reduction. In the end it didn't even matter, everyone had fun.

  • Baby__ Microwave
    Baby__ Microwave

    Did you mean demolition Matt?

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills

    Adam collab with Danny Duncan plssss

  • MH Ghostreaper
    MH Ghostreaper

    6:47 did he reached over to downshift

  • arcanask

    If PETA caught those cats, they would most be likely be put down. They've been tainted by domestication and aren't worth keeping them alive to PETA.

  • 26scwrpn26

    You guys should run 2 man cruisers at the freedom factory. It’s a series we have on dirt here in Iowa. One person has the steering wheel and brake then the person on passenger side has the gas pedal

  • Travis Dragcura Hargiss.
    Travis Dragcura Hargiss.

    Shave the porn stache already.