R34 GTR Update (Fabrication Decisions)
So much planning going into this build to make sure it's perfect!
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  • Rydnorth

    Vibrant parts are just so good 👌🏻

  • Donovan Lee
    Donovan Lee

    Trying to see that run

  • captainsped 6969
    captainsped 6969

    is adams r34 legally imported?

  • Johnny Burley
    Johnny Burley

    Nobody: Adam LZ: “Hey Johan, can you cut a strait piece of pipe into like 8 or so pieces and weld it into a strait piece” Johan: “Sure Adam. I’ll do the math to get the right pie cut angles and make you a nice sweeping arc.” Adam: “Oh. No I meant keep it strait, just in sections like cut it weld it back together”

  • Chris Fontanez
    Chris Fontanez

    SLAAAM that door God daaaamn 😂

  • slopy nopy
    slopy nopy

    Would you sale the white bmw

  • Tyler K.
    Tyler K.

    Fan boys see super cool pie cuts. I see frictional losses 🥴

  • Justin Doss
    Justin Doss


  • Justin Doss
    Justin Doss

    anyone else think pie cuts are way over rated. more places for the intercooler piping to fail.


    adam kinda was soundin like cleetus at the end

  • RevMatch Productions
    RevMatch Productions

    This is going to be one Godly vehicle.

  • BNRMitch

    Awesome build bro! But why didnt you buy the nismo piping kit onto the turbos? :D

  • Ander Niin
    Ander Niin

    please shave off your mustache

  • JK F1
    JK F1

    Why would you LS an FD? Just buy an old C5.

  • ungjävel


  • Jonny D
    Jonny D

    It's like he knows his hair looks stupid 🤣 he always keeps it out of frame

  • Tomáš Hořenín
    Tomáš Hořenín

    Adam: ,,Leather steering wheels look cheap'' Me: *>Clutching on my PUR factory wheel, looking sad

  • D Nado
    D Nado

    Yoo Adam can you make blitz 03 key chains

  • The Machine
    The Machine

    Super cool to see you and MPI team up for wheels. Ton of dirt track guys use then and love them!!

  • Aaron Witchey
    Aaron Witchey

    wHY even cut the straight section? Just weld around every few inches :-)

  • Sergio Ramirez
    Sergio Ramirez

    The nirvana sticker🤫

  • EgHatchB20Vtec

    Almost at 3 Million my guy !!!

  • Mega Beast115
    Mega Beast115

    Who remembers watching dope box videos on here

  • Colin Clarke
    Colin Clarke

    pie cuts aren’t a flex. bent titanium impresses me more

  • Michael Vondrasek
    Michael Vondrasek

    1:08 looks like Adam's eyes joined the RedSuns

  • PolarVision

    Anyone know how he got this in the country

  • David Cardenas
    David Cardenas

    I got so excited when I saw the face on the steering wheel

  • Marvin Chavez
    Marvin Chavez

    Do you do any BMX still??

  • Fiber

    Looking so good 😍

  • Will B
    Will B

    Hes gone from bmx to car enthusiast gg

  • Busters Garage
    Busters Garage

    For the straight section, if you used titanium strap and welded it in a helical banding for the pipe. it wouldn't be easy, but it would look dope!


    When the engine bays is cleaner than a hospital...

  • Jamaine kelly
    Jamaine kelly


  • Jamaine kelly
    Jamaine kelly

    I would give up everything I own to have that R34

  • Root Edge Gilmour
    Root Edge Gilmour

    To be honest those wheels look cheap, but that's maybe do to the fact that i'm used to "stock" wheels in modern cars, and they look a lot better, but mostly because they're mounted and have different colours, black is very hard to make look good

  • Matteo Fejzo
    Matteo Fejzo

    How much did the s15 cost you in all this car because I would like to grow up as a drifter and I would like to do it with this machine and I would like to know in all of what these changes cost

  • Lucas-san

    a top secret rb26. glorious

  • ghelo macalalad
    ghelo macalalad

    Is it really a Top Secret RB?

  • Jeremy Zou
    Jeremy Zou

    Who remembers when Adam gave Roman Atwood a bmx

  • Sgt.Sweetman

    wheres the white 335i? haven’t t watched his videos in a long time

  • Scott Andrew
    Scott Andrew

    Check out the Racepace motorsport catchcan ! again Aussie company awesome with GTR!

  • Alex King
    Alex King

    do the wheels come in 330mm?

  • Bryan Stepp
    Bryan Stepp

    Little face logo always reminded me of the Supreme “shit” face lol

  • David Wright
    David Wright

    Adam is there flat face option on the steering wheels instead of the deep dish?

  • Joey Ack
    Joey Ack

    What is your insta

  • William Noll Edits
    William Noll Edits

    Can u sell just the middle piece for the wheel

  • David Munoz
    David Munoz

    Whats the technical term for the steering wheel stripe??

  • Scott Dinsmore
    Scott Dinsmore

    How much power are you aiming for?

  • Scott Dinsmore
    Scott Dinsmore

    Cant wait to see it running

  • Scott Dinsmore
    Scott Dinsmore

    Adam im so impressed with that engine bay such a beautiful set up bro.

  • wickedtoast

    lol dude you are milking the gtr content so hard. every single video literally nothing actually happens on this car.

  • RaeAnne S
    RaeAnne S

    dont get too excited when analytics say you more female viewers. I'm just ruining my girlfriends suggested video feed.

  • TheYeet _Channel
    TheYeet _Channel

    Hey wassup adam can you pls make a vid with your 240sx bc I missed the 240sx (Edit) happy tnx giving to all of you

  • K3LY

    PLEASE collaborate with James Deane

  • Joe King-Edens
    Joe King-Edens

    This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for the LZMFG crew! I love the content and have been around for a few years. Its been awesome watching you grow. Have a good Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Mark G
    Mark G

    Pie cuts are going out of style quick dude

  • insty

    Remember guys this started as an oem +

  • Mark Sullivan
    Mark Sullivan

    This thing is the deff. of a dream build .... God wat I wld do..

  • Cody Leyerzapf
    Cody Leyerzapf

    Nah just keep it uncut and put a cool logo plate on it

  • sawan tankamnerd
    sawan tankamnerd

    It will be nice if you turned you're 34 into a full on drift car for next year FD

  • Magnus Høyer
    Magnus Høyer

    Joe-Han is so talented! keep up the good work!

  • Brody Lindsay
    Brody Lindsay

    I remember that horn cap lol miss that

  • James Stephen
    James Stephen

    Please just clamp!the dam cone filter on too that very beautiful intake. ♥️ thank you.!🙏🏼😅 James..✌🏽 probably going to have to chop the hood, but i want a nice long cone filter too....



  • JSPR Games
    JSPR Games

    Petition for Adam to go back to Ebisu now that fd is done

  • colby

    mpis supper legit. a lot of guys run them in the off-road world

  • matthew anderson
    matthew anderson

    We want flat bottomed wheels, like Collette

  • Subie_ky

    I missed buying the suede wheel by literal seconds...... I was about to send it and it changed to sold out...😪

  • PACH Films
    PACH Films

    I finally catch’d up the vlogs damn ...I’ve been watching for two days in a row ... now going in Collette channel to catch there too 😆🤍✌🏻


    Where can I cop a wheel from can't find them on the website 😭🤟

  • StuntBoyRez


  • privatryan

    Just flame temper the ends of the straight section

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz

    When does the giveaway winner get picked Adam

  • Rowyn Daily
    Rowyn Daily

    What MM are those steering wheel Adam Lz?

  • Joel Goacher
    Joel Goacher


  • Trevor Christman
    Trevor Christman

    Awesome you got max papis’ steering wheels. Those are great


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  • Ben

    Do a run of wheels without the dorikin stripe!

  • Chris Fu
    Chris Fu

    Pie cuts all the way. You’re already flexing hard. Might as well flex all the way!

  • Jay Badi
    Jay Badi

    I can see the next season FD build its LS FD

  • Wyatt Chilton
    Wyatt Chilton

    Adam I love you man but that engine needs to come out of that fd

  • Aaron Watts
    Aaron Watts

    Got some Italian company to do them Everyone in Europe:😯😯

  • Lucusc400

    With all the work Adams putting into this car I hope he still drives it once in a while, also I dnt even want to know what it will be worth after all this

  • Hassam khan
    Hassam khan

    30k left to 3m


    Are you guys going to have different color steering wheels like a red one

  • Korbyn468’s Vlogs
    Korbyn468’s Vlogs

    i miss the bmx videos

  • Kooky_ Mazda
    Kooky_ Mazda

    Anyone else waiting on merch? I bought a hoodie like a month ago still havent got it

  • Morals Of Life
    Morals Of Life

    Mans destroyed his tires at the end

  • EBrake Racing
    EBrake Racing

    Definitely need a wheel with midnight purple 3 centre 🤤👌🏻

  • Adi

    Can i put the steering wheel on my sim wheel?

  • SRN Wolf
    SRN Wolf

    God damnit Adam LZ now I want to RB or barra swap my Mazda RX8.

  • GNC Canniツ
    GNC Canniツ

    i vote for the next car adam does something different and buy a Acura/honda ingetra

  • Stephen Ferguson
    Stephen Ferguson

    Who else remembers the bmx videos

  • Manny

    will you make the horn buttons available to purchase separately ?

  • SourBogBubble

    That burnout though, thanks for the smiles.

  • Aerogenic

  • MMMMMMMuffins

    Hey Adam, an idea for that straight section. Why not put some sort of badge there like how the standard pipes say "twin turbo" on them.

  • LazyDaysPlays

    Please put the Shibby plates on the mustang

  • ajay smithers
    ajay smithers

    Anyone have any coupon codes for lzfmg?


    We need a big single turbo