Barra Update + Best Chaser Mods YET!
After updating you guys on the progress with the Barra we do a couple quick mods on the missile JZX before it gets shipped to its next destination!

  • Red Leader
    Red Leader

    That's so cool Collete has one eye that has two colors, half brown half blue

  • Jerald Hite
    Jerald Hite

    You have a killer crew at the shop! It must be great to have such talented people that can do the things they do. Good to see you helping Shulman with his hard work. Congrats on the success.

  • Steve Ramlagan
    Steve Ramlagan

    4:56 vwow the floor 🤤

  • 2zum

    Real talk, can you show what you did for the AC? I need to do the same on my car

  • Keegan Saraceno
    Keegan Saraceno

    What was the first song it was a vibe

  • Jakee Clouse
    Jakee Clouse

    You and Collette are like the dream, car fan couple. So jelly. Wish my girl was into cars like that. But it's fun to watch you both. Can't wait to see the Barra ripping. By the way I love that red tint.

  • pinkskud1

    So are we not going to talk about the land rover defender next door????

  • Andrew Gallagher
    Andrew Gallagher

    Run a oil cooler as soon as you can.. Temps higher than 250F you run the risk of damaging a bearing or throwing a rod.

  • Extremistworm3

    Anyone know what products are safe for cleaning a cast iron engine block?

  • NeoAndersonReloaded

    Put some miles on the gt3 I could see if it was a gt2.

  • dingus153

    Today Adam learns about polarisation

  • Gert Jan Bastiaans
    Gert Jan Bastiaans

    @Adam i`m an car lover and an Optician in Holland and i know you why youre glasses can`t look good @ and display :D thad because the glasses have polarized lensses :D so now you know :D

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    love how the intercooler pipe on the mustang looks on the side of the car and it look really nice.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    wow that chaser looks nice.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    wow is it just me or that chaser sound really nice.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice chaser mods Adam

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice chaser Adam

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    good video Adam

  • Bigpole

    Some one please tell me when they expect to have barra running?

    • Bigpole

      Probably, I suppose you where never a baby?

    • david7delta

      let me guess, you were that annoying baby in the back seat yelling, 'are we there yet'...


    The only ECU you should be running with any Barra is a Haltech Elite.

  • tracy anderson
    tracy anderson

    Seems like Mike is a Casey Neistat fan.

  • Tristyne Frutos
    Tristyne Frutos

    Have babies

  • Otto Sanft
    Otto Sanft

    When an NZ bloke gets a shout out. Lesssgooooo

  • Hennrs

    Don’t like the fact there’s a camera man!! Adam take back the camera

  • Mr Vento
    Mr Vento 1350HP Barra Adam LZ

  • PHONiX

    CoC lmao alberto

  • de_bonk

    going to connecticut with the jetski? oops.

  • Zach Whipple
    Zach Whipple

    *What is the Paint Code* for those Valve Covers?

  • Vincent vallis
    Vincent vallis

    It's funny how he went from bmxing to this

  • James Small
    James Small

    Sparks melt into window glass FYI

  • Tempo

    has anyone ever wondered if bert is still hungry

  • Mathew Christ
    Mathew Christ

    Its because your glasses are polarized bud. It filters put light directionally, if you hold two pairs of polarized shades 90 degrees to each other you can't see thru them. The more you know..

  • Mitchell Laverty
    Mitchell Laverty

    Thats not a downpipe... thats a didgeridoo

  • Jim Clarke
    Jim Clarke

    A bit of video on the Barra would be good

  • ES Zaiikgo
    ES Zaiikgo

    Is it just me or does alberto nearly always have his airpods in

  • The PIANA Meth Pills Diet
    The PIANA Meth Pills Diet

    Damn this editing is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Flyday FPV
    Flyday FPV

    That was a dope event! I got some of my own shots in too!

  • Brandon Scott
    Brandon Scott

    I have a knack for pausing things while people are making g the weirdest faces. 13:22 tell me I’m wrong. Sorry Adam

  • titochuz

    Is it me or Adams videos look like a TV episode now?

  • Josh Roberts
    Josh Roberts

    0:53 So pretty

  • gato311

    Your sunglasses must be polarized. Those are not compatible with any screen.

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas

    Alberto always sounds like he is stoned

  • prodoubt

    The end of the video with all the cars being loaded up was fucken sick.... Man what a dream life.

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas

    You can tell how much of a tool Adam is when he doesn't charge the battery on his camera

  • Jacob Reynolds
    Jacob Reynolds

    I died at the nek minnit

  • Masterman530

    Adam, sometime to test Alberto's fab skills you should get him to make you a bmx frame!

  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson

    The reason u can’t see is because ur glasses are polarized

  • Hamzah Javed
    Hamzah Javed

    Adam has such good vibes on camera. Love watching informative car videos that actually make me smile

  • Gunzdown BikesUp 401
    Gunzdown BikesUp 401

    Holy shit

  • Michael M.
    Michael M.

    nek minnit :D

  • Brandon Martinez
    Brandon Martinez

    Tbh I'm happy for both of you shes a awesome person

  • ItsAllKaos

    on the barra turbo motors the water feed is in the hardline under the thermostat housing

  • LiveFreeandShred

    Its because your glasses are polarized.....

  • HRXF

    3:38 - being a Kiwi, that bit made me laugh 😂

  • Tieran Donnelly
    Tieran Donnelly

    bye Nicole! cop dat

  • Zero Degrees North
    Zero Degrees North

    This is how they should have made the Mustang in the first place could have kept the engine facility open in Australia

  • Finding Funkos From Than to Now
    Finding Funkos From Than to Now

    "Colette dual oil cooler set up" secret Adam 6:56

  • Fairylee Timu-White
    Fairylee Timu-White

    😂😂 nek minit and lay the pipe 😂😂 nz all over

  • mrcaps1971

    0:12 your glasses are polarised not allowing you to see your screen unless you turn the camera on it's side.

  • Bea Jay Parker
    Bea Jay Parker

    Its because your glasses are polarised. Thats why the screen blacks out. But its ok. the twisted camera isnt annoying :)

  • christopher morris
    christopher morris

    what happen to invy?????....

  • Nicholas Designs
    Nicholas Designs

    chaser is coming to cali

  • Jesse Oconnor
    Jesse Oconnor

    Alberto said "nek minute" which is a New Zealand thing, where'd he get that from?? 🤣🤣

  • Andrew Rose
    Andrew Rose

    sorry i havent watched your videos in a while is 0:49 your new gf

  • Noah Quezada
    Noah Quezada

    adams knowledge of mobile games is.....orgasmic

  • Talmage fa'amausili
    Talmage fa'amausili

    Nek minnit Lol 🇳🇿🇳🇿

  • Salvarath

    Polarized lenses are your camera issue.

  • Cross Dead
    Cross Dead

    brother where is nicole?

  • DuZ03 KilLz
    DuZ03 KilLz

    Nek Minnit lmao 😂

  • FMA146


  • Divergent Media
    Divergent Media

    Bring the cream s13 out more

  • RiZe Scrappy
    RiZe Scrappy

    I'm planning on doing a 5.0 swap for my 99 v6 mustang. Hard to find out everything I need. Plus I'll prob have to get a custom exhaust bc the exhausts for the 5.0 prob will not fit the new edge properly. I need to change a lot of things so this will be interesting lol. Anyone that wants to give me any advice or let me know any parts or anything I'll need, I will greatly appreciate it. I'll prob post the car once its done.

  • Cambam2828

    Were is the s15? I miss it on the channel

  • Rng Blinxx
    Rng Blinxx

    i miss your bmx videos🥺😭😔😖

  • Anthony Shibenski
    Anthony Shibenski

    Are you in CT? I think I saw your rig pull into a harbor freight parking lot I cook at the dinner across they street you can park there.

  • Matt Close
    Matt Close

    Adam when they said how nice the JZ is getting.... TOTALLY in denial this is nicer than 80% of his viewers cars...

  • Zacyz125

    im glad.... even though the way it happened kinda sucks.... that the mustang found its place on this channel. going to be so fucking cool

  • Timmy Singh
    Timmy Singh

    Twin tiber s 15

  • Ryan Hoare
    Ryan Hoare

    Hey buddy, that turbo oil feed take off is in the wrong spot, you can take it from the block from the oem position. That way you can get filtered oil. The oil sandwich plate adapter wont supply filtered engine oil to the turbo. Peace from Aus.

  • Chase Pittmon
    Chase Pittmon

    What clan is Alberto big boost in?🤣

  • Micah Reinhart
    Micah Reinhart

    Girlfriend mad over screamo, can relate

  • Pure Evolution
    Pure Evolution

    its because they are polarised lenses this is why pilots cant ware them lol great video

  • Teocoli teo
    Teocoli teo can use the tank for the desert for many things ....Albertao an artist a doctor for Motor 👍💪

  • Terrell Chapman
    Terrell Chapman

    What’s the color of the chaser?? It’s badass

  • Nitro Zeus
    Nitro Zeus

    your next drift project shoud be a 1969 dodge charger r/t

  • bill

  • garage worm 17
    garage worm 17

    You need to be really baller and get a set of chrome hearts there hand made in Japan and super comfy I paid 730 for mine beast1 and have had them for years I got the green lenses 😎

  • ben taylor
    ben taylor

    That CT content is gonna be fire 🔥, always is but with Colette with him it’s going to be something else, she be ripping them jet skis harder than him, couple goals😍

  • Ricky Magallon
    Ricky Magallon

    You should put tofu in the back

  • chop sticks
    chop sticks

    Adam your so cool bro, i hope to be like you one day. living my dreams and building these sick cars🔥 can you adopt me? like literally, i have no parents. i don’t know if you’ll actually see this but worth a try. love you Adam

  • Jeremiah Shields
    Jeremiah Shields

    If you look at the thumbnail in such a way, it almost looks like a hatchback. There's you an idea that would look sick, you're welcome.

  • ab vevo
    ab vevo

    That extension was mad long😂

  • Jersey Drifting South
    Jersey Drifting South

    Colette dual turbo set up inc

  • Tristan Glasson
    Tristan Glasson

    Barra In the s15 for formula drift

  • Jersey Drifting South
    Jersey Drifting South

    Has he sold LZMFG sunglasses before? peep the logo in the beginning of the vid? maybe new merch easter egg?

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller

    “Adam (MY TOP SECRET)” goes to ad😂🤣

  • Crowbar

    Missile car btw

  • khalifa alflasi
    khalifa alflasi

    Tugrn the mustang to an fd car

  • Harry Barwell
    Harry Barwell

    Colin mugged you off hard. She’s right tho your music choice is guff United

  • Gkscoob 1
    Gkscoob 1

    Need to get the coil plug cover and the cam cover painted in the same colour to match and would look so good 😍😍😍