Barra Swapped GT350 Hits Dyno - Big Power!
The saga continues with more hurdles - but ultimately a rewarding finish. Massive thank you to Freddy, Scott @ Haltech AUS, and Titan for helping make this happen!

  • Tim Holubowitch
    Tim Holubowitch

    From the future dont sell the ls fd. Track it first.

  • J Mon
    J Mon

    *These 1080 HDR videos are amazing it's so clear and vivid*

  • reilly avery
    reilly avery

    Every Australian hears that sound like 100 times at night

  • Robert Defoor
    Robert Defoor

    Is this video also dark for anyone else?!?!

  • Natefrm860 -
    Natefrm860 -

    What engine is in the mustang?

  • LYON$

    The grading in this video is all shagged

  • Rahhhhhnman

    So cool to hear Scotty come in and help with this, best call you guys made was using a Haltech with the Barra, and a 2500 at that

  • Rilo Sullastarr
    Rilo Sullastarr

    U should take the engine that was in the gt350 and swap it with something else

  • kameryn kranski
    kameryn kranski

    This car is literally my favorite car on UZload now! Was your barra a factory turbo engine? Also what kind of price range is it to import something like that? I know last year when I picked up my Aristo 2JZ It was right around 3200 but that when way skyhigh now with Covid shit going on

  • How not to fall
    How not to fall

    As someone who has walnut blasted several cars I can tell you, it’s not bad. I use a shop vac with a nozzle that fits into the head and has a whole for the walnuts to enter so you turn on the shop vac start blasting the walnuts and they tear away all the build up then get sucked out. It takes mabye 15 minutes for 6 cylinders.

  • That one Guy
    That one Guy

    Am I the only one noticing how good the HDR is on the RED camera

  • Kool-Aids Phuckery
    Kool-Aids Phuckery

    Supra’s have some competition now

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    Sounds like an evil 24valve cummins

  • Onion Wilson
    Onion Wilson

    It toxic_Pyxel from roblox

  • J Fizzy
    J Fizzy

    Nice to see the Barra getting some love in the US. Enjoy !

  • Jason Miles
    Jason Miles

    Where does a regular non UZload guy get a Barra motor to do a build like this

  • Firey Toes
    Firey Toes


  • Justin

    Skylines make me nut. Lmk when you sell your r32 adam.

  • Max Fathi
    Max Fathi

    I thought they were joking when they said they were gonna get a red

  • Quentin Tubb
    Quentin Tubb

    my cpu/gpu combo refuses to play 60fps videos even down as low as 360p.. so as long as its 30fps or lower im good

  • G minerr
    G minerr

  • Lucas Arenas
    Lucas Arenas

    Hi Adam I remember you from a drift competition have a good day

  • Denny

    You need to take your cars to PFI speed now that fellow can tune real good and can fix anything quick without guessing

  • Truth %
    Truth %

    I love your video

  • Ethan Ayers
    Ethan Ayers

    u should bring bmx back to the channel


    Can people help me out by checking out my latest videos of my street race/ drag videos


    Holy shit that things a monster

  • steve frazier
    steve frazier

    Seems like you have too much coolant pressure...freeze plug is like a fuse.

  • James 7
    James 7

    Bro go back to bmx pls

  • CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    900 horsepower this smooth is bad in the hands of Adam he’s getting way too used to this 😂😂

  • CallMe Colin
    CallMe Colin


  • 彼得·德卡塔

    2j and ls1 arguing over who is better barra: laughs in Vegemite

  • Epic

    Australian Giggles when you ran e90, that's excitingly funny, 22:00

  • Drake Bilinsky
    Drake Bilinsky

    You should Collab with itsjusta6 on yt he has 2 GT350 and he has done so much to his

  • Chevy Racer
    Chevy Racer

    That car sounds soo Good!!

  • Nathan Elcoate
    Nathan Elcoate

    Mega tuning effort. Bloody awesome.

  • SiR_felipe_21

    Hey guys any of you know where I can find a tune for Subaru wrx in Florida.

  • Paul P
    Paul P

    The Barra I6 Turbo - welcome to Australia 👍

  • lvdo

    I low Key miss the BMX vids

  • Jason Steinhauer
    Jason Steinhauer

    Adam LZ check out Vanguard Motor Sales ... Toyota Supra Twin Turbo ..1994 .. sick car !! Worth every penny - top shelf ..

  • Callum Houlden
    Callum Houlden

    I thought this was still a bmx channel

  • Ryan Robitaille
    Ryan Robitaille

    Yo Adam? Off topic ? What scanner reads the 2020 supras?

  • 2 Lopez2
    2 Lopez2

    I just think of need for speed when I see the Shelby

  • Lead Foot City
    Lead Foot City

    Love the Videos Adam, check us out in Brooksville

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Neon that mustang is powerful Jesus that thing is qwick.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice mustang Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Anthony Cline
    Anthony Cline

    Adam: buys rx7 with LS says it’s wrong and will return a engine that fits that type of car. Also Adam puts bara engine in a mustang

  • toulta

    If you guys were looking to see what a Barra can do why get the xr6/g6 version which is the lowest turbo Barra. Go the fpv f6 Barra or if you wanna go crazy get the sprint motor. Very hard to get one of those though. 1000hp is nothing for the top Barras Ps if your go for the blue fpv motor go for the 310

  • RealDom!

    what happened to bmx?

  • Arizona Kid
    Arizona Kid

    I'm surprised it didnt lose control and run into a crowd or a curb

  • Rhett Corbett
    Rhett Corbett

    Go the mighty Barra Engine. We build tough 6s in Australia. Next big thing to hit the USA.

  • Michael

    60fps for sports, 24 for movies. We are not slowly panning over sunset fields of sunflowers

  • Kyle Bergstrom Jr
    Kyle Bergstrom Jr

    Greyson Roberts game of bike 🚲

  • William Oxley
    William Oxley


  • manic

    Wide body the barra please, sound cool and look cool 😎

  • Nathan Countyrman
    Nathan Countyrman

    Sorry to hear about the front lip

  • auzzi pepper
    auzzi pepper

    Amazing you don't know why to use coolent Not just to keep temp even Its also to prevent corrosion If you dont You will also get problems whed The head Barras like to run hot Falcon here has 420- 460 hp factory Non turbo has about 200 1000 is anyone's start point If you are going to spend any money on it

  • SuperSportMTL

    Very cool project! Great team you've got there to make it happen!

  • MrAym23q

    Popping out the freeze plug = head lifting. You need to sort that out asap and send it

  • Steve Carlon
    Steve Carlon

    Adam steve from the land of aus! If you want a really unique build, rb based, skyline gearbox, 4-door, and pretty light you should import a vl commodore from here. Will get plenty of looks in the states and it’s a cult classic here in australia

  • Luis Marenco
    Luis Marenco

    Can you make a BMX video

  • Paul Lines
    Paul Lines

    The recommended gas octane minumum in Australia for the barra is 95 octane but i run 98 in mine..

  • Lex Takunakushi
    Lex Takunakushi

    Buy a lamborghini ang do a set up That wil be great

  • Trev Kowski
    Trev Kowski


  • Skiddz McGee
    Skiddz McGee

    24 is shit 60fps should be standard film prob only uses 24 to save money.

  • KristianVonRandom

    just realised you are like Luke Fink

  • Demetrius Rayden-Eris Johnson
    Demetrius Rayden-Eris Johnson

    Will you do it on my SHO? I'd love to buy another SHO and do an engine swap. AWD 😁.

  • MrGills

    Holy shit a mustache just so you guys know I haven’t watched him in like a year so I was surprised lol

  • Jeremy Fuchs
    Jeremy Fuchs

    Usually mikes color grading is pretty good but on this video it’s almost unwatchable... maybe it’s the HDR function but it looks funky and weird on my iPhone. sadam

  • Mason Atkinson
    Mason Atkinson

    I thought that more frames per second means more better? Obviously a larger file size and more data to stream.

  • Dan//

    Dude there is no reason not to be in 60FPS. it's soooo much better

  • thestance84

    @Adam LZ (GTR Sensai) Nice vid bro, Oh B4 I forget can you tell Mike the camera suits him....... well the microphone on it does and matches his hair perfically in the shot @09:29🤣👍. @AllYou Guys at Adam LZ please don't ever change how you guys go about your business 👌👍

  • thestance84

    @Adam LZ (GTR-Sensai) I run a rig(P.C) with a 1080p main monitor that can run upto 240Hz and anywhere under plus UZload will only let us scale down resolution not up and there's no option for FPS ''Big Sad'' so the higher your main man there with the swanky 8K camera uploads in the better for us until UZloads resolution goes full retard I ment auto like everything else is these days 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kieran Middleton
    Kieran Middleton

    Can’t believe Alberto the homie gone you choose the other guy over him lol we all know they had there differences but someone whose been there since day dot bruh moving forward but forgetting who helped you,from the beginning?

  • Alex Mattice
    Alex Mattice

    Please do 4k 60fps

  • Cameron McElhaney
    Cameron McElhaney

    24 fps ftw

  • Your mom just said
    Your mom just said

    Remember when he rode bmx

  • Joshua Ave
    Joshua Ave

    You Probably got the Barra out my wrecked fg falcon 😭 put it to good use my man

  • Zain

    Barra sounds 17x better than a stinky 5.0

  • 7071t6

    Always use the right tool to put the welsh plugs in or freeze plugs etc. :)

  • 7071t6

    You can hear it right at the top end is missing real bad?

  • 7071t6

    Should be on a hub dyno full stop and like i said check out what the australian guys have done to the set up's especially if you going for around 1,000 HP at the rear wheels?

  • dan quaid
    dan quaid

    You should get a toyota corolla Ae86 twincam they are unreal project car

  • Patrick Kirk
    Patrick Kirk

    Dude, how many pulls did you guys make that day? Did you count?

  • eric Sens
    eric Sens

    Could have made 100 more hp on a SBE gen3 coyote lol

  • SlamdSTI

    Hey Adam I got a couple questions! 1. What engine do you thing is better for power Barra 2jz or a ls? 2. I have a 2004 Sti Ita my dream car I won’t get rid of it! I wanna engine swap for the most power but I also wanna be able to still drive it on the street I remember you saying something about the chassis feeling weird when you had a lot of power in yours that’s why you switched to the evo Or would it be possible to get a body mod for an evo to make it look like a 04 sti? I know I’m gonna get a lot of haters for this one ☝️😂

  • Restricted_Cube

    Why did that last 10 seconds sound better any v8 shitstang I have ever heard in my life

  • Danny B
    Danny B

    Most movies you'll are 24 fps, with lots of work between the raw shot and end product. Great for cinematic effect. However, I am watching this from my very own porcelain throne, not a movie tavern. Not quite the same effect here. My two cents: keep(the majority of) it real. People watch because you're a regular dude, not the next tom holland

  • J Coo
    J Coo

    frick off mike 60fps better

  • Zai

    Men my brightness is full and its 3am here in Philippines.. My eyessss😔😔

  • Fresh Plus
    Fresh Plus

    My plumber mate has a fg typhoon 1000 hp just saying

  • Koby Plater
    Koby Plater

    “Flex plate and torque converter went nah I’m good” made me laugh on the inside

  • Deeban Manogaran
    Deeban Manogaran

    Almost all screens run at a minimum of 60fps so watching a video at 24 is definitely gonna be choppy, therefore 60fps filming is better for UZload videos.

  • Godly _
    Godly _

    Next time u go to ct can you do a live

  • Kyle

    60fps allll dayyy

  • Ricky Robles
    Ricky Robles

    1 bar of boost on the voodoo on a twin turbo set up is 1000whp. Dont get me wrong the barra is cool but not same level as a modular V8

  • Adam Roberts
    Adam Roberts

    60 fps please 24 is horrible even 30 is better

  • TwoWheel Addiction
    TwoWheel Addiction

    Next year : Garage Built F1 car hits Dyno = BIG POWER

  • Adrian G.
    Adrian G.

    Can I have it when you're done? . . . Please.