Best Backward Entries in my JZX100 Chaser!
Took a trip up to Thompson CT to drive and hang out with the lock city group - always a blast! I’ve got the chaser feeling better than ever before with all the alignment stuff too!!

  • Zelen Chuk
    Zelen Chuk

    I'd swap 1 day of my life with adams' so i can die peacefully xD

  • Simón Justicia
    Simón Justicia


  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez

    That intro instrumental 👌🏼

  • Jakub Bercik
    Jakub Bercik


  • Leader In the making
    Leader In the making

    quickest 0-100 EVER at 9:33 LMAO

  • T Palmer
    T Palmer

    Wow This is crazy Adam I remember when you first started getting into drifting with your 240 and you would spin out easilly now your throwin reverse entries 👀👀👀

  • Kamikazie

    12:39 the lemme drive the boat had me dying😭😂

  • ROBERTS604

    Love colettes arai, solid brand to go with. use them myself.

  • LAP_Maxwell

    Mike is the man.

  • titties

    I loved how excited people were to see Mike

  • Mathieu Tremblay
    Mathieu Tremblay

    What is going on the mustang ???

  • Enrique Diaz
    Enrique Diaz

    Heard adams dad and got legit pretty excited and happy


    Everybody loves a white chaser

  • _1_king_1_queen

    There were flames under the chaser in the slow mow shots

  • R Hammerfist
    R Hammerfist

    Strap your damn Helmets

  • Corey Chittester
    Corey Chittester

    Please , PLEASE ! Take Jimmy to Ebisu with you ....

  • Jonathan Sanders
    Jonathan Sanders

    The broll in the newer vids is awesome

  • ikem prolifix
    ikem prolifix

    judge jeanine pirro

  • Charles Middleton
    Charles Middleton

    MIKE!!! Good to have you on board brother man! Good job on the edits dude!

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    all those backward entries where so perfect you are very good ate doing backes.😍👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that jzx100 sounds so nice.😍👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow those backward entries look so good.😍👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice jzx100 Adam love the look of it.😍👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice drifting Adam love how you drift so good even better than me at drifting.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam

  • Mihajlo Raskovic
    Mihajlo Raskovic

    6:35 What a fucking editing job duuuude.Great work just keep it up!

  • Abel Horvat
    Abel Horvat

    10:24 wait a minute, something aint right here

  • Susp3cct

    Jeezus some of Adams entry's were just jaw dropping 😳

  • pvertes23

    That honda :O :D

  • Luke Cronje
    Luke Cronje

    9:18-9:29 looks like you watching a replay on a racing game

  • Justin Martolano
    Justin Martolano

    if adam n colette drifting together isn’t goals idk what is

  • kenneth hansen
    kenneth hansen

    adams just wanna have fun

  • Jovian Wagstaffe
    Jovian Wagstaffe

    Get a electric fan, clutch fan sucks power from the motor like a supercharger

  • Loudflutt

    I recplicate this awesome Chaser JZX100 in pixel car racer, here if you guys want to see it

  • ES Zaiikgo
    ES Zaiikgo

    15:36 look beside the front left wheel

  • Username_Dann

    The editing is actually nuts on this, i wonder how much time it took. Good job to whoever is responsible

  • Kiley James
    Kiley James

    Such a wild video! Sick backies Adam!

  • Derifreak

    Dude this chaser is so damn sexy

  • Fuck Stu
    Fuck Stu

    Legit american version of james deane and becky evans james deane pro FD drifter becky evans came from racing to drifting with james and then Adam LZ FD2 drifter and collete came from racing to drifting with Adam ❤

  • Dylan Mounsey
    Dylan Mounsey

    Girl can drive

  • Levan Aduashvili
    Levan Aduashvili

    Video quality after Mike!! 🙌🏽

  • Maaz Patel
    Maaz Patel

    Is that the rwd civic

  • FMA146


  • ben bristow
    ben bristow

    It’s not natural to see a civic go sideways like that..

  • Js_Boosted _297
    Js_Boosted _297

    not to be mean but where is collete 😔🙁

  • PolyNaners

    So you are from Florida and you didn't quarantine for 14 days after entering CT? Wow

  • DFW Drift Fresh Whips
    DFW Drift Fresh Whips

    Adam and Collete tandeming is relationship goals AF

  • Jason 000
    Jason 000

    Evo vids plz!!!


    Who’s been here since his bmx days

  • Esteban Bedoya
    Esteban Bedoya

    Fairfield County represent :)))

  • Collin Birdsell
    Collin Birdsell

    Damn I wish I would have know you were in Thompson! I would have come out!

  • Shaun Currier
    Shaun Currier

    I saw that trailer in the Walmart parking lot in Putnam CT, my first thought was if that was yours, and it was now that I saw this video..... Awesome

  • HarvosAU

    good to see you using the kumho tyers my mum use to work there, great tyres

  • Drop Assassin
    Drop Assassin

    Stupid question: How did you get the cockpit cam to pan by itself while drifting?

  • Dre W
    Dre W

    This Chaser is everything

  • Dre W
    Dre W

    Dents her car intentionally lol cant wait to see you two fix it

  • Grant Matthews
    Grant Matthews

    8:13 El Zed: *checks tiddies*

  • Massimo Frittelli
    Massimo Frittelli

    I would have crashed into that 350z

  • Midgetbar maid
    Midgetbar maid

    Wish Adam did a walk around for the civic. Such a cool car!

  • Mcbennie

    Next Level edits as always ❤️

  • HypeType

    Good to see Papa LZ and Jimmy O again. Like old times.👍👏

  • xNxGHTM4R3

    Where the s15 i have not seen it for a while now

  • james whiteman
    james whiteman

    13:37 we were like "backwards backwards"©®™

  • Masyn Hubbard
    Masyn Hubbard

    I love videos like this. Could watch them for hours. They end so soon.

  • Turbo Tractors
    Turbo Tractors

    13:40 you animal

  • Kristan Harry Bautista
    Kristan Harry Bautista

    Where is nicole?

  • yeah nah
    yeah nah

    your dad is mad XD

  • Niezam Rahim
    Niezam Rahim

    adam the most drifter i love. keep goingg

  • Sam Lewis
    Sam Lewis

    all of them saying hi at the beginning really was wholesome

  • Spencer's 20K Gaming
    Spencer's 20K Gaming

    i have been watching u sense u started youtube and i love watchen ur videos everyday i wish i had the money to build a dift car but im not able to plus in canada theres not anywhere to drift and cars cant be to loud and they try to make us all have no fun love your vids adam look forward to watchen u and Collette everyday u guys are the best thing to watch anyday have fun keep haveing fun

  • Juju TV
    Juju TV

    No wayyyyy I didn’t see you the other day 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • PositiveVibezzz

    The 350z disgust me so nice and then we got the wing fucking it up

  • Samuel McDaniel
    Samuel McDaniel

    Adam the mad love you give Jimmy is amazing. You sent the f*** out of it. Glad y'all are still the dopest group on YouTub


    The intro is good idk bout the outro..

  • jamal gaming
    jamal gaming


  • John Howl
    John Howl

    I can’t believe he didn’t let him drive the boat 😂

  • JDM Man_04
    JDM Man_04

    The editing is has been incredible since mike took over

  • Yng1k_GTR

    yooo does anyone know the @ for the dude with the foxbody at 6:37 ? i neeed it

  • Austin Grant
    Austin Grant

    Hope Adam's dad is doing well, he has hospital bracelet on in the beginning of the video.

  • Bradley Guliker
    Bradley Guliker

    This is so fucking cinematic

  • Devon

    CT > FL

  • the brickformer
    the brickformer

    Remember when Adam was a bmx channel

  • Trais Taylor
    Trais Taylor

    Pat Goodin is honestly the real mvp

  • Signle_Cab_Ceelos

    so weird watching the rear wheel drive civic drifting lol

  • Christian Ramsingh
    Christian Ramsingh

    What about the 335i...where is that car🤔

  • Adam Ivell
    Adam Ivell

    what a sick video, loved it

  • LBP

    Comments: 999 Me: my time has come

  • Sverre Helle
    Sverre Helle

    I thought it would have been cool if you had tried to build a diesel drifting car as a new experience😅😎

  • 16vKarlos

    Adam, Getting Mike involved in the channel has to be the best thing you’ve done this year! The content is SICK! His editing is brilliant!

  • Rune Boritz
    Rune Boritz

    Your chaser is possibly the coolest car in existence :))))))

  • Ryan Peck
    Ryan Peck

    Dude those Kranze look so good on the chaser!

  • Luck_Flipzz Z
    Luck_Flipzz Z

    Nicole watching this video 👁👄👁

  • Joseph Brogna
    Joseph Brogna

    You’ve got a fricking clutch fan still? I expected more from you Adam 😐 #SadFloridaBoi

  • columbusracer

    Some reversed entry and various shenanigans with a 4wd Audi

  • Marcio Neves
    Marcio Neves

    somebody could explain why adam reduce the pressure of fuel cut?

    • Marcio Neves
      Marcio Neves

      @Adam LZ Thanks man, now i'm fully clarify!! 🇵🇹🇵🇹

    • Adam LZ
      Adam LZ

      It’s boost pressure. Reducing it so if the car starts over boosting because the wastegate lines leak I have some way of knowing

  • Zhextel

    music choice is always a vibe mike good looks

  • Bricky Robin
    Bricky Robin

    Jimmy was getting it that civ works!!

  • M

    I know it's fun, but never understood close chasing ..

  • Grilllou

    Adam ur dad is such a cool guy !! wished mine would even consider to look at my car lol

  • Lazy Amg
    Lazy Amg

    Imagine being able to tandem with the girl you sleep with 😱