Johan SLAYING the titanium intercooler piping and me fiddling around with some very difficult and challenging installations on the Rs6 avant.
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  • PEPE

    What about some black wheels? That would look sick! Btw love your work man! Keep it up!

  • Rydnorth

    Being a welding inspector these welds are beautiful 😍

  • BootyShank

    As an auto technician I personally can say lug nut keys, wheel lock keys, lug keys, whatever you want to call these evil things... they're the dumbest things ever. They break, they get lost... Everything. Stupid

  • Rexious 0
    Rexious 0

    are they going bigger turbo? i can’t find any decent videos lol i just remember the stock turbos on the rs6 are top mount

  • Samuel Keter
    Samuel Keter

    That RS6 looks so neat...

  • Matthias / SWM SM 125R „Susi“
    Matthias / SWM SM 125R „Susi“

    German Parts on a German Car on an American Channel. Best feeling for a German watcher. :D

  • Normen Hanske
    Normen Hanske

    Me, 23, from Germany, Lmfao about your German speaking skills....😂😂😂 I‘m a big Fan by the way 👋

  • Kristian Bonis
    Kristian Bonis

    What's the name of the song at the end?

  • Jase Romero
    Jase Romero

    No Mercedes, bmw or Audi techs you that stud lol

  • Mike Medeiros
    Mike Medeiros

    If you live in a city full of scumbags lug keys are a must

  • Kadion Rigg
    Kadion Rigg

    That thing looks amazing

  • Karl Liggett
    Karl Liggett

    Wow very nice rs6. You have come along way adam, what I crazy journey you have had. Just shows hard work pays of. Respect adamlz

  • Jeremy Thiessen
    Jeremy Thiessen

    Congrats on the 3 million subs

  • Liam Taylor
    Liam Taylor

    I don’t wanna sound like I’m hating I’m not I think it’s awesome what he’s doing but it triggers me that he doesn’t use some sort of grease for the hubs cause Audi is so common for the wheels to seize on

  • TrailRecordingsINC

    ohhhhh the fab work i love it man super classy / clean! going through the back stuff my self hope yours works out man had to go under the knife myself covid fucking up my physical therapy have been doing it @ home get those adjustments and see cheerz brother

  • Jordan Johnson
    Jordan Johnson

    Bruh... At 14:45 did bro really just say, (something to the effect of...) "I didn't even know what a Supra is??" Or did I just hear him wrong? 😲🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Joshua Nicolai
    Joshua Nicolai

    Thank God you want to the chiropractor first my dad is a chiropractor and I firmly believe in them


    Road to 3m adam

  • Chris Tuem
    Chris Tuem

    Man hearing you attempt german is so funny for a native german :DDD

  • Kristof Verlinden
    Kristof Verlinden

  • coopadupa

    Also nice flex with actually using the supreme gloves!

  • coopadupa

    THATS AN ABSOLUTELY CRAZY PIPE!!! Un necessary but crazy none the less

  • Julian Kidd
    Julian Kidd

    put some HRE's on it

  • technology 1152
    technology 1152

    Go to a doctor. Chiropractor is voodoo...... "my back is out of alignment" - facepalm

  • bukan onde onde
    bukan onde onde

    Malam yang viral...

  • Lucas Warfield
    Lucas Warfield

    Adam! You HAVE to get some sunglasses that fit your head homie. Those circle frames don’t even come CLOSE to fitting my man.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Akhil Jawrikar
    Akhil Jawrikar

    Is this video uploaded two time's......

  • Deonte Alexander
    Deonte Alexander

    Lug stud conversion? 👀

  • Josh Casey
    Josh Casey

    Yo dude! I've currently got 2 prolapsed discs in my lower back. Been dealing with it for 6 weeks so far. Week spent in hospital, began recovering and it went again over the weekend. I feel your pain my dude ❤️

  • Skate for Life
    Skate for Life

    Nobody gonna talk about adams supreme work gloves

  • Ecookman Ice
    Ecookman Ice

    Chiro vs a doctor is a world of difference. Its like trying to take your S15 to a pep boys for a rebuild (dr office)

  • Bjorn de Jager
    Bjorn de Jager

    how did you get the rs6 to the us? i thought it wasn’t possible

  • Outcast Society
    Outcast Society

    adam, m2 cs stick shift. PLZ

  • mr_mayer

    Your german is very bad, come to me to Germany, give me your RS6 and I’m teaching you german 😜 ✌🏻

  • J M
    J M

    go to mondargon chiropractic, she will fix you....also in florida

  • Nick Boyle
    Nick Boyle

    Adam, It’s not just for Porsches everything in the VW group has those studs you can find them from most major tool manufactures. And yes get rid of those god-awful lug-studs

  • That Kid Cody
    That Kid Cody

    Holy crap!! Adams almost at 3 mil

  • gekko3487

    Adam,the part about the no color on titanium is correct. However, most companies achieve the colour by heating it up with a map gas torch after welding ;) Why? Cuz car guys love crazy colours haha

  • Captain_Coleslaw

    Adam, you don't understand how many Wheels are stolen in Europe...

  • Jack

    Just heat the welds for color

  • Aj Lafine
    Aj Lafine

    Oxidization is what it would be called! The little bit of blue and purple color!

  • bobouistic

    Clean welds are all good and well done, but still, rainboooooooooooows hehehehe

  • MTB Mike
    MTB Mike

    Fuckin eh. that RS6 looks sexy

  • 509_5low_RD1

    Does the rs have 4 wheel steer? Or is it just me

  • K Berner
    K Berner

    Who thinks Adam LZ and Roman Atwood should hangout again

  • Dennis Rebsdorf
    Dennis Rebsdorf

    The covers for the lug nuts, helps a lot to prevent rust and dirt accumulating so you wont have problems changing wheels, especially in different enviroments and climates, dont hate on em, because there is a tool to help you take them off and not scratch your rims Adam. Kind regards from Denmark

  • David McDougall
    David McDougall

    The alinement tool is designed more for wheel install, they are a real bitch without the tool.

  • Shane Grithorn
    Shane Grithorn

    Heat coloring on the pie cuts to match the paint?

  • 8A Beats
    8A Beats

    Am I trippin or is the driver front and driver rear wheel rotating the opposite way than the passenger front and passenger rear wheel 🧐

  • Adam Burchett
    Adam Burchett

    Mr Lz should have just bought the Mercedes AMG E63 S it’s way faster, has Drift Mode it’s an overall BEAST!!!!!

  • Mike Holdread
    Mike Holdread

    That hot side is artwork

  • Vinnie DellaSperanza
    Vinnie DellaSperanza

    Please consider bringing your channel to Rumble. Viewers are leaving platforms that censor content. I don't want to miss your content but don't want to support platforms that believe they can restrict what i can view.

  • Martin Wink
    Martin Wink

    Can we just give a shout-out to Mike for the super sick production quality

  • Sulp

    Its funny how you speak german

  • None

    I had problems with my back as well due to staying on a chair for hours(programmer).I've recently started using magic back stretcher and worked wonders for me.Also saw that pso rite is excellent as well for your psoas muscle which also is the cause for the back pain(didn t try this product).Hope these will help you as well if you see this comment and decide to buy them

  • Kount Meowt
    Kount Meowt

    If your keeping those wheels, gloss black !

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez

    When the supra giveaway winner being announced

  • jamaicanlovrboy

    back problems are no joke....had issues with my back since i was in the military

  • Wizzle

    Just leave trying to read German alone you just murdered it😂😂😂

  • Daniel Kaps
    Daniel Kaps

    I love your RS6 Avant! I think the height with the spacers is perfect and with maybe a little different rim.... ooh-weee!!! I drive a speed 3 so I love the way a lowered hatch looks. Ps the R34 is beautiful already and now that johan has the hot side done it’s stunning!! Simply amazing guys

  • athul mishab
    athul mishab


  • Brett Buys Roc Houses LLC
    Brett Buys Roc Houses LLC

    They make cancellers for mag ride on this car?? I had to pull my coilovers off my s3, neither i sweeps or kw cancellers worked for me. I have to think it was user error on the installers side, but I was tired of not being able to get on the track bc traction control stays on. Suck so bad, my car was low like that, now it looks like a truck with springs!!

  • chase schilling
    chase schilling

    Rs6 CrAZIeSt mOd YeT- wheel spacers 😂😂

  • KaspeX

    You should only be aware about the airbags when only one corner of the car is lifted, if u get the car up with car lifter it doesnt matter what position is the wheel change option at.

  • Stefan Ross
    Stefan Ross

    I was never a big fan of the new RS6 but in this spec it is actually incredible! 😍

  • Max T
    Max T

    Why is my back hurting? Lifts wheel up to chest height using only his back...

  • Eddym Mashral
    Eddym Mashral

    Awesome... guys..

  • Vinnie Davis
    Vinnie Davis

    Finally you got something worth something ;) RS6 FTW. I've got the CHRA bolted onto my 1.8t. She rips ~400bhp on E85 and makes over 30 psi!

  • Justin Sick
    Justin Sick

    I saw a set of black wheels a video or two back in your garage that would look hella fine on that rs6

  • Ericko Dale
    Ericko Dale

    Im so happy adam got his back checked

  • Kris Buckton
    Kris Buckton

    Where’s my skateboard


    I want to see your barra mustang vs coppers camaro

  • Jeroen

    Whats up with Americans wanting studs in their hubs instead of using bolts?. I'm from europe and i guess 99% of European cars have bolts. studs are for trucks and farming equipment :) .

  • Tyler Cai
    Tyler Cai

    Almost 3 mill

  • BigDom

    Whenever you`re trying to pronounce something german I have that urge to send you a voicemail with the actual pronunciation!

  • subi lubi
    subi lubi

    For me, as a german, Adam's german sounds like chinese 😂

  • Hawaii Riding
    Hawaii Riding

    Anytime someone with money goes to a chiropractor I cringe soooo hard. As some who has direct family that is practicing chiropractors, never go to a chiropractor. GO TO A PHYSICAL THERAPIST!!! The best chiropractor is as good as the worst physical therapist. One is medically trained doctor one isn't.

  • Alex

    Does anyone else hate the rs6?

  • Polar Preston
    Polar Preston

    I hope you read your comments man ! I can be having a shitty day at work but just watch a Lz video and I’m in such a better mood ! Thank you keep being goofy. Don’t lose the humbleness man you are a pioneer in this jdm space. I love how you never get hot headed or over react about things. I love how you treat your girl with respect and you let her do her own thing but right when she needs help you are there! You are a good man! These views are raking up man don’t lose yourself in the game

  • Satoshi Film
    Satoshi Film

    Almost 3 mil subscribers congrats man.

  • Alphatruk

    Ay Adam, what sunnies are those

  • Fischer Smith
    Fischer Smith

    anyone notice the supreme shop gloves adam has? 🥵🥵🥵

  • Ben Darch
    Ben Darch

    The audi wag is absolutely beautiful for a factory car my god


    Dats for work 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • theDeathYeti

    It’s so crazy to see how far you’ve come on this channel and just how fast. From BMX how to’s to owning a bunch of basically racecars and owning your own shop and employing a solid crew. Keep being rad 🤘

  • Kyland719

    *completely stock rs6* “This is the craziest mod YET”

  • Lachlan O'Neill
    Lachlan O'Neill

    Go see a massage therapist and a strength and conditioning guy to help prevent more of your back problems as your posture when picking up things is off and putting pressure onto your back

  • Mark Sullivan
    Mark Sullivan

    1nce tht thing get a good couple heat cycles on it she's gunna look fucking 🔥 👀 👌

  • DBgetsblocks

    I'mma cry my board is never coming 😭

  • Lan Kien
    Lan Kien

    Ingat.... Ada allah....

  • Ty Bee
    Ty Bee

    "das for work" LOL!

  • Midnight Riders
    Midnight Riders

    when are you coming back to Australia

  • miguel rosario
    miguel rosario

    Small flex, supreme gloves

  • Xbox1225

    literally dreamcar

  • Fred Garvin
    Fred Garvin

    Chiropractors are voodoo doctors. Stay away from them.

  • andrewcarrillo1392

    bruhh, mc too tight. its 2020 get baggier pants bruh😷🤣

  • GoPro Shenanigans
    GoPro Shenanigans

    Who else misses Bert :(

  • Karol Kruczyk
    Karol Kruczyk

    Adam discovers wheel hanger and finds that it makes mounting the wheel easier and lining up the lug bolts easier... aka works as designed.

  • Volyzer

    Seeing this as a German gave me chills