1.5JZ E36 New Look!
I’m so hyped - and it only gets better from here! lzmfg.com

  • danank pamunkas
    danank pamunkas

    Great, now it looks like e36

  • Dylan Thomson
    Dylan Thomson

    Adam I saw you guys drifting at Orlando Speed World today the BMW is SIIIICK

  • miguel R
    miguel R

    Can anyone say me what's the name of the kit or the parts he get for the e36

  • Jonathan vaco
    Jonathan vaco

    make it gloss black it will look better

  • AC 469
    AC 469

    I started watching when you built the barra gt350 bc I love s550's

  • Mike Medeiros
    Mike Medeiros

    This is what Rudnicks e36 could look like if he actually cared about it

  • Joakim Saltnes
    Joakim Saltnes

    What kind of overfenders do you use?:)

  • Gunner Lucero
    Gunner Lucero

    New sub sense past week, see ur aggression and progression and noticing the fine tune to help you but then bigger cars to shorter and right hand cars to big mustangs and u manage n do well with anything but good job and ur success brotha stay clutching n grinding n more trophies deff will come

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith

    I started when you broke the green stolen bars

  • Chad Allen
    Chad Allen

    Will you ever build a Supra ? Just curious Supra’s always been my favorite cars ! All your cars though are sick and the content is great ! Thumbs up man !

  • Austin Balicky
    Austin Balicky

    Should do more dually content. That thing is sweet

  • Maverick Taylor
    Maverick Taylor

    That e36 is probably one of my favourites from your collection #YourALegend

  • Eli Garrison
    Eli Garrison

    I've been watching since the college days

  • KingJ G-P.
    KingJ G-P.

    Keep up the amazing work Adam, Congrats on the 3 Million.

  • Bob's Burgers
    Bob's Burgers

    I’ve been here since the cream s13

  • PitStop 3K
    PitStop 3K

    So pumped for this car uploads bro, just started my build aswell all thanks to your motivation man 🙏💯👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Jayke Richards
    Jayke Richards

    Glad to still be here, watching since your old bmx videos, inspired me in so many ways

  • cakemuscles

    Congrats on 3 million man. My favourite youtuber because you did it without a paywall no patreon or anything like that really respect it making it work without tiered system

  • james whiteman
    james whiteman

    We love U mate .

  • Julian Sanchez
    Julian Sanchez

    Where you get the music from.

  • Boosted Cleme
    Boosted Cleme

    Your e36 looks so clean

  • Killer Mango
    Killer Mango


  • Carson Hunter
    Carson Hunter

    i still remember when u broke ur aaron ross space bars :)

  • Garrett Hilton
    Garrett Hilton

    Congrats on the 3 million I’ve been here since the cream s13 started and the dirt donuts on the road trip still enjoying the content all these years later 🤠🤠

  • Jack Neil
    Jack Neil

    That little speech about hitting 3 mill really hit close... I literally started watching on "how to jhop" videos back when I was learning bmx many years ago. In so happy to be part of this family! So invested in how ur journey turned out! Keep up the amazing work Adam and crew!

  • Jack Neil
    Jack Neil

    I fucking love the hood!

  • kiemet94

    Exactly how I would have it 👌

  • Liam White
    Liam White

    Been here since early days mate remeber when u got the 335i and all the other great stuff u done keep going adam can’t believe how far u have gone mate

  • William Mellor
    William Mellor

    Keep up the good work u inspired me to do my own build

  • Loudpacck

    go bomex front on the e36

  • Keiran Pingiaro
    Keiran Pingiaro

    Congrats on 3mil! Imagine telling this to your young “space bar breaking” self! 😉

  • doug butabi
    doug butabi

    Been subbed for 4+ years, on a few different accounts lol. Love your videos & cars 🤙🏿🤙🏿

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A

    Congratulations on three million. I have been watching Sense the beginning of the cream z

  • Teaddict

    E36 looks great!

  • Jayz POV
    Jayz POV

    Let’s confuse the new followers with a single word... FROTH

  • Rahul Kuttinath
    Rahul Kuttinath

    Another SR20 pls

  • Lance Canlas
    Lance Canlas


  • Beowulf

    I can't find a channel called "bmx guitar 5" or similar. Anyone have a link?

  • Slashdog723 Your Mom
    Slashdog723 Your Mom

    Tanner fox and Adam lz colabs Boeing guys both got some cool cars

  • Connor McColligan
    Connor McColligan

    Not gonna lie, I absolutely love this content because I am a car guy at heart BUTTTTT I truly miss the Webisodes especially with Bert & Spencer

  • #GRIMM_6 Gameing
    #GRIMM_6 Gameing

    I have been watching when he was snapping bars and said he could of been doing homework

  • Joel Cross
    Joel Cross

    Congrats on 3 mil Adam I remember when I was like 10 years old watching you jimmy and Cody on UZload bmxing all over with a automatic bmw og days miss em but so cool so see how you become


    Hell yeah Adam 3 mill subs!!! Here with you from the start to the end

  • William Jakobsen Nilsen
    William Jakobsen Nilsen

    I still do be missing the bmx riding🥺

  • Nix Oppz
    Nix Oppz

    I member the vid scaring your mom in the 240 from way back

  • Devour

    Congrats on 3 mill. Still remember when you posted your first webisode. Froth.

  • Reggae Shark
    Reggae Shark

    Plz plz plz restock s13 hoodies

  • Tristan Little
    Tristan Little

    Been watching since bmx. Keep it up dude. Loving wat yur doing and yur doing great for yurself

  • Jesse

    Adam did you know you’re Barra swapped mustang is in a burnout game called burnout masters. You should go check it out.

  • Brayden

    That wing is so sick

  • Zac Bliss
    Zac Bliss

    Use me as a, I don't know why Adams car aren't featured in magazines or UZload car reviewers videos, button. He has maybe the largest public collection of tastefully built clean JDM cars that are all beat on constantly

  • Aaron Prum
    Aaron Prum

    i just saw u

  • Dolores Haze
    Dolores Haze

    Looks 10x better this way!

  • Linus Wagenius
    Linus Wagenius

    I really miss the japan vlogs :(

  • Kristaps Deksnis
    Kristaps Deksnis

    Yo, Adam. Been here from those good old BMX days. Thought it was cool, then you got into cars. Always tought you BMW was cool, then you bought the S13 and you definetly was my the youtuber I couldn't wait for your new upload. Still watching you, love to see you grow! Keep up the good work!

  • MikeMartinCo

    does anyone else royally hate this color? i mean its great, and its a preference, i personally dont like it and the car could look alot better. infact i dont think i like any blue cars, if it is its rare.... maybe that powder blue that used to be on the standard matt hoffman bike frames

  • Cole Komaromi
    Cole Komaromi

    Favorite car forsure

  • hans estrada
    hans estrada

    i’ve been watching for years when it was just the s13 and i’d loved the vids soo much congrats on 3 mil you’re the reason why i love cars so much

  • Banoodel

    I‘ve been watching since Bmx with Robert and been here supporting since! Everytime you upload your videos put a smile on my face!

  • Lynx

    shave youre beard man

  • Connor Dunn
    Connor Dunn


  • Gareth Power
    Gareth Power

    Looks like my old e36 M3 😆

  • LM

    track ID? @9:06

  • Jemaripano

    How's the blue named?

  • Dario Kie
    Dario Kie

    You should sell the e36 as a shell and get the 1.5jz into another s15 shell that then can be your demo car

  • Dewald Grobler
    Dewald Grobler

    Big congrats on 3mill subs, my favourite channel by far!

  • Aaron Alcedo
    Aaron Alcedo

    remember the broken space bars?

  • Aly Cuti
    Aly Cuti

    Bmx logo is a nice personal touch

  • Msn Automotive
    Msn Automotive

    no disrespect to the painter but i could see those metallic on his mini van not looking right on the edges of each panel look like not enough coats or he just went too heavy and cause paint build up

  • Go Clunker
    Go Clunker

    Lol @ panel fitment. Align that nose panel, headlights and bumper.... terrible

  • Brevin Anderson
    Brevin Anderson

    everyone who wants to see a colab between itsjusta6 and Adam heart this comment itsjusta6 said that he would love to do something with the mustangs and also Adam could teach Gavin (itsjusta6) to drift i just think it would be a really cool thing to see

  • Thomas Fenton
    Thomas Fenton

    Favorite car I’ve ever driven, that’s why I own a e36 m/3/4/5

  • Eh Gaming67
    Eh Gaming67

    You should do a bmx video again that’s when I started watching when I got my first bmx

  • Platinum Beast
    Platinum Beast

    Where‘d you get that LTW Wing?

  • Manel Pelayo
    Manel Pelayo

    Making this car look nice to get it destroyed at the first event

  • John_ pryce
    John_ pryce

    Mike in the back seat like a baby 👶

  • Kuruma Productions
    Kuruma Productions

    its annoying how freely americans throw the words around "oem plus" haha nothing about this e36 is oem plus

  • Alban


  • Qwide

    Keep it up dude!

  • Luke Devlin
    Luke Devlin

    Anyone else notice he changed the badge to “B.M.X” nice touch 👌

  • Thomas Collins
    Thomas Collins

    Lol that challenger really thought😂

  • tyler cubster
    tyler cubster

    Happy 3 mil bro🥶🥶🥶🥶😍😍

  • Raetahj Laudat
    Raetahj Laudat

    Congrats on 3 million


    My dawg Watson 😭

  • Mica Buck
    Mica Buck

    Robert is a legend

  • Johann R33
    Johann R33

    So its not gonna be a drift car anymore?

  • Zuhan Kabeer
    Zuhan Kabeer

    I just love how everyone in the car community on youtube uses the same non-copyrighted music, and it ties everyone's videos together because they all know each other and recognize each other and have some videos together and also go to the same events!!!

  • Roman Gutierrez
    Roman Gutierrez

    the E36 looks so sick

  • Ya boi Xander
    Ya boi Xander

    All your cars drag race for 3 mil

  • FLy


  • Viper

    Shoutout to the folks who have been on the long journey with Adam since the BMX days!

  • Colton Deinum
    Colton Deinum

    buddy really ditched cliq tuning

  • Christian Bard
    Christian Bard

    Where are the people who've been here since Adam first brought his cream s13 to a drift event? It's insane his growth and all of the things he's done and accomplished with not only cars but his whole career, from what I've seen from 3-4 years of watching.

  • Coal Wagon
    Coal Wagon

    Holy shit dawg I have been following you for a min long enough to remember you talked shit about the cranks or something when I rode and watched bmx shit lol and now your a sick fd drifter. And I just beat the piss out of my long travel 4Runner off road for a crowd of me lol congrats dude. Never let none of the bs stop you !

  • Spartanplays xd
    Spartanplays xd

    BMX gang where u at

  • Ben schultz
    Ben schultz


  • christian rosa
    christian rosa

    I miss Robert 😂

  • Dylan Wolff
    Dylan Wolff

    spoiler kind of weird

  • James Dyer Jr.
    James Dyer Jr.

    Amazing bro everything you have done since I started watching with the cream s14 has insane and I love watching and can't wait to see what comes next!!!

  • Bryan Dao
    Bryan Dao

    The second-hand industry wessely notice because tulip relatively test underneath a languid eggplant. waiting, empty headlight