My Craziest Drift Transitions EVER!
NOLA is set up for SO many fun synchronized transitions. I love this place! Every $5 you spend gets you entered for a chance to win!

  • Treyson Farnsworth
    Treyson Farnsworth

    Cool to see you drifting with some Utah people

  • E.M.F.P

    What's the name of the equipment on the ceiling of the lz car? Please let me know 😭

  • Rydnorth

    Check check check are we live??? Lol

  • Cameron Hymas
    Cameron Hymas

    7:06 the one tryna touch your hood is someone from my small town here in Utah crazy that I found this. Wondering if you got to meat Bobby.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice drifting Adam I’m impressed. Well done.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Bradley Guliker
    Bradley Guliker

    Adam thank you for the camera angle, drifting sorta makes sense when looking at that

  • thatfrosycat 654
    thatfrosycat 654

    collette to adam in the ecumasters z be like collette : adam.... i hope thats the handbrake im sitting on adam: ....................😳😶

  • Ray Farias
    Ray Farias


  • 504Productions

    It was so awesome seeing you drift there.

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith

    You should bring back the high hops low cars shirt. I’d totally buy one

  • That Kid Cody
    That Kid Cody

    This man pulled a tommy😂😂dont sleep on it

  • Jack Puccio
    Jack Puccio

    I wanna see this track in Fd

  • Quest

    The foot can was a great addition, really interesting to see

  • Fahre Films
    Fahre Films

    Supprised to see how much left foot braking is actually needed

  • PAND3M1K Media
    PAND3M1K Media

    Steering wheel and handbrake as well as foot cam would be dope

  • eel1331

    A 3 day build in a week, that should've taken a month..... What lmao

  • Octopops 7
    Octopops 7

    As someone how has no clue how to drift and never drifted before WHY THE F is he hitting the brake and gas paddle at the same time like wtf

    • Octopops 7
      Octopops 7

      @DJ Kelley It makes much more sense now thx

    • DJ Kelley
      DJ Kelley

      When drifting if you let off the gas and hit the brakes you will straighten up. With the right foot on the gas you can keep the car in drift and use the left foot to brake and slow down just a little without straightening.

  • Cl1ck3r

    You should put a handbrake cam too,just a suggestion

  • Sam Cox
    Sam Cox

    The foot cam was so fucking sick

  • Jamie Hipperson
    Jamie Hipperson

    Love the foot cam!!!

  • indemiks

    Do In car with foot cam

  • Drrizzy Dreww
    Drrizzy Dreww

    That f1 drifting paying off already seeing major improvements

  • Peachy Keen Garage
    Peachy Keen Garage

    boy you were on it!!

  • MatV

    perfect audio!! nailed it!

  • keithdatSKRdrift

    Hope he’s taken care of the heads on that Z06

  • Angel S
    Angel S

    DOOR HER! 😝🤩

  • Tyler Bunse
    Tyler Bunse

    I love seeing people live my dream

  • mikeeyyss

    Hmm...drifting does look easier than it really is 😕

  • Vashaun Roberts
    Vashaun Roberts

    Two words: backwards entry. Please and thank you 🙏

  • David 21
    David 21

    Hand controls

  • John Bruce
    John Bruce

    Yoooooo!!! that footage at the end. WOW

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas

    Adam not that you read any of your comments because your to busy Jacking off. But you need to build a Mustang or a Corvette drift car

  • Xavier Liam James-Jobe
    Xavier Liam James-Jobe

    The tyre pressure thing is a luke fink backkkkky setup lol

  • dwayne powley
    dwayne powley

    Hey, sit on my lap, Smooth move 🤫

  • John Bruce
    John Bruce

    Adam!!! By chance are you coming to St Louis? World Wide Technology Raceway? Also known as Gateway?

  • Nicole Spoone
    Nicole Spoone

    Hey adam you may not remember me but I saw you at Petit Le Mans Road Atlanta I'm in the back of one of your vids I meet you there and yesterday I think, I saw your car and the 350 I have pics of them I really wish I could meet you I've done saw you twice we had to go 80 to catch you we was in a loud white Toyota Camry please text me plz I'm yoir biggest fannnnn

  • Christopher McGackin
    Christopher McGackin

    I still haven’t gotten my merch that I order in September

  • john Hoon
    john Hoon

    Can you do like a fender cam???

  • youngblood23rb

    Really wish the Event at NOLA would have been promoted better, great venue in my back yard

  • FrEEDaKid Ju
    FrEEDaKid Ju

    Adam you should buy a trackhawk for the fun of it

  • Ammar Motiwala
    Ammar Motiwala

    Pls get the 180x back we love that car

  • Sleepy

    adam lz are you australian?

  • Jaybee Benitez
    Jaybee Benitez


  • Natalie JJ
    Natalie JJ

    me love

  • Tk Solomon
    Tk Solomon

    Look at you michael jackson those pedals Adam. Call you twinkle toes the way you heel toe and left foot brake. Well done.

  • Lone Star Drift
    Lone Star Drift

    Those transitions though!

  • Nelzon Blaze
    Nelzon Blaze

    Wooo you got go pro on pedel omg my neighbor gonna drift tomorrow because of you ^_^hahahaa

  • Rob Mitchell
    Rob Mitchell

    Dude I want to see that drone footage that was chasing y'all

  • DJ Crilly
    DJ Crilly

    Bro I ordered by sweatshirt the day the giveaway started and I haven’t got it yet

  • churchbo

    Support comment from Guam 🇬🇺

  • Travis S
    Travis S

    “This track”.. tell us where you are, repeatedly, so those who can’t tell, know. Please..

  • Mahky Mahk
    Mahky Mahk

    Dude...You've got some money. Invest some of it in getting hair implant surgery and make that mustache bushier if you're gonna keep it.

  • Brandon Ponder
    Brandon Ponder

    This was the dopest tandems you have ever caught on film you need to come visit us at nola more!

  • WDPsoldier

    best god damn footage FEET+ROOF+EXHAUST cams oufff oui oui oui baby, love to see driving techinque and hearing that i6

  • Shannon Sayazie
    Shannon Sayazie

    Do an ultimate drift cam footage type thing like from the whole trip

  • Donovan Lee
    Donovan Lee

    Do you left foot brake to decelerate but not lose boost?

  • Maxwell Ensminger
    Maxwell Ensminger

    I live in Louisiana. I had no idea y’all were in New Orleans. Damn I missed out 😂

  • Andrew McLean
    Andrew McLean

    You know Fink woulda nailed that parking job first go

  • Matthew Norvell
    Matthew Norvell

    My friend bought you Dippin dots on the ride along, sad I missed it

  • Joe Gieseke
    Joe Gieseke

    did i miss the drone shots? looked like some good angles

  • Kyle White
    Kyle White

    Who's red S14 Kouki with the white wheels? That thing is gorgeous!

  • Cameron Bonham
    Cameron Bonham

    just gotta say for someone who only started drifting this year Collette is killing it 👏

  • CDT-Nathan

    the blue spec is anoying edit:nvm its gone

  • liichii

    Do the front cam as main screen and two inside cams as side screens😍

  • Nyons Van den Broeck
    Nyons Van den Broeck

    I put triple the psi in my bike tires that Adam does on his car lol

  • Francisco Serres
    Francisco Serres

    Collete is getting really good at drifting! Time for mo powa babyyyy

  • Isaac De la rosa
    Isaac De la rosa

    Never get tired of drifting footage homie, keep em coming 🤟🏾

  • miakovic van gool
    miakovic van gool

    I personally think the chaser is the nicest car you have, it just speaks og drift

  • Jonathan Harness
    Jonathan Harness

    Q50 killin it

  • Justin

    I totaled my car yesterday (not my fault), and im hoping I can win this lmao

  • BackIntoGear

    Adam "booster seat" lz

  • Samer Itani
    Samer Itani

    let her drift your chaser

    • Natalie JJ
      Natalie JJ

      She did in her last video and she hated it lol


    Would have loved to see those almost vertical drifts you did from the outside, even though amazing video great driving!

  • sleepy

    Adam get some crocs! Those are the real racing shoes

  • hydro delta
    hydro delta

    drifting the art of being in control of being completely out of control

  • SpaceBarbarian

    I’m just itching for some hertlife in these videos. We need the laughs!!!

  • Jay

    That last run was absolute bonkers

  • info


  • Kouki

    Sit on my lap 😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mingdom

    Hope you're coming for NODrft EYB

  • Brian torres
    Brian torres

    We need the evo hoodies

  • TheUltimate Chopstick
    TheUltimate Chopstick

    Now it's definitely Adam el-Seat

  • Tokyo By Night
    Tokyo By Night

    That left foot braking though

  • Vivek Gopie
    Vivek Gopie


  • Peter Salas
    Peter Salas

    Sit on my lapppp ,,, sooo cute

  • KennethTuu

    Very Nice!

  • Timothy Marshall
    Timothy Marshall

    Where is the charisma from this intro when you are getting interviewed by Laurette during FD?

  • 2boys 1miata
    2boys 1miata

    Lets get a camera looking directly at your face

  • FreeArmory

    This is just cool and chill. Seems so much fun.

  • Raulo Skrt
    Raulo Skrt

    My Birthday is on the 26th would be dope to get the supra as a gift 👀 lol

  • Odogrollin

    Collet is really smooth. Hard to believe she’s new to this sport. I guess driver control always translates.

  • Dane Bruce
    Dane Bruce

    Bustin nuts

  • Joshua Phillips
    Joshua Phillips

    How long till Adam builds his own track

  • Ian Snyder
    Ian Snyder

    Throw some Backes

  • Matthew Raleigh
    Matthew Raleigh

    foot-cam became a clutch-cam lmao

  • Judd Spaulding
    Judd Spaulding

    In car and foot cam yes

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward

    Don't sleep lol

  • Aeneas Merchant
    Aeneas Merchant

    Coming in hot. More corvette stuff, come to the dark side lol

  • Kenkyo

    I love the foot cam addition to the video.