I'm giving away my 9-Second A90 Supra!
This giveaway has officially started and is unlike any we've ever done! Every $5 spent gets you a chance to win my modified 680WHP A90 Supra + $15,000 cash @ LZMFG.com
Get ShipStation for free for 60 days when you use code ADAMLZ at ShipStation.com.

  • Coda 157
    Coda 157

    Who makes this music if anyone knows

  • Stephen Voorhees
    Stephen Voorhees

    This was the first time ive done a giveaway. Super stoked on the merch. What a car! Crossing my fingers...


    Idk if I missed it but when is the giveaway winner going to be announced?

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    475 hp street tune on pump gas, looks awesome slammed but gotta deliver 🍕 in austin lol😄 🤞


    Hey man being a fan since ur 240sx dayz u have come a long way ma frnd keep it up 👍 Hey can u help me with the TE37 fitment on the supra What are the specs and are u running spacers

  • Joaquim Duarte
    Joaquim Duarte

    isso nao bale uns colhoes dum gato

  • Ola Bjørsvik
    Ola Bjørsvik

    Fck.. just ordered some merch.. and it’s not for Norway.. ship it to sweden and let me import it if i win🤔 damn

  • Connor Robbins
    Connor Robbins

    i bought myself a hoodie ill just hope for the best...

  • Kemal Muhiyev
    Kemal Muhiyev

    $30000 parts that’s a 🧢

  • Justin Arellano
    Justin Arellano

    When is the giveaway over?

  • Brandon Dockery
    Brandon Dockery

    How could you get rid of something so gorgeous my goodness 😍

  • Rick Hawkins
    Rick Hawkins

    Aaaaahhhhh.... what the actual f@*#k... can't enter from Aus!!!! 🤬😠

  • Benjamin Hogervorst
    Benjamin Hogervorst

    I can feeeeeeeel the 1080p60.

  • riyad yusuf
    riyad yusuf

    What happen to Barbados 🇧🇧 ?

  • Jacob


  • Elijah

    so excited for the chance this is wild

  • Jacob Murray
    Jacob Murray

    RS6 ?!?!? Naaaaa holy moly

  • Rabby Redpath
    Rabby Redpath

    Bring the car back to scotland for me 😎

  • big chingo
    big chingo

    Any way to get a 90-97 miata 1.8 ecu in the store in the future? Mega squirt is outrageous

  • Andrew Fernandez
    Andrew Fernandez

    What mods are on this monster

  • Scott-Michael

    This pisses me off. I know some jamoke is going to win this and either destroy or sell it.

  • Joe Sihapanya
    Joe Sihapanya

    Make a Freddy hoodie!!!

  • PR gamer
    PR gamer

    Am I the only that wants lzmfg shift boots

  • souljazstruggle

    I must have missed it twice? Did he say why he was giving it away?

  • An Old Man Plays
    An Old Man Plays

    I'd love a decent quick car but I can't even afford a t-shirt :( Anyway good luck to all who enter, of all the giveaways online this is from the one guy I would trust :)

  • xpeakx Media
    xpeakx Media

    No Australia 🇦🇺😢😢

  • Brett Rideau
    Brett Rideau

    If I was blessed or lucky enough to win this drop I would be able to pay off my college debt and buy a pc to upgrade my streaming/editing

  • Katieebu

    My brother was about to throw hundreds on merch - doesn't ship to Australia 🥺 adam lost out big timeeee the influx of purchases would deffs cover what has to be done to ship it, parts car for sure right? 😅

  • Tony Lowe
    Tony Lowe

    Damnnnnn I'm a US citizen living in the Netherlands, can I enter and if I win just accept it in the US? Then I can use that 15k to send it to myself? If that can work I'll buy my life away on your site lol then I'll see what a 9 sec supra can do on the Nurburgring 😅

  • R W
    R W

    Hey Adam, I remember when you got those coveralls you were excited about, don't know if you still wear them but if you carried G.Ground on your site that'd be pretty sick because I literally can't find them other than the uras branded ones from jdm tuner perfection and they're kind of overpriced 😂

  • lammy lammb
    lammy lammb

    Ahh schnap, only got 5 entries ha ha.

  • Luna Snow
    Luna Snow

    I can honestly say i've never been one to EVER comment on any videos. I've been following you way back for years now, and I have to say you're always so good to your viewers -- thanks for being awesome!

  • StreetDeezie

    if i won this,

  • WebbTV

    you need to do the same outro music that you did for the r33. best outros ever. get some dope drone footage of the supra

  • MrHeksas


  • aaryn clesos
    aaryn clesos


  • Rylan Stewart
    Rylan Stewart

    When you have to be “legal age” but your 16 and buy most of your things anyway. But because your not 18 you can get one of your favorite cars:(


    Wooo!! Have put my order in! So stoked its open to NZ. It'd be awesome to go cruising round in this thing!!! 😍😍 Would also look so good in my garage.

  • Dannyel Fülöp
    Dannyel Fülöp

    Not Brazil????? Hahahaha 😡😭

  • FatChicken56

    not surprised about quebec. i wouldnt dare drive it on the road here

  • Cody wood
    Cody wood

    Omg this is amazing grabbing some merch now not only would I love that supra but also in need of the money too 😂

  • Sam Bartlett
    Sam Bartlett

    Damn I wish I could have cars like Adam 😂 I had a 89 lancer then my mate wrote it off so now I’m back to watching cars not driving 🥺😂

  • alexis betancourt
    alexis betancourt

    How about PUERTO RICO ? 🇵🇷🇵🇷

  • Armando Berrios Montalvo
    Armando Berrios Montalvo

    I want to get merch but I am not allowed to get merch. I want to win the car but first im 14 years old and for the reason that I just stated, so whoever wins this car I really hope you treat it well and take great care of it because it is an absolute beauty and deserves great care. Good Luck everyone.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    That rs6 advent is a big upgrade adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow I’m gonna miss that car.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Will C
    Will C

    dammmm i need a rs6

  • David Hulbert
    David Hulbert

    Don't know how one of those would drive on gravel in NZ, but yeah nah lets give this a go.

  • Rhemedy NZ
    Rhemedy NZ

    😂 Suck it 🇦🇺, 🇳🇿is better!

  • Alfie Thorpe
    Alfie Thorpe

    As much as these videos are cool, I do miss when Adam rode bmx

  • Cody Partridge
    Cody Partridge

    Sweet BMW

  • Phelps Family
    Phelps Family

    My husband would freak out he so deserves. Saying hello from CT ♥️

  • Chaotic Beast
    Chaotic Beast

    Man I wish it was possible to enter from South Africa 😒😒😒😭😭😭😭

  • Killer ken1080
    Killer ken1080

    Does ireland count as the UK?

  • Chris Mccullough
    Chris Mccullough

    Ya it does look good

  • DarkLord tK
    DarkLord tK

    Good luck everyone

  • pricey0986

    I want to shoot the car up and run away shouting "NOS!!!!!"

  • Bondes garagebuild
    Bondes garagebuild

    Damn I really wanted a chance to win but Denmark is not on the list 😔

  • Kyle Zirbes
    Kyle Zirbes

    If I won this car... I... I have no idea how I would react 🤯🤯🤯

  • Palan 000
    Palan 000

    well it‘s great that I could win it because I live in Switzerland..but I would have to mod it back to stock otherwise I would be in prison for a while😂

  • Landen Burke
    Landen Burke

    mike... if you see this.. you killed it man i watched it 4 times maybe shed a tear not sure. so beautiful

  • Samuel Pratte
    Samuel Pratte

    canda :O except quebec :(

  • Project 253
    Project 253

    EXCEPT QUEBEC !?!?! ohhhh tabrnkk hahaha thats a bummmer. Good luck everyone else!!🤘😂🤘 hello from montreal.

  • Le_Dirt_Biker_ 420
    Le_Dirt_Biker_ 420

    So sad im in Quebec i wanted to trying to be in the giveaway 😔😔😔

  • Søren Voss
    Søren Voss

    If a dane wins this they have to pay around 120-140% the prize of the car to registrer it😭

  • Joel Larin
    Joel Larin

    Unfortunately not here in quebec..

  • Sam Crawford
    Sam Crawford

    You won't be disappointed in the RS6 its my dream car and will build one here in the uk one day, would like to try the supra so fingers crossed ;)

  • Cuan McCullagh
    Cuan McCullagh


  • BMW Royal
    BMW Royal

    Why does almost all your merch have the main design on the back, it’s the reason I buy non of your merch you could atleast have 1 hoodie or shirt with a big design on the front

  • Conor Hatcher Farm Life
    Conor Hatcher Farm Life

    That's not a Supra it a BMW

  • Valiant

    I'm in love with the TE37 setup, looks unreal!

    • Shawn Anderson
      Shawn Anderson

      Do you happen to know the wheel and tire specs?

  • osai teulilo
    osai teulilo

    And I’m from New Zealand 🇳🇿 letssss go

  • GoAppo

    When Adam said swizerland, my wallet started running away.

  • Nick Ferreira
    Nick Ferreira

    DeJaVu...isnt this the 2nd time Adam is "giving away" the supra...im tired of these youtuber scams

  • Shane de Bruin
    Shane de Bruin

    Out here in Holland (The Netherlands) feeling big sad!!!

  • xSnelling_97

    Might just have to pay the stonking high price for shipping and order some shit

  • c840xba

    voyon don tabarnak

  • Peppe Söderlund
    Peppe Söderlund

    How is sweden not in those countries ?? Thats weird

  • Gabriel Kubo
    Gabriel Kubo

    Bring the giveaway to Brazil

  • Roque

    I was about to go crazy and buy a bunch of stuff to get in the giveaway.. And than my country isn't in the list. FeelsBadMan

  • OhioGuy82

    Sweet G29.

  • Pottu007

    Wow you got finland but not australia???? :O


    After this he will get a real supra!

  • Kenny

    New Zealand

  • Jordan Hill
    Jordan Hill

    everything i want is out of stock :(

  • SkullBanditGamez

    Damn I wish I got $5 to support and enter the giveaway

  • Brian Boru
    Brian Boru

    Can u enter in Ireland tho?

  • Blake Tiernay
    Blake Tiernay

    Soo can Canada get down with this ?

  • Luis Acosta
    Luis Acosta

    Sure I’ll take it🤷🏽‍♂️

  • mazza4103 gaming
    mazza4103 gaming

    Adam loves Australia but never does a giveaway that includes us. 🥺

  • Nic Masell
    Nic Masell

    Winning this would change my life. I just bought some merch, oh well now ill have to get more hahaha

  • Mitch_115 !
    Mitch_115 !

    God dammit Australia 😂

  • Bloc Busta
    Bloc Busta

    Ngl that Supra looks like tj hunts rx7

  • fatkid_ luvscake
    fatkid_ luvscake

    Adam LZ: Lists everywhere except Australia. Me: cries in Vegemite.

    • Brodie Vermeulen
      Brodie Vermeulen

      Meanwhile me in New Zealand placing orders while saying marmite on toast

  • Abraham

    I always wanted a Supra

  • blake pelham
    blake pelham

    yeah boy new zealand im bringing it home haha

  • Josh Ethan
    Josh Ethan

    Hears NZ, Still waited for Aus. Sigh, maybe next time.

  • Rob 69
    Rob 69

    Stoked that new zealand is included definitely buying some stuff now

  • Saud


UFC 257: Weigh-in
2.7 mln
UFC 257: Weigh-in
2.7 mln