One Handed Drift Challenge!
MidPond is an amazing track and it was a blast trying to link it with one hand!
Every $5 spent on gets you a chance to win my Supra & $15,000 cash!

  • B Casimsiman, Rozel Sean Allen M.
    B Casimsiman, Rozel Sean Allen M.

    *G O D H A N D*

  • Neko Slacker
    Neko Slacker

    Julian from trailer park boys goes drifting 😂😂

  • Ana Williams
    Ana Williams

    u should try formula drift with one hand

  • Rydnorth

    This video brings me back to the S13 days 💯

  • Hunter Beutler
    Hunter Beutler

    Can't believe I missed this. Mid pond is like 25 minutes from my house 😩

  • Ethan Fallowes
    Ethan Fallowes

    Drift at Virginia International Raceway (VIR)

  • Hookey Gaming
    Hookey Gaming

    I hate how awesome Adam is at drifting 😆😆😆

  • Hookey Gaming
    Hookey Gaming

    Such a show off Adam

  • Doriam Cubillo
    Doriam Cubillo

    that 180 that adam was tandeming with at 10:54 sounded like it had an LS in it

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice drifting Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Vance McCarthy
    Vance McCarthy

    It's easy holding a cup of water as a passenger.

  • Vetle Komp
    Vetle Komp


  • Grant Riddell
    Grant Riddell

    I lost my left hand in a car accident, so this makes me feel better ✨ lol. I have a chaser too. Needs lsd and a non hand break? 🤷🏼‍♂️ It's same LHD in NZ 🤘 I wonder if it was hot sticky sugar water would he spill as much 😁

  • Ivan Garcia
    Ivan Garcia

    I just came from watching his first tandem competition ... and wow ... it’s crazy how close he stays on them now impressive

  • Smiley

    Colette is the best gf a guy can get lets be real

  • Esau chikwanda Mbewe
    Esau chikwanda Mbewe

    Wonderful 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Havok STL
    Havok STL

    Everybody should go check out @Onearmeddrifter

  • Lonely NB
    Lonely NB

    Didn’t even have to note the same day upload, was still top notch as always🔥

  • Carson Grigg
    Carson Grigg

    Everyone else: Barely can link the whole track with 2 hands Adam: “Hold my water”

  • Arvis Latkovskis
    Arvis Latkovskis

    I like how he holding the cup over that lady XD And then saying: I'm soaked XD Classic Adam ;)

  • Carlos Ruiz
    Carlos Ruiz

    Where do we see the water girl's footage??

  • STICKS *-*
    STICKS *-*

    Damn boy has come a long way from boiling bmx grips lmfao anyone else been here for that long?

  • Freestyle_Drummer 1074
    Freestyle_Drummer 1074

    Initial d

  • Cameron Peens
    Cameron Peens

    absolutely killing the driving now! Love watching this type of aggressive style

  • pricey0986

    1:49 is that Sara Haro and the black pearl?

  • jorgegarcia

    good one, Takumi sempai

  • Cole Alcorn
    Cole Alcorn

    Gotta love having mike around hope he never leaves

  • ryan Herbert
    ryan Herbert

    Whens the next barra stang vid out

  • Pip

    Adam trying to imitate a bronco rider ... :)

  • Steve Rand
    Steve Rand

    That 3rd gear stretch is aggressive!

  • Lyka Paseos
    Lyka Paseos

    James Deane lang malakkkkaaassss

  • Kevin White
    Kevin White

    Thanks for coming out! Come back out for Midpond Spring Break Drift Party!

  • Tanner Tessier
    Tanner Tessier

    Love how he holds it over the passenger instead of himself 😂

  • Jon Anderson
    Jon Anderson

    That track looked like it had a really cool flow to it.

  • dakota fickling
    dakota fickling

    So glad I live close to this track, mad I missed this event

  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex Ruiz

    The fact that this man was literally 5 mins from my house.......

  • ty decker
    ty decker

    This is my first video I’ve ever watched of you drifting, I’m stoned as hell, and I’m 10:06 seconds in and still don’t know what kind of car your driving 🤣

  • SN_ Leon
    SN_ Leon

    Thx mike

  • Michael Ball
    Michael Ball

    Adam you should get sponsored by forza horizon 4 so you can put you s15 in the game

  • Captor13

    just fking awesome dude hahah you re THE man!

  • Liam Calhoun
    Liam Calhoun

    I miss BMX vids

  • Minki

    Is everyone just going to ignore lighting MCQUEEN??

  • Dom0

    Takumi lz

  • Lil DJ
    Lil DJ

    Takumi would have linked the track well with that water

  • Fawk

    I haven’t watched Adam in a while but I feel like he changed he’s calm way nicer, apologizing a lot it’s awesome 👍🏼

  • Brandon Rodier
    Brandon Rodier

    I feel you Adam, I’ve had spinal degeneration since I was 16. I’m now 21. Back pain never stops!

  • Bahooki

    I feel like a water feature on a racetrack has difference implications than a golf course

  • Aironas Sanoria
    Aironas Sanoria

    how come we never get drone footage? i think it would look dope

  • Jackie_v8_d

    5:48 :'D :'D

  • Maciej Sieradzki
    Maciej Sieradzki

    Chase practicing on the public roads :D Stay as close as possibile without touching the leading car, this should be first lesson for drift beginners

  • SlickMurrder

    we appreciate the hustle mike :)

  • Connor Robbins
    Connor Robbins

    lets go Mike content!

  • Ammar Motiwala
    Ammar Motiwala

    Hear that flutter 🥵🥵❤️😋

  • Mr. Z
    Mr. Z

    I can hear bunta screaming

  • Randy Bowers
    Randy Bowers

    Love that track and scenery! Some fire angles and transitions, keep killing it 👌

  • Christopher Emmet
    Christopher Emmet

    lowkey felxing AHAAHHAH

  • Devin Summerlot
    Devin Summerlot

    Bro love the drift videos watch you everyday along with Trevor and lonestar drift super bummed that I wasn't able to go down to Houston when yall were here keep it up brother 🤙

  • Griffen Gardner
    Griffen Gardner

    Adam go get your back checked out homie! Not worth being in pain!!🤘🏼

  • Carlos Ramos
    Carlos Ramos

    You do so much better when you're not competing and just having fun

  • Gillon Wilson
    Gillon Wilson

    Why does that duck have an Afro 13:00

  • adam b
    adam b

    If you would have learned how to drift using weight transfer and not the "hydro" this would have been easy.

  • Kara Temple
    Kara Temple

    Gotta claw the cup from the top it'll move a little with the car and your palm will keep more of it in the cup don't it with coffee I'm my boyfriend's car

  • nepzski

    adam lz... the water bender

  • Toni V
    Toni V

    Nice looking track! 😛And damn boi you got some skills🤯

  • RoyalHQTV

    daaamn that was so good vibe to this video!!!

  • Grilllou

    she needs a drift bitch asap no worries for broken parts so she can throw some angel at it ...

  • NathanYT_RBLX

    Imagine if Adam collabbed with Chrisfix again

  • Adam Hakim
    Adam Hakim

    the tune is bad. so blame freddy for her soaked clothes HAHAHAHAHA

  • Gregoor de Yoghurt
    Gregoor de Yoghurt

    I'm really vibin' with the cinematic cuts in between with the chill music, super rad my guy!

  • Aidan 91
    Aidan 91

    Great video!!

  • Purple Pandex
    Purple Pandex

    Can we get this man a Bunk in the next Tokyo Drift Film please. Adam! Get that Chaser into FD!! A man that can link a track with one hand, is a man that can win FD! We believe in you man..😂💯🔥💣

  • DailyDrift

    wonder if adam still talks to Taylor ray

  • Thatnkkapalmtrees_409

    Adam how come you have every other s chassis except the s14 ?

  • Slaccx

    What is the car on the left at 8:19

  • Greyy CLA
    Greyy CLA

    Man that chaser sounds amazing 😍

  • vorx

    That was fucking clean drifting

  • nishan Amichan
    nishan Amichan

    Me: Adam u drift better with one hand Everybody else: See's Adam driving in the pro 1 compilation with one hand

  • Powerup Garage
    Powerup Garage

    Got my 199 entries in. I’ll take my Supra now

  • Hacked Garage
    Hacked Garage

    Initial D Vibes

  • Black Pearl Media
    Black Pearl Media

    "Woops sorry" hahaha 🤣

  • Nick Rocque
    Nick Rocque

    Destroyed the tofu before you even hit the mountain.

  • Barryzoo 92
    Barryzoo 92

    Your better with 1 hand then 2

  • Elmer Orellana
    Elmer Orellana

    5:55 I keep rewatching such skills many wow

  • Devin Mata
    Devin Mata

    Such good footage and great driving

  • FluffyMiata 90
    FluffyMiata 90

    Even though it was a same day upload, it feels like this was your best video that I've seen, i obviously loved it

  • SimplyKhi

    What car is that he’s driving ?I love the body

    • Nesta M
      Nesta M

      Jzx100 chaser

  • Pedro Nunes
    Pedro Nunes

    Hey Adam i'm a big fan, you're a Busy guy i know but is there any way I can contact you? I have a few questions I would like to make. Proud of you dude keep it Up.


    gum tape death match type beat

  • Mike

    Good work on driving man you are insanely good 👍👍

  • .

    takumi and bunta would be disappointed

  • Herbsy

    That tandem with the red 350z was super rad to see! real skills right there!

  • Ethan Newman
    Ethan Newman

    Anyone know what helmet//in-car camera he uses?

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith

    PLEASE bring back the high hops low cars shirt

  • vikash '
    vikash '

    what happened to the BMW 335 ???

  • Connor Neill
    Connor Neill

    Adam can wee see you do a one handed backwards entry?

  • Amastaflex

    anyone know what track this is? tryna download and drift it in assetto Corsa!!

  • Funkin Gonutz
    Funkin Gonutz

    Adam "Now is a good time to get coilovers or an ecu for the supra giveaway" Me "ok bet" Also Me *looks at the $9.31 in my bank account*

  • Daniel Bailey
    Daniel Bailey

    Thanks Mike for the good work ol son 👍🙂😁👌💯💙

  • Daniel Bailey
    Daniel Bailey

    This man😲😬😲🙄.. You see that dancing he been doing lately with that car? Anyone ready for a win next competition 🙏