Lost an Engine During Formula Drift Practice...
One of our biggest hurdles from both a driving and setup perspective. Not feeling how I want to be in the car, but watching back footage we have a lot of ideas to get where we want to be. LZMFG.com

  • Fawor

    7:48 here is why you have Adam lost your quite reliable and driftable suspension setup for the rest of the season..

  • anakin king-hill
    anakin king-hill

    Pause at 11:40 and just... Just look

  • Li Debawn
    Li Debawn

    If course klll bee to there either you. I hope you sleep the best my lovr

  • David K
    David K

    You guys have such a great attitude.

  • Ebisu

    U don't know real oil psi unless you have a 7mgte lmao

  • Ethan Kealoha
    Ethan Kealoha

    Where did you get that hydro E brake from and where can I get one?

  • Robin

    бляя, да это же Димон Квасов

  • Myrzuzu

    At FD live channel all people asking about you why at your channel only 1.4k lol fake fans

  • Dont ask
    Dont ask

    Im a old guy and have no clue of the rules, but it looks fun and I have to say....even being old, I love to bright colors. Its a BEAUTIFUL RIDE. Well done.

  • L H
    L H

    Ight so i paused it right befor you talked about the issue at hand, which is what im getting at with the toe bit and it digging forward down the bank, loosen it up back side to wash up against the curve of the course

  • L H
    L H

    I feel the trick to stay UP on the bank is to let the car washh forward, possible with less rear toe angle increase and drive it hard enough to keep the motion going and let it fallow the curve naturally

  • k a m
    k a m

    Barra swap it for next season.

  • Cheezo137

    Great interviews, especially the part about staying up. Wish I was keeping an eye on their events I would've came and spectated, I'm sure the stands are closed though from corona :(

  • An Old Man Plays
    An Old Man Plays

    2:20 looks like that back wheel is bent or something is off there ?

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice s15 adam.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice drifting adam.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    good video adam.

  • Eduardo Munoz
    Eduardo Munoz

    Freddy is Like that Doctor Shaun Murphy but for cars! It’s amazing!!!

  • Nicholas Diwa
    Nicholas Diwa

    Subscriber since day 1 adam!! Hope you notice me from philippines! Keep safe always man!🔥

  • Deloss92

    wtf is this video..... Like he is a Interviewer?? Like a Sports telecaster... stupid....

  • Rydnorth

    Love your positive attitude in wanting to continue to learn and practice with these top notch drivers!

  • Rydnorth

    You always learn something more and more about cars watching Adam’s videos 🙏💯

  • Soarer Dave
    Soarer Dave

    You’re lucky to have such a knowledgeable and resilient team!

  • Arran Woollett
    Arran Woollett

    That back wheel looks buckled

  • Deftones3177240sx

    "Freddy is gonna add all the power back in", I think you meant Billy Corgan is going to add the power back in there.

  • Jordy Romero
    Jordy Romero

    Johan best/coolest guy in these videos

  • eel1331

    3:02 you obviously never seen or met Brent from PFI with the boostedboiz

  • Momaiah s
    Momaiah s

    What do you think he pays for insurance every month😳

  • Denis Kissyellow
    Denis Kissyellow

    last time I saw Adam swaping a JZ in his new garage... Bam - and now he's racing in FD! What!?

  • Terrence Leins
    Terrence Leins


  • Brenton Ryans
    Brenton Ryans

    Best part of this vid was that 3 seconds of the 335i. I miss you babe, come back.

  • TheMarkedOffGalaxy


  • Steve VAG-tuner
    Steve VAG-tuner

    If you don't want to be changing power steering pumps every drift event get a electric power steering pump and put a cooler on the return line problem solved the reason why you are destroying pumps is the high rpm and heat

  • Ben we Odgers
    Ben we Odgers

    Really enjoy watching the behind the scenes, thank you for sharing. 🙏

  • Kev_MQ

    You've got an awesome team around you! Keep on going.

  • eel1331

    Wait didn't orion drive this track? What level was he doing?

  • dingus153

    In this episode: Adam has trouble keeping it up

  • Joe leyva
    Joe leyva

    18:11 what song is this?

  • Brian Brennan
    Brian Brennan

    These are some of the most exciting and personal videos being able to see formula drift up close.

  • Carlton Harris
    Carlton Harris

    I really appreciate adam’s honesty about how he was feeling and what was going on

  • Toasted Butter
    Toasted Butter

    Bro go tandem the freedom factory with Taylor.

  • Salvador Flores
    Salvador Flores

    So is James Adam's older brother

  • Braden FNM
    Braden FNM

    That’s my local race track I love evergreen speedway

  • Loudpacck

    ngl the head shave thing is kinda weird

  • matt hill
    matt hill

    Love the professional TV coverage, 👌🤣

  • Lewis Lamont
    Lewis Lamont

    Do u think u will put your car on Forza horizon 4

  • Nickk IRL
    Nickk IRL

    "68 before this one", I see you Matt. Nice.

  • Cory Boudreaux
    Cory Boudreaux

    How much money goes into theses weekends

  • Karlo Didak
    Karlo Didak

    this video is too funny

  • Lennon Allardyce
    Lennon Allardyce

    Who remembers the old BMX videos

  • Benjamin R
    Benjamin R

    So cool that you explain and show us what’s going on. Seeing your team do all that work and with alot of fun, thats why we love your content! Mechanic myself, for me, you guys are living a dream! 🔥


    so when is his car gonna be in forza?????

  • Neverlate Fk8
    Neverlate Fk8

    I bought my dream car last year. Go see what it is ;)

  • Ryan Thor
    Ryan Thor

    That chase with JTP really shows how FD is just a HP battle

  • Hayden Pate
    Hayden Pate

    holy hell, a thirty minute video from adam thats like a world record

  • Ryan Yontz
    Ryan Yontz

    RIP headphone users @21:30

  • forvwlife

    Seems the Florida team stepped in to save the day here. Imagine having a shop build a pro drift car and shitting the bed on the motor setup this bad 😂😂😂

  • Jodofly115

    That mustang was a beast ngl, wonder how he does in the event

  • Jodofly115

    I really think youd benefit from a high end drift sim in situations like this, I used one when I was on holidays that cost 35k, this was like 12 years ago, but still it felt as close to real as I ever thought you could get. Itd help from practicing track layouts you cant get access to in real life

  • noxious89123

    2:20 Rear wheel is buckled / bent.

  • Jordan Kane
    Jordan Kane


  • 54raceman

    What kind of idiot put a car of that caliber together with a wet sump oil system instead of a dry sump system in the first place

  • Kent Moore
    Kent Moore

    fantastic vid like a little doco, well done teamLZ

  • noeldriven

    could anyone tell me how to achieve his in car camera angle? Would love to try it on a track day :D

  • J Hall
    J Hall

    Bad lip reading. Had something about his ex. Hahaha Sorry bud.

  • Drew Snargrass
    Drew Snargrass

    I am loving the time lapse music.

  • KoG Splinter
    KoG Splinter

    What song is that at 18:10?

  • Tre Webster
    Tre Webster

    Y’all some funny mfs😂

  • Logan Weaver
    Logan Weaver

    who gave adam mdma at the beginning of this

  • Pheng Bun
    Pheng Bun

    You won’t learn anything if it is not challenging you. I’m glad you look at this as a learning moment. I’m happy you go into Pro 1

  • ryan miller
    ryan miller

    aye bro, my 50 cents... you cant make up ground you didnt have to begin with... try to start higher on the banks

  • Vitor Flavio
    Vitor Flavio

    Alguém BR ai carai kkkkkk sempre tem br em todo lado..... Nunca vi nenhum por aqui Like se é BRASIL

  • Vinicius Alves
    Vinicius Alves

    RAD DAN use stock oil pan and pump

  • Feisty Flagpole
    Feisty Flagpole

    The framerate is very inconsistent in the video, jesus sometimes it feels super choppy and its hard to watch. Would like to see more consistent frame rates, either stick to 60 fps or 50 whatever or even 30 depending on the camera setup. preferably not not lower than 30 since it gets really choppy.

  • That Guy With The Stuff
    That Guy With The Stuff

    “Yeah dude your dwell timing screwed my oil pressure!” Was that a dig at Rudniks GTR?? 😂

  • ASB 1192
    ASB 1192

    Lol I’m trying figure out what “joke”Adam blurred out and why

  • s13ivan

    Anyone know the name of the song at 18:11??

  • That Kid Cody
    That Kid Cody

    Hmmmm rain? Seattle? Nah that doesn’t go together

  • RizzoLeGod

    You're dwell timing screwed my oil pressure 😂 throwback to the R35 coilpack beef

  • Alex

    Glad you guys caught it early!

  • sysh2 sysh2
    sysh2 sysh2

    I can feel the anxiety. it looks like a skating rink out there!!!

  • SteaL Comin
    SteaL Comin

    Adam not to be rude or anything but have you ever thought that its not the cars problem ??

  • Ivo Vasilev
    Ivo Vasilev

    Dude, U gotta give it time, to settle into the environment. Nobody becomes a champ on Y1 of their FD appearance without any other Formula drifting championship contention experience. You're gonna do fine. Patience is your friend.

  • Eric Y
    Eric Y

    I’ll be ready to see no one wearing a mask..outside for that matter..in the near future..

  • Luuk Hendriks
    Luuk Hendriks

    Should've practiced at the freedom factory

  • Drew Gorman
    Drew Gorman

    Why can’t you get a dry sump installer in between round 4 and 5? Taylor makes it seem pretty easy

  • Krabicc

    you look like a fool with that mustache, lol

  • Brenan Gier
    Brenan Gier

    A pedal/foot angle would be sick so we can see the petal work. I think other real enthusiast would agree.

  • L4G Media
    L4G Media

    My Porsche Cayman s that I drive hard on tail of the dragon, I have almost starved the engine a few times from the lack of oil because the oil was sloshing around in the pan and not feeding to the engine causing it to starve. I added a deep oil sump kit and she has yet to even get close. Made me feel MUCH better

  • Peter Salas
    Peter Salas

    Love the quality mike!

  • boxed fenders
    boxed fenders

    why are these comments so bizarre. uswear it was like this last fd also. the look robotic. in a way I don't know how to explain it


    You should rent out the freedom factory for practice man

  • Fizzle Nog
    Fizzle Nog

    I'm a big drift fan and not a follower or fan of yours but you were 100% robbed of your fd match. It should have been one more time but I could have actually seen it going to you.

    • Fizzle Nog
      Fizzle Nog

      ps keep up the effort I could see you being on top soon

  • moreyos

    How many ads are you gonna play dude? Removing you from my recommendations just like TJ Hunt and all the other tools on UZload

  • Warped Perception
    Warped Perception

    Love guys who know their s**t !. Adam...What are some good drift tires you recommend for my Supra?


    This team that came together is literally perfect and looks like all is still having fun despite some set backs!

  • Macuei Chadar
    Macuei Chadar

    still waiting for the day adam gets a subiee

  • Emplexity X
    Emplexity X

    Yo Adam where’s some rx7 kontent boi ?

  • Scream Mnky
    Scream Mnky

    After fd season pull a the cream s13 out we miss it

  • YzFDyL

    Correct. You can't just have money and 4 years experience and expect to win FD