Building an LS3 for my Mom’s Solstice!
SECRETLY ENGINE SWAPPING MY MOM'S CAR PART 2... tune it at 3PM EST tomorrow for the first start/rips/burnouts! Send love to the companies below that helped make this possible -
LeeCParts (For your LS Engine needs) -
Performance Autowerks Solstice LS Swap Kit -
Texas Speed (LS Parts & sweet sweet Cam) -
Fabbot Transmission Adapters -
ESR Wheels -

  • henry snow
    henry snow

    when Shulman pulled the think out of the engine it sounded like that old idubs meme

  • Rydnorth

    14:00 I died 😂😂

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion

    Freddy could be cocky with all his knowledge, but instead he is Humble. He is a great guy

  • Blake S
    Blake S

    Well yeah you can LS swap any GM car and it’ll bolt right in

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer

    No GM vehicle should have ever been sold without an LS

  • Laney421

    13:41 Adam sounded just like Steve-O.. 😂

  • Jacob Shahan
    Jacob Shahan

    adam was so bullsh*ting us, by summer time there will be an LS drift car mark my words lol

  • kiwa kutia
    kiwa kutia


    • kiwa kutia
      kiwa kutia


  • Shin Chan
    Shin Chan

    I can't even change my own oil This shit's interesting though

  • Budget Audio
    Budget Audio

    what valve spring compressor is that? I need one


    Next secretly adding camber to my moms car

  • Michael Rebello
    Michael Rebello

    13:37 as an ‘MERICAN I can confirm this is how we hold our cams

  • Doug Clary
    Doug Clary

    I stumbled onto your video a couple month back with the turbo install into moms car and now this....way to fun to watch, enjoy the banter and technical Im looking for a Solstice...your mom is awesome!!

  • Mark 8 Lifestyle
    Mark 8 Lifestyle

    You should install new cam bearings and new lifters too.

  • jason lee
    jason lee

    Shoman pants has hole on it

  • Brandon Gonzalez
    Brandon Gonzalez

    we all knew it was going to be a ls it was just a matter of what ls

  • Ethan L
    Ethan L

    Should’ve changed the oil galley barbell plug while you’re right there

  • Ethan L
    Ethan L

    That’s ls1 fbody pan

  • Dale Gribble Bounty Hunter
    Dale Gribble Bounty Hunter

    Next video Turning my mom's car into an 8 second drag car

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    I can say as a mechanic it is really so cool to work like this with the humor and screwing around like these guys do =D phun tymes

  • Splitt_1

    u could have made it into a single video man. If your excuse is that your mom would have noticed, well i have news for you. The title and content of the last video clearly showed your intentions and were released before she was supposed to know.

  • Zikira

    the ring @ clutch side hammered in, will fail within 6 months.. next time find a ring that fits sizewise, falls on it and hit it in properly. You have to support atleast 4 kwadrants of the circle . That was bad man sorry .. really bad.. ( love you vids tho keep it up ! )

  • Brian Stanton
    Brian Stanton

    damn i could be 2 turbos richer?

  • ezequiel corrales
    ezequiel corrales

    1:04 was freaking funny!! ; )

  • CardinalKaos

    Holy homoerotic cam batman lol

  • YahItsGabo

    I don’t really watch Adam LZ like that but watching these engine swap videos n seein that gtr in the back👀😍

  • ドリフトJXC

    At 7:11 what car is that light blue car ?

  • Jeremy Robbins
    Jeremy Robbins

    Only one choice in this world matters: 1) Will you build YOUR kingdom and serve yourself as you prop yourself up. 2) Will you serve God and submit to His Kingdom. Serving others than yourself. Get to know Jesus before it is too late. 8)

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford

    Dude's seemed like himself lately

  • Sir 1-UP
    Sir 1-UP

    Whats the song he used for the build montages?


    Fred reminds me of Grawp from Harry Potter

  • Ricardo Hernandez
    Ricardo Hernandez

    How much money would someone like me wanting to swap and go through this process expect to put in?

  • Rising Sun
    Rising Sun

    Hey man I don't think anybody was able to hear the swears after you deafened us, you probably don't have to worry about it too much

  • Calder Donnelly
    Calder Donnelly

    I really appreciate Adam saying, "It's a great way to stay in shape." What a throw back to the old webisodes.

  • Andre R Memories
    Andre R Memories

    only true OG's vans would have watched the whole vid

  • Joe R
    Joe R

    Adam figured out the key to building really fast cars and not blowing them up. Give them to someone who isn't going to try to drive it like a race car every time they turn the key.

  • Omar Rodriguez
    Omar Rodriguez

    navos laugh has me dead at 14:38 LOL


    13:42 why he sound like stevo?

  • Kato Felix
    Kato Felix

    Your telling people the AR5 secret >.

  • z32_David

    Adam has a badass mom

  • Lovie DeBiasio
    Lovie DeBiasio

    everytime I see a used LS being put in a car and they have it partial apart. I yell at the video to just do a full rebuild. I dont understand the logic behind not doing a full rebuild. It seem stupid

  • jesseturbosss

    21:41 i will always love engine building so much that it's ASMR for me

  • Danny Newmanny
    Danny Newmanny

    Meanwhile, the pretty girl wearing the pink pants in the background gets ignored...

  • Tre Lane
    Tre Lane

    @36:05 I love how every once in a while Adam let's his bike roots poke out 😂.

  • Christian B_L 2
    Christian B_L 2

    Where Can i check out u merch??

  • Trez Spre
    Trez Spre

    this video made me search up camshaft replacement for my bmw 😂😂

  • rayhaan301

    This is the shit I'd do on my daily if I had fund or resources. P.S my daily is a Nissan Tidda/Versa (80hp) and chuck in a 13b in there :P

  • Oliver Meek
    Oliver Meek

    Next supercharging my moms car

  • Evan Wise
    Evan Wise

    bro 13:44 he sounded like steve-o😭😭😭

  • SSclone

    I always thought those shoulda came with a ls to be around with the G8 and GTO this is a sickk swap!

  • Justin Collins
    Justin Collins

    I couldn’t stop laughing in this video.

  • ravenof1985

    23:09 i might have missed something but that really should have been welded up.

  • MrBullion

    Brother is loosing his mind 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Senor Spaghette
    Senor Spaghette

    Freddy be looking like Jason bourne pre puberty. Love it 😂😂

  • David Sanders
    David Sanders

    Check out my cam DUDE HAHA

  • Jordan Labre
    Jordan Labre

    My dream build man i have the cam FB0 ls2 gto just need the gxp solstice and fabrication moneys!

  • TheHandyGuy

    14:57 omg AHAHAH

  • alexander larsson
    alexander larsson

    what is the calming song used in the B-roll?

  • Eddie Radchuk
    Eddie Radchuk

    Adam is pretty awkward

  • Robert Diemer
    Robert Diemer

    The stock drivetrain can handle the power of that LS3?

  • NootsFlat

    the beep was so fucking loud my ears are bleeding omg

  • Misael Rubio
    Misael Rubio

    Are we gona ignore the midnight purple r34 in the back 0.0

  • ben dover
    ben dover

    Tech decks also made bikes. But flick Trix where the og finger bikes. Still have heaps of em

  • Jansen Hobbs
    Jansen Hobbs

    Vh45de has quad cams

  • TheHandyGuy

    I was kinda sad that Adam left bmx, but over the last year I've been getting into cars so, win-win

  • Mcbear 291
    Mcbear 291

    That motor looks like it belongs in there.

  • Jade lourens
    Jade lourens

    Loving the wheels Adam😍

  • Zach Kelley
    Zach Kelley

    This is just bros hanging out in the garage doing bro thing

  • Seth Bamblett
    Seth Bamblett

    You didn’t put that through the stock diff did you, hahaha

  • Nabeel Mustafa
    Nabeel Mustafa

    Being a bmw lover, that n54 at 1:19 really caught my attention

  • Dhøpê Ghénghëstä Freeman
    Dhøpê Ghénghëstä Freeman

    1 week later: Slapping a turbo on my mum's new engine😏😏✊

  • R Poe
    R Poe

    So you pull a motor with only 20k miles to replace it with a 111k mile motor without a full rebuild?

  • InFiD3ViL

    Good man @ 19:38. Not doing this is how you destroy a front/rear seal on an LS within 500 miles

  • Ken Jeschonek
    Ken Jeschonek

    So if this is premature... sorry, but shortly after the 14 minute mark... If Adam knew anything about the Chevy V-8 he would have added a Stroker joke into the segment.

  • Tristan Hipwell
    Tristan Hipwell

    350z have cams or just one

  • Moto Gamz
    Moto Gamz

    Who’s the girl in pink in the background at 25:10?

  • 413xxx86

    Trolls her and slaps a Northstar v8 into it....

  • carlin buntzen
    carlin buntzen

    that impact gun on those header bolts made me cringe

  • DxJudoka27

    14:23 Michael Scott in the background: *little giggles*

  • OneWyldAudi

    I hope his other vids are way better than this one lol beginners at building engines ABC

  • David Munoz
    David Munoz

    I'm not sure but apparently all the cts Vs 1st gens have a solstice diff and that's why they (and mine) are like glass

  • reizhustenistdoof

    omg the combination of Navo+Mike+Freddy+Adam is killing me 😂😂😂 please more of these jokes

  • eel1331

    I would've butt chugged for that.

  • Billy Johnson
    Billy Johnson

    All I can think is damn, that Freddy guy is an encyclopedia. What a treasure to have a guy like that in your shop helping you.

  • Praga_0097 Pettigrew
    Praga_0097 Pettigrew

    You need to supercharge it

  • eel1331

    "Is this a cam or a glizzy" lmao

  • Gabriel Hathcock
    Gabriel Hathcock

    So much immature man humor in this video. Love it.

  • Jayson Pennisi
    Jayson Pennisi

    Check out my cam dude

  • Hated135i

    Shouldve just went ls9 cam. 130$ make the same power but less chop and if you want boost later its already in there

  • qlwz modzz
    qlwz modzz

    Crazy how Ive been watching adam since he made bmx videos lol

  • Jimmy Forsell
    Jimmy Forsell

    Congrats on 3 mil Adam😎

  • WS Dylan
    WS Dylan

    literally the last video i watched was him turboing his moms solstice now hes swapping it lol

  • Mr. Magoo
    Mr. Magoo

    “Guess the engine “ Has the engine name in the title 😂👌

  • Ryan Dempsey
    Ryan Dempsey

    Keeps commenting about not being an expert on ls. That's pretty obvious when you run tsp parts lol

  • Devin Barker
    Devin Barker

    DUDE, Adam looked so weird when he was upside down at 33:21 hahahahaha

  • Lonely NB
    Lonely NB

    Clicked the like because we love Adam being Adam

  • RyEvDee

    There's a couple guys in SoFlo with factory V8 Solstices, blew my mind seeing them the first time, super rad choice!

  • Jon Wilson
    Jon Wilson

    You can say it.... "Bad Engine"😂😂

  • Arjen Terpstra
    Arjen Terpstra

    Love the content

  • Patrick Nanney
    Patrick Nanney

    What’s the background song at 9:20

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