BIG LIFE CHANGES! Stoked to bring you guys along!
The big grand reveal of the top secret information!
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MYSTERY Channel!

  • Rigo

    Not gonna lie I though at 1:55 the clutch was done for 😬😂

  • GTClutch

    ha ha that was a good 1

  • Voice of Emirates
    Voice of Emirates

    Adam u had a divorce in 2018

  • Anuar Y
    Anuar Y

    is weird how so many people from cali are moving out to either florida, texas, washington or atlanta to..

  • TheLiberek

    I liked Adam vid's, but not on subscribe level. YT recommended me this. I watched. Here am I on 14:11 listeening to the blood//water. THat's gotta br a subscribe

  • Damian Beristainnn
    Damian Beristainnn

    Havnt watch your videos in like a year or two 😳what happened to nichole ?


    Only og’s remember the pb&j pizza tutorial

  • Hesed James
    Hesed James

    Glad to see ya doing good again

  • jj dosa
    jj dosa

    i miss bert

  • Jose Solano Hernandez
    Jose Solano Hernandez

    ig he doesnt do bmx anymore lol and that part introducing the new guy could not have been good for the enviorment

  • Ian richards
    Ian richards

    Been here since the Cody Krueger days back in Connecticut ridin BMX and goin to the skatepark #froth

  • xand7410 xand7410
    xand7410 xand7410

    We need a LZ stance car on the channel.

  • Loud Harley
    Loud Harley

    It's awesome to see someone in the US doing a Barra engine.

  • mark cabatay
    mark cabatay

    pls adam move collete in pls

  • Hassan Haroon
    Hassan Haroon

    Why dont you grow big hair and beard

  • akaSoulz

    im so sad i miss nicole and i still dont know what happened

  • Jacob ward
    Jacob ward

    What happened to Nicole :(

  • MJorgy5

    I must say, that Barra might be the sexiest looking engine in recent history.

  • baconwinnerftw

    At first with the burnout I was thinking “damn imagine doing a one wheel peel for a burnout reveal”

  • Avalanche2

    Who's the Freddy Mercury looking guy next to Mike?

  • Thijs Bakker
    Thijs Bakker

    What was the first video where collete came in?

    • Thijs Bakker
      Thijs Bakker


  • Jordan Simpson
    Jordan Simpson


  • max fortuin
    max fortuin

    Is adam divorce off nicole??

  • Manster G
    Manster G

    Stupid stuff and just wasting resources. Tesla's Model S plaid is tons faster, quieter and doesn't pollute. Who cares about the other dude joining. Is this turning into a "Mo" channel. Bring back Hot Nicole. At least her rear end was worth watching.

  • heavyq

    Yo Adam, you need an IT guy? 20 years in IT/ISP/Network support. I got you fam.

  • crxcked bear
    crxcked bear

    What to your wife

  • Konner Dalton
    Konner Dalton

    “You know what I love? My m46 m3” has me in TEARS💀💀💀💀

  • ViceOnGfuel

    I've been their


    Wait. That isn't Nicole 😭

  • James Weaver
    James Weaver


  • dead

    What happened to nicole

  • JeepNut Scotty
    JeepNut Scotty

    You swapped Nicole for THAT?!?! WOW lmao

  • Christopher Klebs
    Christopher Klebs

    It's just not the same without Nicole. And BMX. And red & white Mini Coopers.

  • Har Harris
    Har Harris

    Can u plz do bmx again ur the one who got me into it

  • Hazel Nicoll
    Hazel Nicoll

    rt tv

  • Ace

    What happened to nicole

  • Ed G
    Ed G

    What happen to Nicole?

  • goget'em188


  • Shel & Kel Equestrian
    Shel & Kel Equestrian

    I though the 350 burnt out its clutch

  • maman89

    Bara looking hhhmmmmmm

  • Edgar Maldonado
    Edgar Maldonado

    I got trolled Adam i thought it was her your heart crush girl

  • Gianne Angelo Sator
    Gianne Angelo Sator

    Im here since The Cream S13 days.

  • Kyle Barlow
    Kyle Barlow

    What about collete

  • Astras

    I love you TJ Hunt.

  • Kenny Goron
    Kenny Goron

    He really needs to lose the stash

  • Ricky Martinez
    Ricky Martinez

    Who else thought he revealed the blow up doll that's what it honestly looks like🤣 do we get to name it?

  • Repo Bs4
    Repo Bs4

    Damn I got click baited

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    Come on Adam it's 2020 just come out already just give him a big kiss on cam and get it over with already!

  • Daniel Rivera
    Daniel Rivera

    24:48 lol i guess it's not all about the mustang

  • Michael Dennis
    Michael Dennis

    I’ve been gone so long what happened to Nicole ??

    • theBro55

      They divorced

  • Lilchake Long
    Lilchake Long

    Bruh I wish that I coulda been sponsored by stranger 😭😭😭 why again did u quit

  • Dylan Marshall
    Dylan Marshall

    stiffler lookalike

  • Baddest Rodriguez
    Baddest Rodriguez

    Where the bmx days

  • Jarod channell
    Jarod channell

    Ahhh mannn, I remember when he was still studying, staying in that apartment, I love that I got to see his insane growth, it's so inspiring ❤️

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    Round 2

  • Nickatina


  • Devin Barker
    Devin Barker

    You seem so much happier now Adam. I've been with you for years and I don't think i've seen you more happy than you are now.

  • PhoenyxPistol

    Ok Adam, I haven't watched in many years and I've got to say. Much has changed and you look so much happier. So much healthier. I'm glad to see you like this Adam. I'm COMING BACK FOR GOOD

  • Bailey Martin
    Bailey Martin

    Nicole watching the compilation at the start be like :😓

  • Nicole Dworkis
    Nicole Dworkis

    So happy for you Adam!!!

  • carlsracingmiami

    KILLER MAN LOOKS GOOD ....................................................................... EVERYONE GO RACING

  • Thomas Rice
    Thomas Rice

    hell tooo the yeahhhhhh boiiiiii

  • Abang Zafar
    Abang Zafar

    Where is your wife?

  • Ashley Joel
    Ashley Joel

    Not sure on the annoying chime music in the background! 🙉

  • Supercars Of America
    Supercars Of America

    Bruh I just wasted 27 minutes of my life to get clickbaited 😔

  • Kipplur

    The spool merging into the song at 12:07 was a godly.

  • DBgetsblocks

    Is it me or the video quality got 20 times better looks so good

  • titties

    Boi. I'm hyped

  • Michael Romac
    Michael Romac

    Only ogs remember watching Adams 1st drift even video in his s13

  • subbing to everyone who subs to me
    subbing to everyone who subs to me

    i taught she was moving in :< are dey together tho?!?!?

  • Kacee Cruson
    Kacee Cruson

    I missed Alberto during your Cali trip...

  • A420N AARON
    A420N AARON

    Can I join the team ? I’ll do a burnout in my Mercedes CL600 V12 twin turbo... And to the stuff that doesn’t matter.😊 I have all my own tools/box & 20+ years of automotive/diesel experience 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Vendetta 31
    Vendetta 31

    Adam gets married gets divorced buys hundreds of cars burns down cars do it all over again while I am just watching him do it from exact same bed my only change is I got older

  • Regilio Bouma
    Regilio Bouma

    Mike didn't he work for Tommy and Chris?

    • Tina Adamson
      Tina Adamson

      Regilio Bouma Yup

  • M16 Saucezz
    M16 Saucezz

    What happend to Nicole

  • Rod Yank
    Rod Yank

    Hey Adam wanna hire me ? I’m 18 I can be a driver 😭😂

  • Finikera Vlogs
    Finikera Vlogs

    What are they coming out the closet?

  • Jesus Covarrubias
    Jesus Covarrubias

    You need to get a mic because we couldn’t hear you most of the times and so you can be able to talk from where ever and he could edit your sound or recording into that video

  • Cole Valentine
    Cole Valentine

    I remember watching a 335i review from you back when you threw your bike on top

  • Robert Drayfahl
    Robert Drayfahl

    Intro made me sad honestly. I started watching when I had just turned 12 years old and built my first bmx bike. I loved watching the old videos, bert was my favorite. Now time moves on, I just turned 18 and I'm off to the military. Life went fast, It's been 7 years, a LOT of subscribers, and I still can't fakie worth a shit

    • Robert Drayfahl
      Robert Drayfahl

      CAN Control What's wrong with that?

    • Nickollas Valente
      Nickollas Valente

      CAN Control trump 2020

    • CAN Control
      CAN Control

      Of to the military while trumps president? You’re nuts.

  • Lots420

    I think an arri camera would be better for your type of shots. Its a brighter shot the red is a great camera but it has a kind of darker super sharp kinda feel. Narcos was shot on a red black panther shot on an arri alexa Thats a good comparison

  • Limit-R

    Hear someone mention Goleby's parts. Hang on I'm not watching the Skid Factory or Nugget Garage...


    Spoiler alert he’s getting married

  • KamikaziKillah

    No wonder the editing was trash

  • Alexander E.
    Alexander E.

    Downgrade from Nicole .

  • Ismashedmykemikeswife Jay
    Ismashedmykemikeswife Jay


  • Ismashedmykemikeswife Jay
    Ismashedmykemikeswife Jay

    This fool is a panzy now

  • Finlay M
    Finlay M

    Jesus shave!

  • That Kid Cody
    That Kid Cody

    Also is divine media still gonna be a thing? Or is it just strictly Adams channel?

    • Tina Adamson
      Tina Adamson

      That Kid Cody He’s still going to have his channel, when he has time!

  • Danny Razo
    Danny Razo

    I honestly don’t like the music you’re always about the sounds of the car making sure we have all of the sounds and the music kind of kills it

  • Rafael Ferreira
    Rafael Ferreira

    Is that nicole?

  • AA Squad
    AA Squad

    Rip Nicole

  • Slushii Man
    Slushii Man

    I wanna see this guy shred a bmw again

  • Squirrely McBurly
    Squirrely McBurly

    Me and my BMW's are moving to Florida too!! Mike can film and his editing is great!

  • Lucifer for the Street
    Lucifer for the Street

    This makes me so happy

  • Tumi Mojaki
    Tumi Mojaki

    i lowkey wanted mike to shoot and edited all of adam's. after the driftweek footage

  • Female Doggy
    Female Doggy

    Wait, haven’t been here for a long time and just realized he’s not with Nicole anymore... or is he? Idk but it’s been a while since I clicked one of his non-car focused videos

    • randomocityvideos

      She been gone

  • Mr. Honda
    Mr. Honda

    When the camera quality goes from 5 to 100

  • G Mac
    G Mac

    Yes yes and another yeaaahhh, double trouble and triple threat

  • Joel Arguello
    Joel Arguello