FD Round 4 - More Engine Issues + My First Crash
On top of combatting more oiling issues with the 3.4 I put it into the wall during practice. The team kept the car together and put me through my battle which is all I could ever ask for. We've learned a lot and are ready to tackle Texas full force! LZMFG.com
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  • Slackerz Sincity
    Slackerz Sincity

    This formula drift thing is serious. Man I was pulling for Adam. This is intense, for sure.

  • Zaherra Judnath
    Zaherra Judnath


  • Kobe Smith
    Kobe Smith

    Looked like a video game lol

  • Mike Medeiros
    Mike Medeiros

    All these tracks suck. Pretty much the same layout every time. Formula D 10+ years ago was a lot better


    You've come such a long way since the old days of the bmx vids

  • Seth Hollingshead
    Seth Hollingshead

    Good job Adam. Sorry for your unfortunate luck with the car.

  • TheHandyGuy

    Man Adam just smoking clouds, damn

  • TheHandyGuy

    Funny how it appears as a toyota car because of the 2jz


    When will you stop clutching when upshifting?

  • Trent Davis
    Trent Davis


  • Matt Media
    Matt Media

    Yerrr this is insane and so sick!

  • Cory Unferferth
    Cory Unferferth

    Love the 2J but it really seems you’d greatly benefit from the high torque of a V8.

  • Frixy

    18:13 "350z” 😂

  • tranquilychaotic75

    I cringe and feel for the cars he owns for they will be destroyed eventually.

  • DarthSagius

    Keep at it Adam. Rough luck helps refine your adaptability, and further develop your driving senses/techniques. Every mishap with the car will aid in bonding with it in the long run. With that, you'll have enough feel for the car that the answer to all of your how's instantly come to you in the cockpit.

  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson

    I'm sorry but every time I see him drift he seems to get worse and worse why waste your money when you suck that bad

  • Martin Bliznakov
    Martin Bliznakov

    Where is collete?

  • Dat BOI Dev Playz
    Dat BOI Dev Playz

    It’s sad that worthouse isn’t competing anymore✌🏾😔

  • Mike Umbrella
    Mike Umbrella

    Man That Silvia Is BomB 💣 🔥🔥💥

  • Fisher Tate
    Fisher Tate

    Is it just me or is princess Barby been missing a wile

  • Pikachulova7

    I also wonder if your back was okay and stuff which led to some of the driving errors you were talking about

  • Pikachulova7

    I was sad to see you lose and honestly the judging is stupid but this whole endeavor and you making it to top 16 was awesome. Cant wait to see more 🔥

  • Travis George
    Travis George

    Keep it up adam, hope to be able to watch you next year again! The underdog has to show up to win;)

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    how does his engine have a issue when it was doing pretty good in the last video. hope you dont have any more engine issues adam because they really suck dont the adam hope it gets better and dosint have any issues with the engine anymore.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    nice drifting Adam I really enjoyed it Adam hope you do more of this hope you always do well and stay good in the future Adam.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    good video adam.

  • DarthSolo501

    I really want these backing tracks please somebody aahhhh


    Must be nice to have a shiload of money and going to FD. Alot of people are better than that but don't have the money. Meh

  • BrxkenSxrpent 欢 迎 来 到 地 狱
    BrxkenSxrpent 欢 迎 来 到 地 狱

    Not gonna lie i would love to hear some $uicideBoy$, Ghostmane, Night Lovell to him drifiting

  • Patrick Barker
    Patrick Barker

    Not sure about the rules but what if instead of nitrous you used an air compressor or tank to spool the turbo I know the new Koenisegg has that and old rally cars used to do it.

  • alex bosiacki
    alex bosiacki

    Freddy kinda looks like siamese dream era billy corgan from the smashing pumpkins

  • xXxAxsthxticxXx Misty
    xXxAxsthxticxXx Misty

    Adam Lz+ FD= A Little Bit Of Revlimiter ;)

  • Project Junk
    Project Junk

    100% needs a dry sump

  • Julian

    These FD commentators love bashing Adam.

  • Jack Zavala
    Jack Zavala

    Remembering when Adam Lz was all bmx with a Miata in his living room

  • Trucker AK
    Trucker AK

    Jeff did not win that lol if anything should have been one more time

  • Freddy Hidding
    Freddy Hidding

    That new camera coming in 🔥

  • cssey george
    cssey george

    I hope your drift car gets added to forza

  • alexanderwaddell21

    8:02 it’s the ears tucked into the hat for me

  • Gordon Keeler
    Gordon Keeler

    Anyone else hear a voice of resentment towards lz from the main announcer? "Adam LZ is a rat" 😂😅

  • Enrique Dominguez
    Enrique Dominguez

    He's skilled.. It ain't gonna get any better. hes hardly improved. Fund talented driver instead of being the driver.

  • Kuran Johnston
    Kuran Johnston

    Song at the beginning?

  • Nathan Hill
    Nathan Hill

    Anybody else notice the manufacturer mistake at 12.46 😂😂

  • xSpartanCx

    Already missing Adam actually telling us what setup changes he's making :(

  • Lacy S
    Lacy S

    I love watching Adam LZ while taking a dump

  • All Diligence
    All Diligence

    We just gonna completely ignore the announcer saying 350z and not 370z?

  • PewPew Lazerguns
    PewPew Lazerguns

    Anybody remember BMX days😂

  • _____

    They need to add your car to FH4🤣

  • Hanzeni

    1:42 Me in Assetto Corsa drift server

  • suicid3 mx3
    suicid3 mx3

    Wheres the crash

  • Chris LoneStar
    Chris LoneStar

    Less fanboy taco car meets at Mexico and more track time in 100k drift car. That's how you ultimately get better. You can't rely on a COMPETITION for practice and getting better.

  • M N Huda
    M N Huda

    The best run was the top 36 bye run

  • Hassan abdu alrhman
    Hassan abdu alrhman

    Dude’s just not at the same level of driving as the other guys..there’s no reason for him being there other than publicity 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Pheng Bun
    Pheng Bun

    It’s alright. You learn from this one. Staying consistent is the key on being a pro. By the way your video got more view than the whole FD shows themselves.

  • Marcus W
    Marcus W

    A bye run?! That’s as positive as Trump’s Covid test

  • Official ADJ
    Official ADJ

    Love Adam and what he does, but Jesus thé moustache

  • Thomas Ostrowski
    Thomas Ostrowski

    10:49 sexy dad bod

  • officialTHREETWENTYdotcom

    I can't get over how good the S15 looks this year. It's bringing a bit of the old school drift style to the sport.

  • NikitoMisquito


  • Big Trev
    Big Trev

    Haha that 350z played u he knew u didnt have the jam

  • Powersproductions130

    Yoo, he said in a vlog a few days ago "can't wait to get my audi" and there's an RS7 @6:58 parked next to his BMW. Spoiler??

  • SiN Loud
    SiN Loud

    Also, when the lead driver does outclass you in smoothness, because theyve done the track 100 times. Follow them and mimic them. Your car can run perfect, so you should in theory be able to force yourself to match any of them.

  • SiN Loud
    SiN Loud

    From what I see Adam, you're more than fast enough. You need to focus more on matching your lead car no matter what, angle and line. While still aiming for that perfect line in your follow. Ive been where you are on the smaller scale and I can say from experience, whats tripping you up is you're still driving like theyre fasyer than you, you angle out to slow down and shallow to catch up, but you can easily keep their door while making 0 sacrifices. Push for that, also, big tip for big corners when you're low on power, high gear, less rpm, and less counter steer, you'll just barely drag front tires and your rear end will rotate better giving you that outside clip for the bank. Next time hopefully you guys will have that 2j more figured out so you can get better power down without worry

  • Joc 32
    Joc 32

    put the barra in the s15

  • Dark Storm
    Dark Storm

    Tune the FD S15 to 100 horsepower now Adam

  • eel1331

    Why did lz manufacturer section of his info say toyota 😅 do they go by car or engine

  • Matt Wood
    Matt Wood

    Dude stopped the video befor he shows his run. which he clearly fuked up. And lost. as usual excuses... need more seat time befor you play with the big boys.

  • Daniel Clanton
    Daniel Clanton

    I love the break down between runs!

  • Ho Lo
    Ho Lo

    Intro song?

  • Jason Cano
    Jason Cano

    This is dope when u drift for the first time ever r

  • Gabriel Durán
    Gabriel Durán

    Why don’t you guys use an electric/hydraulic pump? I have 1

  • Dank Sniffin
    Dank Sniffin

    How do you just be happy with life?

  • Omer

    should LS SWAP it itll be more reliable

  • Tyler Adams
    Tyler Adams

    I'm kind of a noob with FD but would you be allowed to use a different car for reasons like what you where having in this round. Or does it have to be the same car.

  • Cameorn McLeod
    Cameorn McLeod

    If you didn’t have what it takes to be there then you wouldn’t! Keep pushing you’ll be on top soon enough!💯

  • Josh maithie
    Josh maithie

    Adam car straightens up to easy

  • Fothermucker!

    Fugly suit 🤮

  • zac

    Change your name to Adam the choker

  • Psychic Gamer
    Psychic Gamer

    How come you ain’t got negative camber in the front?

  • Einzel Motorsport
    Einzel Motorsport

    Love the video and the honesty

  • Harisyam S
    Harisyam S

    I hate chris

  • Danger M
    Danger M

    Unreal LZ! Car and runs, look to be heaps better without nos, i reckon.

  • Karlo Didak
    Karlo Didak

    great job, can't wait when everything gets consistent and car super dialed in, but this is the process and keep pushing, all support from me

  • ValorantExE

    hey adam can you give me drift lessons on keyboard lol

  • Drift Dad
    Drift Dad

    How long do you think it takes untill rudnick dents your Porsche at Tommys working inches away from it?


    It's weird, I'm not Adam and his teams family but' I'm so damn proud of them and there accomplishments. There focus, passion and knowledge of everything they all do is top notch hustler G shit 👌🏻

  • Tony Harrison
    Tony Harrison

    You doing well keep it up as for running a wet sump for how hard you revving the car I've had a pro car in Australia for 20 years now and the thing has always been dry sump average lifespan of an engine is around 7 years so you should and must dry sump your car and Mount the oil tank behind the rear wheels so if you do have blow by it gets dropped out of the back of the car I should have never fact oil under the tires again good job at doing well

  • Jordan Ryder
    Jordan Ryder

    Every time I watch your videos you inspire me to chase my dreams as you have passion for everything you do love the vids my guy

  • Gavin Horne
    Gavin Horne

    Fucking love how they call it the power alley 😂 jarod is the goat

  • Klutch Kitchen
    Klutch Kitchen

    for sure some of the best videos you've put out are these fd videos. good luck and catch you at the track. tacos on me if you win lol

  • jason birch
    jason birch

    Out of his league comepletly.

  • Shane de Bruin
    Shane de Bruin

    For the bank tracks, are lighter rims a possibility for you in the fronts so they won't pull you down as much?

  • Lift Master Telescopic boom device
    Lift Master Telescopic boom device

    damn adam i’ve been watching you since you were a kid making bmx how to’s in 2012, shits crazy how far you’ve came in life

  • Tyler colby
    Tyler colby

    Make a Dry Sump oil can in the frame. like older motorcycles. xt550 xl600 extra engine oil in frame

  • M. McGehee
    M. McGehee

    Crazy to see how far you've come, first video I watched was how to drop in on a bmx. Idk how many years ago that was but I've been here quite a long time. Awesome to see how crazy and inspiring your life is.

  • NastyNilla

    Does everyone else use nitrous ?

  • jordan hann
    jordan hann

    When your s15 gonna be in forza horizon 4

  • Dominick Panameno
    Dominick Panameno

    Dude!!!!! Adam, you are killing it man! Only getting better and better!

  • chris giesbrecht
    chris giesbrecht

    What a great effort. Keep killin tires buddy. Awesome behind the scenes.

  • HyprJay

    totally thought jones lost that btw.. i mean, yea adam dropped a outside tire, but jones didnt even maintain proximity thru the course. adam is gonna be the underdog in every round, and the judges clearly dont like any new racers. they treat all the new racers like shit.