Watching my Mustang GT350 Burn to the Ground...
Fire took over my 2017 Ford Mustang GT350 a few weeks back at the FIRM. Definitely not a fun situation, but we're going to try to make the best of it.

  • 666rayz - VD
    666rayz - VD

    Jo why am i just noticing now that she looks like letti?! tf

  • Anthony Medlock
    Anthony Medlock

    Those gt350s are some nice cars but they always end up breaking like glass. Ford says you can put these cars on a racecourse I wouldn't recommend it too many problems can go wrong. now you got to deal with insurance and the Ford dealership about replacing a 70,000 dollar mustang. That's just crazy man. 🙄🙄🐎🐎🐎

  • Lionely

    It's like watching a shit load of money burning to ashes

  • Anthony Sheppard
    Anthony Sheppard

    He just made what that car is worth with this one video.

  • Boonjamin

    Every single extinguisher was used on one minor fire. That a little concerning?

    • Matt Higgins
      Matt Higgins

      "minor fire" i don't think you understand how heat works.

  • Boonjamin

    Biggest bang for your buck. Lol.

  • Thai's tuning
    Thai's tuning

    This had to be electrical?

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez


  • Beau Heikkinen Holden HSV
    Beau Heikkinen Holden HSV


  • Pascal Junger
    Pascal Junger

    Yup, fun and tons of acceleration until this happens. Maybe you have sponsors, at my age I can't take another loss like this.

  • Pedro Vale
    Pedro Vale

    it sucks but that evo was sounding nice as hell tho

  • letitbee _07
    letitbee _07

    He should have done a v12 swap

  • Brixxie


  • She belong to da shkreetz
    She belong to da shkreetz

    Damn you are very wise. You chose the best option, to no create any more inconveniences. Props to your thinking my friend.

  • Isabella Dekerpel
    Isabella Dekerpel

    Was this at buttonwillow?

  • yeee yeee
    yeee yeee

    all your girl friends got your cars on fire 😂

  • Mizery

    She actually reacted to the issues pretty well and quickly. I bet you tons of women and men too to be honest, would've been much slower to react including continuing to drive it after seeing some smoke. Kudos. My girl 100% would've been mad slow to realize there was a major issue and probably continue driving smh!!

  • [Leaflux_[ GAMING ]
    [Leaflux_[ GAMING ]

    Soapy water would do the trick But.. I don’t it that would work for this

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith

    A car is replaceable she isn’t don’t worry about the car it’s a Material object as long as everyone is safe it’s not a big deal

  • Mate Kovacs
    Mate Kovacs

    ummmmmmmm, Adam can this happen to a 2016 2.3 ecoboost? (not trolling)

  • J Mon
    J Mon

    *So the track made you pay for the fire extinguishers and the sand that they had to use? Holy shit if that doesn't add insult to injury I don't know what does*

  • Carl Falt
    Carl Falt

    The main thing is that no one was hurt

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin

    She should give you something if you know what I mean 😏😏

  • itsashyea

    All that bullying made the GT kill itself

  • Mrzxcads123

    Damnit Ford always tryna kill our favorite youtubers

  • Whoopi Goldberg
    Whoopi Goldberg


  • Vincent Forsberg
    Vincent Forsberg

    $500 dollars for a conversion kit? For a car that is prone to catching fire? Ford should be handing this out for free due to this underlying issue. Maybe learn to build a performance car right before you start selling it.

  • The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn
    The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn

    Have U driven a 🔥Ford🔥....lately?

  • Obey Aritally
    Obey Aritally

    i heard an aussie

  • Daniil lebich
    Daniil lebich

    Yall need to get married already

  • Ratrod O311
    Ratrod O311

    So much for the myth of the hood liner falling down to put out the fire. How many vehicles don’t even have them from factory period? Some say their for the above mentioned, or to protect paint, or sound insulation. I removed mine years ago, paint is perfectly fine and heard nothing different from engine bay after removal. Only way I’d run one is if I was forced induction.

  • Håkon Telstad Sollid
    Håkon Telstad Sollid

    23:24 why do you have so much things up on ur deskop??

  • Oliver

    Really is the year of the flame

  • Adam The Turtle
    Adam The Turtle

    GT350's are badass. GT350 oil warning coming on is not badass.

  • Don Campbell
    Don Campbell

    Mustang's are easy to find buddy.Good women aren't.Great job Adam glad she's safe.

  • Jordon West
    Jordon West

    I’m so happy this car caught on fir cause god damn that barra swap is insane

  • Daniel Bailey
    Daniel Bailey

    Hell over a year or two and this video itself will buy 2 of those cars.. Adam has no worries 😂

  • xpanda_juice

    FORD Found On Road Dead

  • Dre carterr
    Dre carterr

    Wait so was those things on the desktop was coliate Davis?

  • 3star2nr

    Hmm what caused the fire?

  • Mike H
    Mike H

    Sorry for asking but are you owner of the shop?

  • fishing tips and fishing
    fishing tips and fishing

    Anyone else here after the rebuild

  • tucci06

    Getting poop water on your hand for like 8 seconds is better than fucking your septic system up though, lmao. Then later you might flush and get poop water all over the floor.

  • Arabela Nakano
    Arabela Nakano

    The hanging stitch nouzilly cross because laundry spontaneously occur next a evanescent rock. better, idiotic closet

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C

    Glad you are all ok. So whoever put the oil filter on is the reason you lost this beautiful car? or the oil filter gasket failed and cause the total loss of the original car. I wonder if this was a shop mechanic that put the oil filter on with the gasket pinched. Was this a known defect that the oil filter gasket gives out? either way sucks that a gasket blowing out caused this awesome GT350 to catch on fire.

  • worldnowboxing

    Thats y u get a camaro

  • _Holden_Nation

    Half of the video the camera is on the ground

  • John Franklin
    John Franklin

    Uh, didn't burn to ground...

  • NaYeBunny

    Well this happens when you are not looking at the temperature or oil gauge

    • Miralem Nermina
      Miralem Nermina

      @NaYeBunny so do you think you know enough to talk about track driving? Also what difference would it make? Headers are red glowing and she couldn't prevent the oil spraying

    • NaYeBunny

      @Miralem Nermina Stupid question. I don't need to i don't drive on track.

    • Miralem Nermina
      Miralem Nermina

      @NaYeBunny do you look at your oil gauge while turning in a corner?

    • NaYeBunny

      @Miralem Nermina Yep

    • Miralem Nermina
      Miralem Nermina

      Do you have a drivers license?

  • Braeden Duellman
    Braeden Duellman

    I feel bad for Adam LZ and the car

  • 4 in the Corps
    4 in the Corps

    love that you mentioned your computer organization bc its giving me stress.

  • Carter Bell
    Carter Bell

    Hang the whole car up on the wall

  • AyoGlizzy

    Wow she messed ur car up🤦‍♂️

  • TimmY BoY
    TimmY BoY

    Came to see it, burn to the ground and get a fluf all

  • Ryan

    So that's how you get a hot girl to date you? You make sure that the car catches on fire and gets totaled while she drives :D

  • jose garate
    jose garate

    That Toyota chaser tho!!

  • Vicente Soto
    Vicente Soto

    At least now you have 900 hp

  • Ervis

    You are so good person mann

  • sr20boizph

    glad she safe

  • Mike Li
    Mike Li

    Hey guys Chrisfix here. Today we're going to clean up this engine bay using only, soapy wooder .......

  • Jairo Garcia
    Jairo Garcia

    She really said their were no warnings The Oil pressure 🖕

  • YouTube swayzx
    YouTube swayzx

    Yeah.... re watched it closely she cannot hit the right shifts at the right rpm she wasn’t shifting into the next gear in that straight line run and that’s when it started to blow...

  • z32_David

    Guys the first thing to do when a car is on fire is stay inside and call someone

  • Mike Watkinz
    Mike Watkinz

    If hes no gay hes definitely friendzoned after that tripod comment lol

    • xyne

      nah, they are in a relationship

  • Jason Zamora
    Jason Zamora

    American muscle yee yee

  • Kelvin Lilech
    Kelvin Lilech

    So sorry for the incident that occurred. Gladly, no one got injured. I love the positive spirit. I am learning a thing or two also.

  • Hap1230

    forget the gt350 i wanna see the footage of adam gunning it in the evo

  • Dan God
    Dan God

    Hot hot hot 🔥 she's on fire 💞

  • jwilh15

    Lets be honest. It caught on fire due to the mustache...

  • PlayBoiElavate

    They made the car suicidal now it was just tired of yalls shii and ended it all

  • James McGrath
    James McGrath

    Uhhh women drivers?? 😂😂😂 Nahh definitely not her fault. She did the right thing pulling over and good to know she was okay. Windy day wouldn’t have helped either. Take it from an Aussie we know fires 😜

  • FREN - OGY
    FREN - OGY

    question is. did she help pay for the repairs????


    If this wouldn’t have happened we wouldn’t have the barra in it now so it wasn’t good it happened but the car is sick now

  • Astle Truscott
    Astle Truscott

    this was great news looking back on it now

  • jaden troy
    jaden troy

    but why was she going hard

  • Salvadore Bertolone
    Salvadore Bertolone

    is it that hard to safety wire it on?

  • Paul Polkoski
    Paul Polkoski

    Blames the girlfriend.

  • Paul Polkoski
    Paul Polkoski

    He don't know how to build a motor.

    • Mindedchaos

      clearly you dont watch the videos it was a manufacturer fault

  • heavyq

    On the Poopourri question: Grab a set of kitchen tongs or something to grab it.

  • 7071t6

    If anyone had a girlfriend of wife like her i too would not be worried mate, well done in the barra swap, please make sure you do it right please, that way other people with their ecoboost will put a barra swap in them, to get around the V8 issue and costs. :) My wife looks just like her and we have been together for over 35 years.

  • 7071t6

    Also there was a issue with over torquing the oil filter down, people have posted what they have done to resolve the issue, thank god she is ok and not hurt, now i know why you went to a barra mate, well done cant wait till she is really sorted out and running perfectly auto and engine and tail shaft and diff, please upgrade the tailshaft and diff if required, if the stock units can hold over 800 to 1,000 hp and the same with torque figures then fine,but if not change them to a higher spec units, do up the auto and tail shaft and diff that way you dont have to worry about it at all, put a couple of fire extinguishers in the car as well, just to be safe and a manual hood latch made with hi temp cable with special coating around the cable fire resistant stuff that way you will always get the hood open?

  • Hamza Ali
    Hamza Ali

    The car is a roasted marshmallow i think you should rebuild the engine and chassis


    Now it's got a 900 ho Barra in it😂

  • Quino Cat Meaw
    Quino Cat Meaw

    Omg this hurts to watch why the hell didn't anyone else try to open the hood that was all they needed to do

  • Flaws

    Car is literally on fire but she pulls over and calls adam like the car is on fire you reckon i should put it out or nah??

  • Bishop M
    Bishop M

    A resolution you’re not allowed to disclose? Tell us how much they gave you when the NDA expires, k?

  • Oakie

    Sucks to see a nice car go like that. Glad everyone is ok.

  • Brady Atcher
    Brady Atcher

    I’ve noticed that every time a car has caught fire. A girl has been driving it

  • Daryn Batterson
    Daryn Batterson

    Hey tho.. The EVO sounds NASTY

  • Theo Gardner
    Theo Gardner


  • Anthony Banuelos
    Anthony Banuelos

    Don’t let women drift or drive your car

  • Matthew Pierce
    Matthew Pierce

    Ford took care of him because he has almost 3 million subscribers, if this happened to the average joe he wouldn’t get a dime from them without a long drawn out process in court

  • Cam Bryan
    Cam Bryan

    *Car catches on fire. Me: hears Aussie accent Also me: well yall aren't getting that fire out.

  • tiny 1
    tiny 1

    Well dont let her drive again lol and should have popes the hood too

    • hazza

      And have an explosion in peoples faces?

  • Benjamin Pemberton
    Benjamin Pemberton

    Coming back to this after his first drive with the engine swap is crazy.

    • James McGrath
      James McGrath

      Yep! #barratheworld

    • Mahmood Saeed
      Mahmood Saeed


    • Jordan Beames
      Jordan Beames

      Benjamin Pemberton me to


    what a good design unable to open the hood ..!!! Also should have got out of the car when it happen instead of sitting inside ....

  • Batmandafreak

    brrroooo, this is the GT350 you took to sell at one point right??

  • T Mac
    T Mac

    Glad everyone is ok.

  • GT 43
    GT 43

    Shave the mustache

  • EnigmAPheoniX Truth
    EnigmAPheoniX Truth

    I cried watching that. Damn dude. Glad Colette is ok.