S15 Mega Update! (Pro 1 Formula Drift Announcement)
My S15 has been undergoing MANY changes during the off-season and I’m excited to share the details! Use “ADAMLZ” at enjukuracing.com for free shipping!

  • Karma

    Can´t believe Mike actually got out of the plane, before it landed, just to get that shot.

    • Callum Burton
      Callum Burton

      DIVINE I know.😂

    • De_licious

      @superb 8ä9öåä98å0

    • De_licious

      @superb 8ä9

    • De_licious

      @superb 8ä

    • 1Z0Z5

      bmatyeah and at Washington National. But there is one US Airways paint scheme left

  • Lukas Gurskas
    Lukas Gurskas

    The song at 7:14 is Mayten - Flesh

  • ProfessorCringe

    Little did he know he would end up as the rookie of the year

  • Christian Fonseca
    Christian Fonseca

    @8:30 ... if only he knew lmao

  • Preston Satterfield
    Preston Satterfield

    I died when Andy said his name will now be joe biden

  • 森合俊介


  • Rej Scott
    Rej Scott

    Needed a vr38 😉

  • pricey0986

    Great car, almost too good to drive 😂 10:35 what is Collete doing in the background?

  • Gubert Stan
    Gubert Stan

    5:20 is my favorite moment in this video. BUuuUuuT 🤣😂 Love you Adam lmao

  • Jesse Wild
    Jesse Wild

    Why ur hands so pale

  • Xarzz

    we want to see your hot wheels collection please

  • Leonardo Flores
    Leonardo Flores

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    finally the s15 is back yesss and it has a new colour yesss thank you Adam it’s been so long.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice s15 Adam love the new paint for it.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Taylor_Drift

    Rofl, professor sniffs-a-lot

  • _Kuina

    Miss the old wrap

  • Dan R
    Dan R

    Yo that's a sick Tiger's Jaw shirt.

  • jk bmx
    jk bmx

    Your hands are so white bro

  • Roman Chinvendu
    Roman Chinvendu

    7:15 song name please

  • John M
    John M

    Why are your hands so white? During the Pro explanation.


    I am all for that Mayten beat 🔥🔥

    • Gopro Extreme
      Gopro Extreme

      Song name?

  • Brabus555 atanasov
    Brabus555 atanasov

    Yo what is the song at 7:20 thanks in regards

  • S M
    S M

    So many acronyms. I'm lost.

  • Khalid Albabo
    Khalid Albabo

    Power ✌🏻😍

  • Dean Richards
    Dean Richards

    At 10:30 kolette casually taking pictures of her nails😂😂

  • Chantz

    It looks like the angry react on Facebook

  • Larry Salas
    Larry Salas

    The S15 look like a mango

  • Larry Salas
    Larry Salas

    Why are your hands so white

  • Viincentt

    The smell of booster packs....nostalgic

  • G Rapids
    G Rapids

    That paint is so pretty, i'd be hesitant to cover it up with a livery

  • Mancy

    love when Adam's like "We'll show you the livery idea but not completely till its finished" .... whilst saying so the entire design is behind them against the wall xD Also the easter egg Yu-Gi-Oh card in the windsheild wiper xD

  • John C
    John C

    Joe Biden lmao

  • Ben Camilleri
    Ben Camilleri

    S15 is looking phenominal mate. Greetz from Oz

  • Jatchetto-_-

    Arms tan hands white

  • Rockport1911

    Car is painted like Fire, because Year of the Flex is over. Times are hotter now... :)


    Hey, you're supposed to wear the mask over the nose and bend the top, there's a metal part that bends to have the shape of your nose and have a good seal, otherwise it's pretty useless. Think of a radiator shroud without the rubber gasket, the air chooses the path of least resistance.

  • Ohay

    Awesome paint 😍

  • AzorDazor

    Juha Rintanen's and your car are two best looking S15 drifting cars 😍😍😍

  • TrippySativa710

    As soon as I thought the barra was my favorite..

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones

    Love the new look.

  • Astig_mo_william

    Another car on "fire" if you know what i mean 😂

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    You're going to change that tubro Adam it's not going to make you happy.

  • Shiye Enzo de Jesus
    Shiye Enzo de Jesus

    Some body finish my sentence "somebody come get her"

  • Rusty Wells
    Rusty Wells

    Your one of the few youtubers that always makes the right moves Adam and I know this is another one!

  • jesse sandoval
    jesse sandoval

    I love sniffing a box of crayons 🖍 reminds me of my childhood any one ???

  • paul Wollersheim
    paul Wollersheim

    love the elevator music

  • Jesse Powell
    Jesse Powell



    Buy and old honda and k swap it pleaseee trust me you wont regret it

  • Jody Lane
    Jody Lane

    "nOT GOnNA SHow yoU GuYs WHat It LooKs LiKe" *literally a picture of what it looked like in the backround* 11:09

  • john fasano II
    john fasano II

    I gotta say if you r '' mechanic'' puts engines together three times and the last one they tell you they had to do valve lash cause something didnt seem right, check please they need to be fired, every single time you have a full rebuild you should always re lash the valves speacially in a boosted application

  • Street Style Initiative
    Street Style Initiative

    Awesome to see you excelling in drifting and working all the way to pro1 from just doing some donuts! Watching you barely knowing how to drift to driving next to Chelsea, Vaughn, both Ryan’s, Ken, Chris, Fredric, Dai, James, and all the other greats will be amazing!

  • Rich H
    Rich H

    Happy to see style and real jdm kits in fd. You and forest have some of the most style cars in fd

  • Noire N
    Noire N

    "Officer farva. To joe biden" that made my night

  • John Huong
    John Huong

    So basically u jus payin hella money to drift with better drivers with no shot at chip. U nice but u not James deane or Chris forsberg nice

  • John Huong
    John Huong

    U needa do another year or two in pro 2 u did horrible ur rookie year and u have talent. U needa fine tune ur skills a lil more

  • Johnathan Tichenor
    Johnathan Tichenor

    Spicy boi

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward

    Can see what it looks like behind the graphic guy, good job Mike lol

  • Michael Salas
    Michael Salas

    Joe bidden likes sniffing lil girls and Adam likes sniffing Yu-Gi-Oh cards

  • BeastZ06

    If it’s still overheating, try reversing the airflow, so the airflow goes from under the car and out the back window area. Tape yarn tuffs and GoPro or some MAP sensors/pressure transducers and verify the air pressures on each side of the radiator with and w/o fans on.

  • Sirens

    Can anyone tell me what tires Adam runs on the S15?

  • DriftShepard

    The voice audio was good.

  • BackIntoGear

    You know you made it in life when you can buy yugioh cards just to sniff

  • DriftShepard

    I really love the paint and the body kit I would love to run the paint in Forza Motorsport 7 and on Forza Horizon 4

  • Adiman227

    This episode felt like u were trying to seduce me and it worked.

  • bulez

    adam if youre gunna use maytens music at least give him credit man he puts his all into his music, you obviously like his production help him grow hes been at it too long without recognition.

  • Nic Crawford
    Nic Crawford

    Holy shit the biden burn tho 🔥🔥 🤣🤣🤣

  • Adrian Aguilar
    Adrian Aguilar

    Nothing like Adam just revving a Corolla to strangers 💀

  • Beowulf

    When I saw the color in the thumbnail I honestly thought it was a joke so we'd have to watch the video to see the real color.

  • Pitti xD
    Pitti xD

    With the livery its fuckin FIRE!!! ❤

  • Bishop M
    Bishop M

    Sorry I haven’t been keeping track or following the channel but congrats on the success you’ve had man, excited for you

  • Andre Blair
    Andre Blair

    To: Mike Divine. You are what brought me to Tommy and Adam's channels. You've grown so much as a filmer, and really love the music choices coupled w/ the cinematics. Thank you for filming and exposing me to the radest content on UZload right now. 💯🙏

  • Charles Schwab
    Charles Schwab

    That track during the reveal. Uhg.

  • Austinjames827

    Why put so much money and time on a drift car? It’s going to get wrecked and you can’t recreate that paint job easy.?

  • swante gg
    swante gg

    background music 27:50 ??

  • Daniel Voříšek
    Daniel Voříšek

    Car looks mega! PS: As an Evo driver, I am missing EVO content :D

  • wooga

    10:32 pause the video and look to the right you can see what the car is gonna look like with liverys and stickers on

  • Travis Martin
    Travis Martin

    The design is in the back

  • Phil B
    Phil B

    That paint is amazing and the shots of the car are just great !

  • Ross Allen
    Ross Allen

    Wow just wow....the S15 is absolutely stunning

  • Snoopie

    I have been asking for this for ages

  • Čøřý Přîčê
    Čøřý Přîčê

    Bro i live in stl 314 😍

  • Nismo X
    Nismo X

    Do you in the drift world clear bra over graphics erc

  • Andy Morales
    Andy Morales

    More in depth car setup videos like this for all your cars please. This is what I'm here for.

  • goodridge84

    Collette in the background 😂😂she be like "fu** the vlogging today im doing her nails".👌🏾😁

  • Nismo X
    Nismo X

    All I can say Nn Ii Cc Ee

  • Galaxy-Chris

    Where Nicole

    • Tom H
      Tom H

      Galaxy-Chris dude they split up ages ago, they did a whole video on it

  • Jason Sullivan
    Jason Sullivan

    Its beautiful 😍 ❤ 💕 ♥

  • Austin Allen
    Austin Allen

    Love how she's in the back fanning her nails lmao perfect moment

  • Alex Blomquist
    Alex Blomquist

    I live in Kansas City, MO. Would have been a true honor to have seen you out there. Would be a dream of mine.

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion

    Nice blue flames

  • Reza Pratama
    Reza Pratama

    bad attitude at the airport

  • Shadow Reaper
    Shadow Reaper

    You can see part of the wrap on the door towards the end of the video and its looking amazing

  • Dani over
    Dani over

    That car is way too nice for drifting!

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt

    That car is fucking sick 🔥

  • ghostnig11

    KillA City in the House

  • Sane One
    Sane One

    Tigers jaw!!!😍😍😍

  • dangeraaron91

    *quietly awaiting “tomorrow’s” videos that was mentioned many times.*

  • #RuthlessRoyalty

    Im not going to show you what its going to be design but its in back ground when talking to vinyl god

  • Dennis Dekker
    Dennis Dekker

    Dude get your hands in the sun 😂