Her First Ride in the 900HP Barra GT350!
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  • Eda Fatwun
    Eda Fatwun

    She rips gears quicker than you bro! Once the sequential is all sorted you should let her drive the 350 on the track it caught fire on! She was doing really well before it happened

  • Jason Embleton
    Jason Embleton

    This car is nuts!

  • Proper Aussie
    Proper Aussie

    A mustang with a decent engine????? Why couldn’t ford make a mustang with a decent engine. The 5litre is garbage so good work my man ! Aussie salute

  • o2

    6:00 hahahahaa that face

  • Kosdi Trade Kft.
    Kosdi Trade Kft.

    do you push the brakes all the time with throttle?

  • I’m your Dads dad
    I’m your Dads dad

    Hey man love the car and the whole swap,, jw if your gonna get ride of the burn on the fender (I think it looks sick with the burnt part jw)

  • marlon chin
    marlon chin

    Let's have Mama LZ in the passenger seat of the Barra GT350 when the sequential box install is done.

  • Waybeyond

    Wow, she is quite spoiled.....

  • dirk urreta
    dirk urreta

    And merch

  • dirk urreta
    dirk urreta

    Cool. Awesome info

  • Chloe Hennessey
    Chloe Hennessey

    The best LS exhaust note I love is Roadkills Muscle Truck.

  • Aleck Cummins
    Aleck Cummins

    Hands down my favorite car sounds so good!

  • michael nnielsen
    michael nnielsen

    That engien is built in Australia?

  • John D Coleman
    John D Coleman

    She should have been like let me drive it let me drive it 😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • LowerNorth

    The way that white truck fades away tho, sheesh

  • Adam The Turtle
    Adam The Turtle

    Barra's are popular in AUS/NZ because they're loads of fun. You can literally throw them into any sort of car and make it a blast to drive. They're easy to modify. Tuners love how easy to tune they are. And because 4.0L Inline 6! (very orgasmic)

  • Ron Branscome
    Ron Branscome

    That is Cami

  • Andrew Davison
    Andrew Davison

    That car fuckin fast man!

  • Garth D'Andraia
    Garth D'Andraia

    I hope you clapped these girls cheeks

  • Ben Morris
    Ben Morris

    Your old GF was way better

  • Carbon - Trap Music
    Carbon - Trap Music

    she on to something about that clear hood thing that shit would look dope asf

  • Izymbra

    I'm surprised no one in the comment mentioned Adam asking 69k for the FD. Haha

  • Im Audi Here
    Im Audi Here

    Bruh that turbo whine is INSANE! I’ve never heard a turbo ex’aggerated like that before... in person or video lml. On some real shit tho- I would merk a nigga to have that or something else w crazy turbo sounds.... so just hmu if you wanna talk business

  • Im Audi Here
    Im Audi Here

    Is the Barra a v8??

  • Presetss

    I've been watching adam since I was 8 years old when I started biking, although he's not biking anymore he seems a lot happier. good for him

  • Rydonz

    I wish I was that seatbelt The passenger's cool too

  • Queezzy

    What a weird sounding Mustang.

  • Anthony Moreno
    Anthony Moreno

    6:06 lmao 🤣

  • Flavo Oxy
    Flavo Oxy

    Does that code still work, I just got a ticket yesterday 😂

  • Moussa Abraham
    Moussa Abraham

    Barra mate straya mate

  • XA351GT

    A chick that can drive stick is wife material .

  • XA351GT

    Mazda RX V8

  • Hasan Odobasic
    Hasan Odobasic

    9:40 🤣

  • ArzikiGaming

    I would like to see this guy with one of the cars against Ken on hoonigan.

    • ArzikiGaming

      @David Z Yeah I get what you mean. But the thing is that they won't take anyone on the show that will beat the hoonicorn so. It was 2 cars out of 11 cars that had a chance.

    • David Z
      David Z

      @ArzikiGaming No offense, but in my opinion it kinda takes the fun out of the race if you already know who’s gonna win. Like what’s the point. You may as well go on a casual drive up the mountain or something

    • ArzikiGaming

      @David Z I would just want to see it for fun. Like his mom's LS swap. Legit do not care who wins.

    • falcon blubber
      falcon blubber

      I was just thinking weird mustang stuff

    • David Z
      David Z

      He would lose. The hoonicorn is a beast. You need a beast of a car to beat it. Adams cars are good but not that good


    our taxis have this engine lol ...my mates g6e turbo needs Mickey et 15s on the back

  • Dorian Vaughan
    Dorian Vaughan

    considering that every taxi had the NA version of this motor in australia and you can now buy them for as little as $500 AUD for a running barra six, great value for money,

  • Ken Harty
    Ken Harty

    Shes cute

  • Izaak Bradbury
    Izaak Bradbury


  • John led Sanchez
    John led Sanchez

    Barra gg350! I dunno but every time he says that thats what I'm hearing

  • Jeremy Robbins
    Jeremy Robbins

    Only one choice in this world matters: 1) Will you build YOUR kingdom and serve yourself as you prop yourself up. 2) Will you serve God and submit to His Kingdom. Serving others than yourself. Get to know Jesus before it is too late.

  • Mcbeef .m
    Mcbeef .m

    she has got great talents.

  • Adam Breckenridge
    Adam Breckenridge

    It sounds like a extremely high revving cummins


    This girl is better for you tbh

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad

    "That Miata wants to race you" Adam : "No"

  • Count Von D
    Count Von D

    His wife was way hotter. What happened?

  • Radlui 710
    Radlui 710

    Ayeeeee uzload.info/fun/g3xveYjcy2aHl5M/video

  • Bromorgen

    7:10 I remember a barra doing this to me in 2016, I had a new 320d and he chopped me just burning his tires down the street

  • DeViL dUdE
    DeViL dUdE

    It kinda sounds like a diesel with the turbo

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe

    Hilarious neither can stop smiling..... Mission accomplished.

  • K Dr
    K Dr

    "Weird Mustang stuff"

  • Alexis Gutierrez
    Alexis Gutierrez

    Don’t be jealous

  • jepthefish

    i cant explain how much i wonna see this thing race on hoonigan, that would be a freaking sick race

  • Sw1ftz-_

    I need one pls

  • Hoff

    Welcome to the world of wild. Barra the world. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kdizz 10
    Kdizz 10


  • Oleg Oleg
    Oleg Oleg

    Barra the best !

  • dik hamabush
    dik hamabush

    awesome motor to bad bout the shell tho

  • Beneath Remains
    Beneath Remains

    Torque monster that sips cold air.

  • Brad Sutherland
    Brad Sutherland

    Welcome to straya mate haha. Glad you like it.

  • DusKm

    does that fd have a ls1 in it?

  • Chase Berndtson
    Chase Berndtson

    Is it just me or does it kinda sound like a 6.0 power stroke

  • Spotter

    She’s so cute man

  • Rayane

    Collete Lets me think about letty in fast and furious

  • Benny Diesel
    Benny Diesel

    Awesome man, have you done a vid on full setup of this car?

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    Scavenger pump solve d crank case pressure issues, gain hp😁

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    Go full manual valvebody

  • Darren Sice
    Darren Sice

    If you don’t want to get a clear bonnet then get it airbrushed so it looks like the bonnet isn’t on then you’ll be able to leave your car locked up and you don’t have to open the hood.

  • Jeff Lee
    Jeff Lee

    It sounds sick dude...Would love to see it and hear it in person

  • Lucifer

    I love the car

  • chrono trigger
    chrono trigger

    “That Miata wants to race you” - Collette She’s a keeper. 😂

    • Spencer C.
      Spencer C.

      Bruh, you literally copied the comment above this one😂

  • Ayden Young
    Ayden Young

    What car are in

  • Rayhan Ramkissoon
    Rayhan Ramkissoon

    Are they dating

  • tech Kanakesh
    tech Kanakesh

    12:42 she just talked like Darlene from mr robot 😃😄

  • Karl Benson RankDropper71
    Karl Benson RankDropper71

    RX7's look so nice, but the stock engines sound like shite and don't do it any justice until you build the engine and show it lots of love. But that exhaust note sounds good

  • Josh

    bro race this on 1320 plz

  • Cody Randles
    Cody Randles

    Please fix your mustache

  • 1ma4ighter

    that scare me

  • ThisWillProbablyHurt

    “Weird mustang stuff” 😂

    • Dan W
      Dan W

      LOL, yeah, like unexpected 180's when you slam 2nd. At least on the first gen Mustangs with no weight in the back end.😁

  • hound on yt
    hound on yt

    This and this that how you know but ok

  • iyas haha
    iyas haha

    i love the sound

  • howton 721
    howton 721

    Idk why but it sounds like a big turbo cummins with a built trans from the camera in the car lol

  • Phaases


  • Lee Productions
    Lee Productions

    Just put a cam and new intake and dual exhaust on you’ll be set,,,(:

  • TimmY BoY
    TimmY BoY

    9:38 she done

  • Alan Mac
    Alan Mac

    Aussie power 🇦🇺

  • tuk Au
    tuk Au

    barra is sick but not in a gay mustang

  • Dorian Palmer
    Dorian Palmer

    Collete be holding on for dear life

  • Tom Fuji
    Tom Fuji

    Love the fire extinguisher

  • Rol 612
    Rol 612

    Get a RTR grille ! 💪🏻

  • SnipeY75

    I want that girl...

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    Gotta get a crankcase vacuum system lol I don't know what there called but it sucks out crank pressure,adds power and solves problems and stuff

  • Joey Nelson
    Joey Nelson

    🤭collets seen my picture🤣👍

  • SVT Devin
    SVT Devin

    That RX7 is beautiful ‼️

  • Tomasz Świerzb
    Tomasz Świerzb

    Bra size this girl ?

    • Tomasz Świerzb
      Tomasz Świerzb


  • poodongs


  • DADZ67 Media
    DADZ67 Media

    Got to love a Barra.

  • Shane Grithorn
    Shane Grithorn

    That baby needs slicks

  • AbsoluteSpeed

    She looked at Adam and said "I looked over and saw that you were scared!" lol

  • AbsoluteSpeed

    Love the sound of the turbo spooling up and the blow-off valve. I could listen to it all day!

  • Priyanshu Priyadarshi
    Priyanshu Priyadarshi

    He was pissed at 6:13 by that honk, that SUV needed that roar.