R34 GTR Engine Build Begins! + Drift Testing
I've been patiently awaiting a call from our machine shop so we could start assembling the heart of my GTR. Beyond excited to take our time with this and do everything perfectly!

  • William Stru
    William Stru

    Bro... s13 needs a new head... you know what I mean.

  • Snowdrifter013

    Fun fact: I'm allergic to uncooked celery

  • Jared Dreyer
    Jared Dreyer

    Please do a vvl setup in the cream s13😭😭

  • Matthew Miller
    Matthew Miller

    Did the tire smoke around 8:10 look green? Is that the camera?

  • Red Raccoon Dogs
    Red Raccoon Dogs

    13:14 Why don't you put a speed sensor on your drive shaft?

  • Adam Holder
    Adam Holder

    We're is min lz

  • TheReal Bland
    TheReal Bland

    Dude Freddy and his little legs can RIIIIIP!

  • Yunghiroo

    Two things that outro was hilarious and the other one is I’m coming from the video where you compite with the bmw and the trunk already had that problem here :/


    “Make sure you torque your wheels” then Adam guns them up🤣🤣👍🏼

  • Tony Cano
    Tony Cano

    Drift god

  • Tritoon M
    Tritoon M


  • john erwin
    john erwin

    I feel like you were REALLY stone in your outro and struggling to get through it cause the pup was distracting you lmfao

  • Fast Dreams
    Fast Dreams

    Beautiful outtro

  • Austin McQuilkin
    Austin McQuilkin

    trunk wing 2:00

  • James Williams
    James Williams

    That outtro though

  • Staxks Wavy
    Staxks Wavy

    I think Adam should make the e36 his FD car

  • Spencer Long
    Spencer Long

    no problem Adam!

  • Pedro Vale
    Pedro Vale

    Drifting with the trunk open, now that's swag!

  • BigB Smiley
    BigB Smiley

    ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️. Song + Visual / I love you uzload.info/fun/dqeheHu0t4iAu3U/video

  • rooboy69

    Freddy better than adam drifting

  • Ahmed Mekawy
    Ahmed Mekawy

    I love Freddy

  • Lucas Foster
    Lucas Foster

    Just so you're aware, it's super easy to build an RB25 AWD setup - you can use the AWD parts from a Stagea (basically a Skyline wagon, idk if you guys got those in the States). The GTR front diff is a bit weird as it's cast into the sump but it's not too complicated.

  • AnthonyPDC

    Still waiting for the return of Doogie!

  • The Eturn
    The Eturn

    dude, i freakin love that chaser. . . ive said this before but def one of my favorites of the entire fleet

  • Son of Switchinlanes
    Son of Switchinlanes

    Awwww man does that turbo sound so good

  • Revmaynard

    I just have to back Johan up on his shampoo statement. Adam must be buying that good good shit lmao

  • Justin Malone
    Justin Malone

    That pedi mustache 😂🤣

  • Oliver Duenas
    Oliver Duenas

    Freddy can get down holy shit lol

  • Jose Villarreal
    Jose Villarreal

    Always torque your wheels .... uses impact 😂

  • LustTimeMachiné

    Adam... you should just keep your r34 how it is! It's gonna be worth so much money in the future.... and not so much in a drift form.

  • Angus Tessmann
    Angus Tessmann

    Can you put a r34 crankshaft in a r32 blovk??

  • Dylan Padilla
    Dylan Padilla

    E 36 the best

  • stuart lawrence
    stuart lawrence

    I have to said it I love the s13

  • Mr Spice
    Mr Spice

    I think Freddy needs a UZload

  • Anthony Rametta
    Anthony Rametta

    S15 front knuckle with the abs ring. There’s definitely a way to do it.

  • Grandma3stro

    Nice to see the cream S13 again. The outro of this vid gave me a .25 percent Dr. Claw vibe lol.

  • Dejean Tyrell
    Dejean Tyrell

    That second lap doo be 👌😄🤩💕💕😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jaidan Hubbard
    Jaidan Hubbard

    Only the OG's remember the webisodes with the bmw and the 240

  • Ari_240sx

    Freddy is the man!!!!

  • Todd Turner Robinson
    Todd Turner Robinson

    kind of complicated to make his rb25 4wd bahahaha stageas come out 4wd rb25s XD

  • Graeme Warnes
    Graeme Warnes

    Get a gps speedo and just stick it in front of the stock gauge. Little digital one is all you need.

  • Nick_ Fury
    Nick_ Fury

    I must say that chaser sounds spicy 😏🔰

  • Fog Boat
    Fog Boat

    Almost forgot how much the e36 rips!

  • Diego Haasen Huertas
    Diego Haasen Huertas

    2:59 "Stay TUNED for Freddy's first laps" LOL like if you got it 😂😂

  • E_Smith

    make a vid of matt moreman reacting to his old gt350

  • adam fcs11
    adam fcs11

    Fact; Adam dr9ves the E36 and Chaser better than the S15.

  • BLIZZARD1880

    I like his new active areo on the E36 really looks like a McLaren

  • Karlo Didak
    Karlo Didak

    rally car project ?

  • Nigel J
    Nigel J

    That ending got me Hollering

  • Danny Hansen
    Danny Hansen

    Holy crap that E36 smokes!! And Freddy can drive.. damn!

  • Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly

    I like it when you guys go sliding. The builds are cool, but I like the drifting best

  • Subaru Gerbil
    Subaru Gerbil

    This pad reminds me of the first track in FR Ledgends.

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow adam that was a sick backward entry Adam wow your good at drifting.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Yesssss the r34 is here yes adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Yes the chaser is finely drifting yesssss.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice chaser Adam love how that car looks Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice drifting Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    good video Adam.😃👍

  • Martin Berg
    Martin Berg

    When is next fd?

    • Martin Berg
      Martin Berg

      @Omar Leyva thx. so long😂

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva

      October 29-31

  • Daniel Evans
    Daniel Evans

    Strange how much Adam looks like his dogs? 😂

  • Nathan Paz
    Nathan Paz

    Is that the new wing for the E36 by BMW

  • Scope King
    Scope King

    Adam low key doesnt fix the speedometer so he doesn't get shit for speeding lol.

  • Julian Radacz
    Julian Radacz

    my MF dreeeeeam car

  • Timothy Hightower
    Timothy Hightower

    Where is this at? I’m in Florida and would love to go.

  • Clayton Seale
    Clayton Seale

    Adam out here with a BMW E36 sounding like an Audi IMSA GTO, what a great noise...

  • Gavin K
    Gavin K

    Can u tell us how your dads r32 is doing ?

  • Meme Master
    Meme Master

    im loving the active aero in the e36 with the boot opening up

  • Clint Rzoska
    Clint Rzoska

    Has Shulman ever done a detailing video? Turns out some great results.

  • Drifto

    That ending was hilarious especially with that long car name.

  • Bus driver Troy
    Bus driver Troy

    Funniest part was the Dr.Evil at the end With Pete and his mate. Only know Pete what's the other one's name

    • Bus driver Troy
      Bus driver Troy

      Or Dr.Claw

  • RzRshRp 709
    RzRshRp 709

    The e36 sounds so good!

  • kdmion

    Freddy is ripping with his little legs, I love it.

  • Leonard Fenton
    Leonard Fenton

    You need to burn the 180

  • Andrew Leon
    Andrew Leon

    Does anyone know what happened to his other mechanic??

    • Andrew Leon
      Andrew Leon

      I haven’t seen him in a video for a while now

  • Finding Funkos From Than to Now
    Finding Funkos From Than to Now

    Should of asked Brent at PFI speed on gapping the rings if you wanted some opinions as they tune a lot of boosted cars. Between him and Freddie there is a way to get the rings to the proper gap

  • Gary Best
    Gary Best

    Adam, get one of these for your speedo you can attach it to your hub www.xenocron.com/products/xenocron-diy-wheel-speed-sensor-kit?variant=5071667396645

  • Simon Watling
    Simon Watling

    dang that rotary cream s13 sounds soo sick!... more footage of that please :P

  • Trent Crompton
    Trent Crompton

    Should of used a PRP girdle

  • Trent Crompton
    Trent Crompton

    Freddy can drive 👍

  • Kevin Hogberg
    Kevin Hogberg

    a quesion. how much for the old trunk?

  • Danny Gal
    Danny Gal

    Can we make the Chaser a pastel color 🤤

  • Stan74

    Хватит копировать нашего Стилова)

  • Jordan 4_2_0
    Jordan 4_2_0

    Wow ur a Biden voter

  • Yoseph Al-Shiblawy
    Yoseph Al-Shiblawy

    Freddy giving her the beans

  • Alvin Rivera
    Alvin Rivera

    I was not expecting that at the end 😂

  • Gage Huff
    Gage Huff

    im liking this because of they way u sensually stroked that black chihuahua. I do hope you get big dogs tho! they are way better.

  • Anthony Reid
    Anthony Reid

    This is how I'd like to see you at formula pro bro or it seem your more comfortable in the bmw "bad man wheels" I think you should of made the top 8 tho..... Love it, keep it up the is bad bro

  • Ildefonso Talavera
    Ildefonso Talavera

    The ending is my favorite

  • Ej8 Payne
    Ej8 Payne

    If I’m not mistaken Too much lube you’ll spin a bearing. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

  • Josh Green
    Josh Green

    Yes. To it all. Yes.

  • Gilbert Ulibarri
    Gilbert Ulibarri

    Freddy is the man

  • Lori Artoonian
    Lori Artoonian

    Hey Adam. Question sir. Do you ever sell any of your cars? Love the chance to buy one of them. No joke.

  • Austin Drumm
    Austin Drumm

    Is hard to keep switching different drift chassis and then have to go back to your pro car? I feel like that would be same as being a baseball player and golfer lol

  • Darrian Pratt
    Darrian Pratt

    Chaser giving me eargasims

  • Trenton Deel
    Trenton Deel

    Why do you have montana plates on the car still ?

  • Devin Mata
    Devin Mata

    Freddys killing that shit

  • matthew parkinson
    matthew parkinson

    Does ur father still have the 32 skyline

  • Tyler Caramella
    Tyler Caramella

    Nope, not a jz I don’t do that 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Luca Robinson
    Luca Robinson

    Adam “always torque your wheels “ Proceeds to give it 5 uga dugas

  • Colin Brown
    Colin Brown

    Man, the last thing you should care about is the way you look In an open face, cleetus rocks thoes MF's all the time. Keep it steezy 🤙

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