I AM TJ HUNT BIGGEST FAN!!!!! All jokes aside - I'm super pumped on his street-hunter venture and am pumped to have it on the car now!
Every $5 spent at LZMFG gets you a chance to win this supra and $15,000 cash! LZMFG.com

  • chris metal Wilson
    chris metal Wilson

    I'd drive it if it's free other than that nope there's a reason he gave it away piece of crap

  • Me


  • Mayjick

    I'm so freaking glad he didn't do the widebody! I can still enter!

  • Zenouki

    adams videos make my love for cars bigger and bigger every time i watch them!

  • Jacob


  • Scott-Michael

    Not a fan of the lottery because of wishful thinking but I will be trying for this as I did the red a90 in hopes that I win so a 15 year old kids mother has to sell it.

  • Danny Rouse
    Danny Rouse

    Geeez... look on amazon at raptor liner.... to easy not to use it

  • Spencer S
    Spencer S

    8:34 / 14:50 eargasm

  • Bryce Vazzano
    Bryce Vazzano

    calvin had to get #1😂

  • JesseS123

    Yo Adam is the fly1 lip for sale???????? Please pm me if so, I also pm'd you on IG

  • Oskar35

    What does LZMFG stand for lol? gonna order some merch but idk what it stands for haha

  • BAMY X
    BAMY X


  • Jordan

    wear a mask ... the paint will kill your lungs!

  • vicente bravo
    vicente bravo

    I want coil overs for my Nissan b13 from bc racing from your site but they cost more than the car itself😭😂

  • Edgar Chiu
    Edgar Chiu

    Adam I would like to win that Supra I just picked up some Merch from you hopefully I win 🙏🏼 I need that Supra as a daily !

  • Dunn Mx
    Dunn Mx

    should use a decent rust converter before spraying and all is good

  • Dropzing

    i miss bmx...

  • Kuya Anthony
    Kuya Anthony

    mane i wanna get a supra and to slap a tj hunt wide body kit on it

  • MR_Melon

    am i the only one that missis when this ledgend rode bmx in the old days

  • Buddah_ Gibz
    Buddah_ Gibz

    Just a little word of advance to you Adam if u see this (USE YOUR THUMB WHEN U ARE USING A SPRAY CAN IT HELPS WAY BETTER)

  • Blake Tiernay
    Blake Tiernay

    If I win and I’m in Canadian how do I get this car with this covid thing.

  • Ashley Caunt
    Ashley Caunt

    Had me going for a second there, thought you were about to ruin the best looking A90 I’ve seen with a wide body 🤢

  • kxvpi

    why are people always so negative in comments?

  • Seth Hollingshead
    Seth Hollingshead

    Raptor liner actual spray mix and spray comes with gun use air spray. Js works really good. Iv never had good luck with can

  • Elijah Carey
    Elijah Carey

    Adam should box Shulman. You know, for content purposes

  • Danni Ortega
    Danni Ortega

    You should do the street hunter wing

  • Robwhiff

    Great channel ..Hey what are your thoughts on the 2018 2017 bmw 540i b58 ? seems like the same engine as the Supra , probably looking at this for me and family in the next upcoming year maybe doing a simple M5 conversation exhaust and downpipe, simple to for pops and gurgling, wondering what can be done , you own a shop in New England ?

  • Beemer Box
    Beemer Box

    I would think about adding a rubber mat where the tire was to keep things from sliding.

  • FMA146

    I don’t know why but these last couple videos have been lame ngl..

  • tycom games
    tycom games

    do you think you will do any bmx videos in the future

  • Hiena Bu
    Hiena Bu

    Am I the only one having trouble identifying the bands name at 7:38?

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow those street hunter parts look so nice adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Magic unicorn farts And bacon
    Magic unicorn farts And bacon

    That’s a bmw

  • dwayne powley
    dwayne powley

    Tj has to be proud of that 👌 😎

  • lammy lammb
    lammy lammb

    Entered from NZ!

  • Angelo Gonzales
    Angelo Gonzales

    More bmx videos we miss it

  • Matthieu Millett
    Matthieu Millett

    who been here since roasing tj hunt vid

  • Scott Fiebiger
    Scott Fiebiger

    8:34 tho >>>>>

  • Kayless

    Can someone please show Mike the way, he is lost in some silly automatic stance boy garbage. Tommy, tutor this misfit!

  • Prodigiouscuts

    He looks super drained from youtube .

  • DylanJKing

    Will the car come with all the papers for certifications.

  • Ryan DeHamer
    Ryan DeHamer

    im go take a loan out on my house tomorrow! xD jk but gah that's a gorgeous car, I'm certainly gonna pick up a few things!

  • GAMER Plays
    GAMER Plays

    That fitment industries cameo lmaoo

  • J_Wide

    give the winner both lips just in case they like the old one

  • - Mr. Roobert -
    - Mr. Roobert -

    Omfg I asked if you would ever streethunter the supra and you said naw lmao whatever

  • Jugroop Garcha
    Jugroop Garcha

    Bed lining video would be very educational

  • Inocentmoari #
    Inocentmoari #

    You need too come and experience New Zealand ask TJ Hunt he will confirm insane tracks here ✌️

  • peyton allie
    peyton allie

    "have a cleaner shurface" 2:09

  • Riley Smith
    Riley Smith

    Love architects! 💪

  • Gregory Bomgardner
    Gregory Bomgardner

    Get the streethunter wing, the one on just don't look good

  • Epsilon 115
    Epsilon 115

    Good point, Florida does kind suck

  • Firechicken217

    Adam "its a missile" LZ

  • Gibson Hall-Winter
    Gibson Hall-Winter

    Did you just say your jzx100 is a missile?? Bro if that is a drift missile you shouldn't own it. Get an Altezza for a missile.

  • Brad Bradshaw
    Brad Bradshaw

    Let’s see if Adam can get 3M before the new year

  • Matt Koprowski
    Matt Koprowski

    Looking for information on a water sprayer set up. Any information would be appreciated.

  • Brandon Cochran
    Brandon Cochran

    Oreillys has a spray in kit too for bedliners you can buy

  • Brandon Cochran
    Brandon Cochran

    Trailrr undercoat doesnt peel like bed liner and stuff

  • Brandon Cochran
    Brandon Cochran

    You can buy undercoat spray from greatdane trailer company we spray on the wood under out 18 wheeler trailers

  • Enzo Bá
    Enzo Bá

    please sand blast

  • Brandon Cochran
    Brandon Cochran

    Thats toooo low

  • Brandon Cochran
    Brandon Cochran

    Wish i could win

  • Chris Mccullough
    Chris Mccullough

    Good looking Supra

  • reizhustenistdoof

    Man Adams looks pretty tired, pald and beat in this video. Don't forget to take the time to look after yourself.

  • Ectox

    How many people did the giveaway? Need to do some calculations to see if I’m a lost cause in it😂

  • Connor Hynes
    Connor Hynes

    So happy you didnt widebody it

  • paul longsden
    paul longsden

    Looks nice

  • Fitment Industries
    Fitment Industries

    Didn’t have to do us like that 😅😂 You should stop by for an episode of Driver to Driver!

    • Rydnorth

      I agree with this

    • will subin
      will subin


    • GAMER Plays
      GAMER Plays


    • clovus6981


  • Randall Pendley
    Randall Pendley

    Please get the streethunter wing !! That wing you got on there right now ain’t it chief 😂😂

  • Anthony lagan
    Anthony lagan

    If you had of peeled the tape the other way it would of came of all in the one go thats one of them little things that anoy me 😂

  • Yexto

    Adam the thumb technique with spray paint is so much faster/easier. But either way good looks my guy!

  • Liam Bucknall
    Liam Bucknall

    Ngl this is now gonna be like half the other supras out there. This is one of if nothing the cleanest A90’s. Although I like the street Hunter kit it ruins this car

  • X_ORE

    Well it does not help that I enter from South Africa we are mosss te bad for everything to whoever wins this Supra you are one very lucky person because in SA there is like no Supras being driven


    Almost at 3mill yeeh yee

  • x__Frost__

    when did you stop bmx??? i liked those. btw i am a new fan and i started watching like yesterday but i only saw your bmx vids are you like a car fan now

  • Juvcosta

    I have nothing against TJ or his kit its just not my style im glad there is a cash option so if someone lile me don't want the car they can take it.

  • Paolita Saravia
    Paolita Saravia

    Can you set up on closed captioning please thank you Adam

  • Andrew Goodspeed
    Andrew Goodspeed

    Adams gonna love the streethunter widebody kit so much hell probably keep the supra in the lol, that kit though


    Please build your 350z to be sexy sexy please.

  • Sajid Tahsin Khan
    Sajid Tahsin Khan

    Ummmm.. I think you didn’t install the lip correctly.. It was supposed to go over the stock canard-type thingys on the bumper!!

  • LightEye 333
    LightEye 333

    That lip is clean

  • RizzoLeGod

    Big fan of Architects, figured you'd like them 👍👍

  • Bryan McGuire
    Bryan McGuire

    Mike's car is way too fucking low it's stupid

  • Deanna Currie
    Deanna Currie

    Can I drive one of your jam cars

  • Ed H
    Ed H

    We like the CT videos because it’s your home, where your roots are, where your heart is. Well nostalgic...

    • Nissan Skyline
      Nissan Skyline

      And jimmy o

  • Vision Media
    Vision Media

    I love that you're into heavy music ahaha always blasting Architecs or something of the likes lol.

  • Luis A
    Luis A

    Teej, you should do drift week!

  • Dee Vee Zee
    Dee Vee Zee

    That Architects song is fire...

  • Shinko666

    Is it usa only ?

  • Dee Vee Zee
    Dee Vee Zee

    What about us South-African peasants ? Can we also get some of this (Kwaai) Dope Merch ?

  • Unrelatablexd

    can i enter the giveaway eaven tho i am from norway (EU)?

  • Nick

    get the street hunter wing!!!!!!

  • Kwezzy

    B Hall would be upset if he saw that chaser trunk job 😂🤣 I kid! Don’t attack me.

  • Plupowtf

    Adam will pin this if he loves his fans ♥

  • Fordf3501995

    You should come drift and pats acres in candy Oregon

  • Roberto Becerra
    Roberto Becerra

    Adam, let me get the old lip for my Supra please!!!

  • Jason Gollihugh
    Jason Gollihugh

    Not gonna lie when I saw street hunter I was hoping it was the wing but this front splitter is awesome as well!

  • SWNGMN Media
    SWNGMN Media

    "Oh it must be a Street Hunter banner, I just need hardware TJ" 😂

  • kj mahanna
    kj mahanna

    Adam: “I don’t have time today” * 2 seconds later starts spraying undercoating *

  • Jason Petrich
    Jason Petrich

    If you want it to look decent, stop using those 2" inch cone shaped wire wheels they don't get in the seams!!!!! You need a 4" inch flat wire wheel and that will get everything,the cones are for pipe and round ends.