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  • GTClutch

    not feeling the chrome tbh

  • Lukatmydab

    Does anybody onow what tires he is running?

  • Kyron Tuitt
    Kyron Tuitt

    How many set of front and rear wheels to you take to competition?

  • Kyron Tuitt
    Kyron Tuitt

    What wheels and tires spec you running l this season?

  • davesway

    That chick is sweet

  • Alec Kling
    Alec Kling

    nooooo its not thaaat! XD

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice s15 Adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Wow that car made so much horsepower Jesus thats a qwick s15.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Nice car adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum Burton

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • Angelo Gonzalez
    Angelo Gonzalez

    You had wheels made but still running spacers?

  • CaliiCrook

    12:00 Avril is April in french


    BLITZ 03 ❤️

  • Rydnorth

    They way they all laugh like little kids 😂

  • Yinzer FPV
    Yinzer FPV

    I rented a Mustang vert in Tampa a few years back. Had to put the luggage in the backseat 😂

  • ddavisism

    I like ur sweatshirt

  • TAKA.verfied

    Lol u encourage me to drift lol I followed u ever sense u first started learning to drift

  • The BlackMist
    The BlackMist

    first rip traction control already turned off lol

  • PitStop 3K
    PitStop 3K

    I think you could achieve Guinness world record with that s15 most car squats in a min!! 😂🙏🙌❤️❤️Amazing car man!

  • I luh Tyrone C
    I luh Tyrone C

    Lz did horrible in fd sadly


    Wheels are definitely s15 and gtr wheels they look great on them 2 cars

  • Alex Ortiz
    Alex Ortiz

    The excitement seeing the e92 😝

  • Antonio Pacheco
    Antonio Pacheco

    You watch Danny Duncan

  • Akhil sm
    Akhil sm

    All the best Lz..

  • Marcius Barolo Biacora
    Marcius Barolo Biacora

    Where nicole

  • David Bongartz
    David Bongartz

    19:00 For anyone interessed why wiperblades smells good? I work for Bosch Belgium and we produce wiperblades. The rubber manufactering process smells like sh***t. Therefore we put lavender in the rubbermix. Other manufactures put different fragrance. Always smell your wiperblade before use :)

  • Ariel J
    Ariel J

    whats the bolt pattern? sell me a set for the FRs

  • Nathan Esguerra
    Nathan Esguerra

    We’res Nicole

  • Cesar Ortega
    Cesar Ortega

    Sell me the purple 240

  • Alex Rico
    Alex Rico

    I literally live right in front of that airport!

  • Truckingislife

    I hit my hydro like my shifter and it’s not a good thing 😂

  • Curran Conradi
    Curran Conradi

    Inertia garage! That’s where I got my WRX tuned!

  • Adrian Z
    Adrian Z

    Now I want to hear a serious advert shout out at a drift event like "Bosch! The BEST smelling wiper blades... In. The. Business!" just to see the crowd reaction when they catch it. Haha

  • john somethin
    john somethin

    can someone explain the big deal on these wheels to an old guy?

  • Andrew Dodds
    Andrew Dodds

    The s15 looks like spicy Cheetos dude 😂 fucking love it

  • Pitti xD
    Pitti xD

    That wheels are so damn nice bro! :)

  • Mike Holdread
    Mike Holdread

    The S15 is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Awesome car.

  • SimpleManMike

    12:03 Abril is April but in Spanish

  • Chief Gamging
    Chief Gamging

    Is that his new gf .?? In the thumb nail

  • Deegan Tyler
    Deegan Tyler

    You need to do the game of bike with Greyson Roberts

  • Matthew Oliver
    Matthew Oliver

    Adam is taking a whip to the early 2000's with the s15, omg

  • Jacob Stevenson
    Jacob Stevenson

    Lz is a baller

  • AdamzLife

    these are sick def going to get a set for my sc400 drift build!

  • Anthony Boulus
    Anthony Boulus

    I million views of the barra mustang first drive video.. almost double the normal

  • Gab Qc
    Gab Qc

    avril is april in french lol

  • Steven Silvestri
    Steven Silvestri

    Jamming sleeping with sirens 🤘

  • TheLove Spartan117
    TheLove Spartan117

    Time for a Bara swapped Tesla Adam!!! Get a tesla and engine swap that shit and take it in saying their somthing wrong and the car won't charge.

  • Diesel Media
    Diesel Media

    He's right. Fresh Euro wiper blades smell like chocolate LOL

  • Meepz720 HoodExoticz
    Meepz720 HoodExoticz

    Go adam for the win... im on your side all the way

  • Meepz720 HoodExoticz
    Meepz720 HoodExoticz

    Would you ever try hyperdrive? Your drifting is on point i think you would thrive.....

  • marcus boss
    marcus boss

    What class does he run in again ?

  • Jamie VanDalen
    Jamie VanDalen

    Avril is April in french ;-)

  • BobbyBuffet

    Adam: "look at me I was born on Avril 3rd lol" People who speak French: ok

  • Daniel Schultz
    Daniel Schultz

    Why not put the purge in the fender so it doesn’t crack your windshield again

  • george gibbons
    george gibbons

    Shave your moustache

  • Mark Gutierrez
    Mark Gutierrez

    Can you please using the word “DREAM”. like DREAM car, DREAM wheels, DREAM engine. Your hella rich. For some regular guy like me that’s a DREAM.

  • Robin

    “No it’s not that” like if you know who he’s referring to

  • Sebas

    If you run today Goodluck :)

  • Aviator Dylan
    Aviator Dylan

    Lmaoooo the Danny Duncan reference. “Nooo it’s not thaat.” Had me dead

  • Chris O
    Chris O

    S15 looks like an OTT Hot Wheels car with those wheels, love it!.. Needs to be made into an actual Hot Wheels car! Surely Colette or Tanner with their connections could make this happen?!

  • MustangSquad 302
    MustangSquad 302

    That ecoboost doesnt have the same trans as your car its a 10r80 which is the 10 speed you have the 6r80 6 speed when they did the face lift in 2018 they changed to the gen 3 coyote made some small changes to the ecoboost and swapped the 6 speed auto for the 10

  • 1000 FZR
    1000 FZR

    Real question.... Why does Adam seem to not practice much? I'm not being critical of him but if you compare him to any other motor sport driver, they seem to put a lot of hours in. Is it that drifting requires you to be a natural at it or do most of the drivers not practice much.

  • JosrRocks

    This man has 10 Blitz03s.. I'm just..

  • Alex baseballdude
    Alex baseballdude

    I love always seeing you guys at the Orlando Airport. Used to love taking those little trams when we were going to Disney n shit

  • PixelledCheese

    Don't one of the spokes have to be a different colour in FD?

  • That S10 Life
    That S10 Life

    I'm 2 hours away from st Louis

  • Trox -_-
    Trox -_-

    i wonder where nicole is?

  • kiam kaiser
    kiam kaiser

    Neon princess is back!

  • Thomas

    I can’t find 4 and you found 10. FML.

  • sondre.haltvik

    What type was the old rims?🤔

  • Forza DailyDose
    Forza DailyDose

    Big Danny Duncan guy 😂

  • Ned Henderson
    Ned Henderson

    Like a businesses net worth, how many horsepowers does Adam own

  • SAM_ Jumpingblock206
    SAM_ Jumpingblock206

    doesnt he have a wife?

    • Thatbajancarguy

      Not anymore

    • Omar Leyva
      Omar Leyva


  • Ben we Odgers
    Ben we Odgers

    So keen to watch you in pro 1

  • pokythornes

    6 ads in this video. How many in the next

  • YTE l Yare too Eazy
    YTE l Yare too Eazy

    Thought you can't use a stock windshield in FD?

  • Herchel Yost
    Herchel Yost

    You said 2019 was the year of the flex and I’m thinkin 2020 is the year of the flex

  • Legacywerkzz

    Yooo Adam I did my very first vlog. Please go watch and like and subscribe 🙏🏻🙏🏻it would make my night. I would say let me know what you think but idk how to turn the comments on lol

  • Jco

    Abril is Spanish for April👀

  • Joseph Cervantes
    Joseph Cervantes

    Wheres the game of bike?

  • leo senpai
    leo senpai

    😭 I need to see this thing rip.

  • Dominic Soto
    Dominic Soto

    Anyone watching the camber go in and out like crazy on the Dyno?

  • G1EN Gaming
    G1EN Gaming

    Who ever left the wiper arm up on the bmw needs a kick in the d@ck!!! Easy way to crash/smash windscreen.... good luck in the comps dude 🤘

  • Victor Matalam
    Victor Matalam

    I really think adam needs an ecoboost mustang convertible as an extra beater car

  • Isaiah Hernandez
    Isaiah Hernandez

    The Danny Duncan reference 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Berserk

    I have an ecoboost -.-! Thing can rip E30 tune with an intercooler and DP and u can make 350 wheel easy. But they're so delicate. My serptentine retentin lever failed, overheateded the car to limp mode, warped the head, had it repaired, short block was warped as well, had to have new motor put in for $8K. So sad.

  • 00squark


  • camren_playz ________
    camren_playz ________

    Blitz o3s

  • Skid Corp
    Skid Corp

    Berra Swap the s15 for more torque :)

  • Denny

    13:30 hats off now this is a car hp matchs torque and it looks beyond wicked wow, You should get custom center caps for your rims that say Adam LZ all done up and sell them it would look wicked. Bless up

  • Avery Dixon
    Avery Dixon

    When can I get one of those fancy new s15 shirts

  • Coleman Jeter
    Coleman Jeter

    When he said hold on brother he channeled cleetus McFarland LoL 😂 sounded just like him

  • benjamin bermudez
    benjamin bermudez

    hey can you do a BMX vlog please

  • SleepyDC5

    That torque squat on the dyno though... nitrous+boost is fucking awesome.

  • Aidan Torralba
    Aidan Torralba

    i just realized that adam and tj both run 2jz's in their pro drift cars

  • Reece Wilson
    Reece Wilson

    adam plz get a dyno

  • Tristan Coyne
    Tristan Coyne

    “No it’s not thaaat” Iconic🤣

  • Tobias Lemyre
    Tobias Lemyre

    Where can I watch the comp?

  • FatChicken56

    FUN FACT at 12:00 avril is french for april

  • Brian Holland
    Brian Holland

    Seeing the bmw and hearing the outro in the same video is so nostalgic. Please never change the outro!!